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    Chapter 9 – Big Bear Mountain – Day 1

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 9 – Big Bear Mountain – Day 1

    Bette and Tina awakened a little earlier than normal and went for a swim. They then showered in the cabana and dressed in comfortable jogging suits and headed for the kitchen to make breakfast. Today’s breakfast was for four instead of two.

    Today, Tina made cheese omelets with bacon, hash browns and English muffins. Bette prepared a pint of strawberries and encourage the family to eat up as they would ruin before the weekend. Margaret came to the kitchen pulling her bag behind her and smiled as the family gathered in the sun room. Bette offered to pour her coffee while Tina brought in the plates of food.

    Margaret:  I had come prepared to cook breakfast for the family, but I see you beat me to it.

    Tina: Well, I only get to cook breakfast for the family on the weekends, and I thought it would be a good idea if we all had a healthy breakfast before we get started.

    Margaret:  So, what time is this car supposed to be here for me?

    Bette:  It will be here at 8:30. You will be at LAX at 9:00 and your plane leaves right about 11:00. Oh, and there will be a car waiting on you upon your return as well.

    Margaret:  You know that was not necessary. I could get a cab you know.

    Bette:  Well, I like having a car take people to and from the airport. Travel can be stressful sometimes and having someone else drive you give you a few minutes to decompress.

    Margaret: Thank you Bette. That is rather sweet… but totally unnecessary. Now, I hope you guys have a wonderful trip up into the mountains. You know it snows up there from time to time.

    Daniel:  Really. Do you not think it’s too early for snow?

    Margaret:  Mother Nature does what she does on her schedule. And I have no way of knowing if it’s too early or not. It’s going to be what it’s going to be. But being this early in the year, I would think that you won’t get snow bound or anything. The really bad stuff comes in February and March. But it’s really beautiful up there. There are a lot wild plants that only grow in those mountains. And there are some good many animals that live up there. It’s a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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