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    Chapter 85 – Hugs, Kisses, and the Occasional Orgasm

    Tina’s House 

    The chirping birds tweeted their morning song as Tina stirred underneath the bedsheets. A huge smile graced her lips as memories of the evening before flooded into her mind’s eye. She lazily opened an eye to find that she was facing the window. She had yet to feel her love against her this morning.

    Tina stretched her achy limbs and the sheet made its way down her body, exposing her breasts. Rolling over, she expected to see a sleeping beauty next to her, but to her dismay, the other side of the bed was empty and cold.

    Taking in a deep breath, she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and slowly sat up. She yawned, a small moan escaping as she did so.

    Bette was standing in the doorway holding a steaming cup of coffee, watching the gorgeous view with a smile. Tina finally looked over in her direction.

    “Good morning, beautiful.” She greeted. Standing in her long, unbuttoned white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and nothing else, Bette was a vision that instantly made Tina wet again.

    “Hey, baby.” Tina responded. “What are you doing way over there, and why are you wearing clothes?” She tried to sound menacing.

    Bette giggled. “Just enjoying the view, that’s all.”

    “Oh yeah?” Tina said as she uncovered her legs, exposing her entire naked body to her girlfriend.

    “Yeah. I could wake up to this every morning, you know?”

    “I think you should come over here and enjoy the feel instead.” Tina enticed, lying back down.

    “Goddam, woman you are so fucking sexy.” Bette said in awe. She approached with her cup of coffee and sat on the side of the bed.

    She ran her hand up the entire length of Tina’s leg. Bypassing her center, Bette’s hand smoothed over her ab muscles, gently cupped Tina’s left breast and massaged it. Her soft exploration was rewarded with a soft moan. The blonde’s eyes closed again as she felt Bette pinch and roll her nipple. “Mmmm, that feels good, babe.”

    “Yep, the feel is much better than the view.” Bette teased.

    Tina opened her eyes again and sat up to kiss her lover. “Good morning.” She whispered then kissed Bette passionately. “Mmmm, coffee. May I have some, please?”

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    1. I undertand that Tina don’t like her boss, but she still needs the job hich allow her to pay the bills. And i don’t think that working together – it’s good for relationship.

    2. Short and sweet.. thank you and I thank they would all work well together. Lol.. Bette is just an investor she still has her job. More there for support when they need it. Love it. See you next week.

    3. Niiiice visuals! Bette (or Tina of course) can come by anytime to clean my car as well. LOL
      I love Tina’s enthusiasm about Bette’s record label. She and Kit really could hire her as a business consultant.

      Thanks for posting, MeLL. I’m a little sad that your story is slowly coming to an end. But I’m definitely looking forward to your new story.

    4. Well, what can I say ? I’d love to work for Miss Porter, in any capacity, just for “hugs, kisses and the occasional orgasm” ! And coming from an unemployed woman like me, that’s quite something, I must say ! ;-)

      Like Kiwipit, I’m sad to know we’ll just have few chapters before an end but be sure I’ll be there each time you’ll be generous enough to share your talent again with us ! I’m a very faithful reader, you know…

    5. Yo, just stumbled upon this story yesterday and it has been an insatiable read so far … great blend of romance, wit, flirt, drama and naughty naughty… waiting for the next “hit” :)

    6. Btw, this one of most fun reads on f/f fanfic universe amongst the 1000s I have read so far. Do you plan to post it on AO3 or other websites? Would be a travesty to deprive others hungry for quality stories that make you laugh, palpitate, savor all in equal measure. Love the way you have captured the essence of Alice and Shane as well. ESP Alice is freaking hilarious in her motormouth ways.

      • Hi Enchantee!

        So glad you stumbled around these parts! I must admit, I was not familiar with AOC, so I did a little search and found it. I had previously posted this story on another L Word-centric forum before I found LesFan (formerly But to answer your question, no, I have no plans to post it anywhere else.

        Thank you for your kind words, but I guarantee that there are many other writers on this site who are much more creative and skilled than I am. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading BenMac, CellaNox, PortiaOnly, polarbear, pseud and so many more that I am forgetting right now, then I would encourage you to check out their stuff.

        Glad you are enjoying the story so far. Just about ready to say goodbye though. Only a few short chapters left…

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