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    Chapter 9 – Final Day of the Reunion

    Tina began to wake up about 5:30 on Sunday morning.  She thought about the previous evening and Bette making love to her in such a gentle and caring way. She thought about the dancing and how their friends seem to really enjoy themselves.  She hoped that their night would be as eventful as her as been. She then began to feel guilty that she had not been as attentive to Bette as she wanted to be. So she decided to play with Bette’s breast.

    Bette:  T?  Do you need to go pee?

    Tina:  No, what about you?

    Bette:  Not yet.  Umm…that feels good.

    Tina:  Good, because I want to make love to you. Would that be okay?

    Bette: Really? Wouldn’t you rather sleep some more?

    Tina: No, I rather love on you and then nap a bit.

    Tina then kissed Bette tenderly.  Bette smiled. Tina then followed with a kiss of a bit more passion. She then kissed Bette and had her tongue asking for entry into her mouth. Bette moaned as Tina licked Bette’s lips, teeth and tongue. When she started to suck her tongue, Bette was moaning deeply. Tina broke to catch her breath and began to kiss Bette’s neck and shoulder while massaging her breast.

    Bette:  Oh, T… that feels wonderful.

    Tina: Oh sugar, you taste and feel wonderful. You are so warm and such soft skin. And your nipples are so hard. Pretty little flowers. Ohm.

    Tina was sucking and licking Bette nipples. She then put as much of her breast as she could get into her mouth. Bette was moaning with pleasure.

    Bette: Oh god T… leave some for me.

    Tina giggled and continued to make her way down Bette toned abs. The mocha skin was beginning to glow in the early morning sunlight. Tina reach around Bette’s hips and started to squeeze her buttocks as she moved to her clitoris. Bette jerked when Tina touch her sensitive clit. Tina then attacked it with vigor.

    Bette:  T …  T…my god, that feels good.

    Bette’s clitoris was now fully erect and her vaginal juices were flowing indicating that Bette was fully aroused and well on her way to the edge of sexual fulfillment. Tina then moved to the vagina and started to lick the outer area and then inserted it a far as she could into the vagina. Bette moaned. Tina then inserted two fingers and started to plunge them in and out at a moderate pace. Bette spread her legs to give Tina more access. Tina inserted a third finger and the vaginal walls started to tighten up. Tina knew that orgasm was not too far away. Tina started stroking as fast and as deeply as she could. She then crooked her fingers and hit the spongy spot which almost always pushed Bette over the edge.

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    1. Hey Martha,

      Thanks so much for your story. If only we could have gotten a great start like this in Gen Q!!!!!!!!

      So glad that all the couples from OG managed to make it over the 10 years.

      Lots of details which are just great.

      Looking forward to your next series.

    2. Hey Martha,

      Great story, lot of details and i loved to read about what happened to all couples in the last ten years.

      But what i loved the most was the love and affection Bette and Tina have for each other and that their love is still growing. They are very happy and in love and still desire each other immensely.

      I look forward to the next series!

      Thank you!

    3. Thank you for reading this…. this is how I imagined the story would be 10 years after Season 6. Of course this story is not one which would appeal to Showtime or any other network which was wanting a story for their networks. Too bland – too many happy people. No drama… oh well. Its better in written format anyway.

      I always have thought that most people learn from their mistakes. I also believe that love is a huge motivator in keeping relationships going even in bad times. That is why the Gen Q story never made sense to me.

      The one thing I tried hard to do was to make sure Bette nor Tina made any assumptions about what the other was thinking or how they would respond to a given situation. They would always ask. That was what so many of the problems centered around during the TLW series. Bette assumed things about Tina and Tina assumed thing about Bette. And most of the time, their assumptions were not correct and cause more heartache and pain.

      I also assume that the TLW series was pretty much about people in search for their life partners. Even Shane had a couple attempts to find her one true love. She had a rather faulty process of doing that, but with each relationship, she learned something about herself and what she wanted and what she did not want.

      I also thought there were a lot of open questions which needed some closure. Couldn’t get them all in, but I tried. There were some that were just not explainable – Marina’s multiple co-existing relationships, Nikki in the shrubbery on the night of Jenny’s death, and Jodi’s desire for vengeance. But I did get them into the story as said they were and are still a mystery.

      I also thought it would be a good thing if they all got together and looked back and saw the good times and saw why they were friends – long term friends. Now that they had families of their own, they are not quite the same people and not as much into each other’s business as they were when they all were residents of WeHo. But they all benefited from knowing each and helping each other through the rough times and to be who they are today.

      I also want to show how much in love Bette and Tina are after all these years and that they could have successful professional lives and personal lives as well. This summer is the first time they have spent with each other on a 24/7 basis for anything more than vacation in a good many years. And it is somewhat like a honeymoon period for them again. But soon, Bette will have a job and Tina will start to paint, Daniel will be in school and Angie will be in Connecticut, and they will begin the next phase of their relationship.

      I am working on the next volume and have written several chapters. I am hesitant to publish until I get to the end of this book. I’m afraid that I will not finish it if I do it piece meal. Thanks for the encouragement.

      • Hey Martha,

        Thanks so much for the explanations.

        I agree with you 100% about Tibette still being able to keep their love alive & fresh after all these years

        Interesting also on the catch u of the other couples & how they lives evolved over the years.

        Looking forward to the sequel & how they transverse the next phase of their lives.

    4. Thank you for this detailed story which actually just leaves me wanting very much to know “what happens next”!

      So please post the continuation as soon as possible.

      Can I also add that I really need you to keep up your comments on other’s posts because, for me, they form part of the enjoyment of the post even if I don’t agree with you :-)

      Stay safe

    5. My Dear SG,

      Thank you for reading this…. I know that it is not as much drama as other stories., In my experience, most of life is not so much drama – at least not in one’s personal life. I had hoped that the Bette and Tina we saw in Season 5 and 6 would be the Tibette that would continue. They represent a long term successful relationship in the entertainment world and with Gen Q format, well that no longer exist. But it can exist in these stories…

      It is my intent to continue to comment on stories, just not the one which Collins is writing. She and I are just not seeing the same things. And that is fine. Its her story and her direction choices and she needs to do what she feels is right in the manner she deems appropriate. My opinion is not relevant really in the scheme of things. I will continue to read all the stories presented. There are a few others which I do not comment on because of they are not my cup of tea. And rather than say something inappropriate, I would rather say nothing at all.

      Further, SG, you are entitled to disagree with me anytime you wish. None of us have the same approaches to life and have the same point of view. I would be shocked if everyone agreed with me all the time.

      Lastly – unlike many people, I have great respect for lawyers generally. The ones I have dealt with in my career are hard working and are dedicated to providing advice and representation which will give the best results for their clients. Of course, the ones who do a lot of TV interviews and get a lot publicity, I could do without. In America, we have many of those. There are some lawyers who are far more interested in money and publicity than the best interest of their clients. But more than 80% are interested in meeting their clients needs and are extremely good listeners. That is the quality that I admire the most.

      Thanks for reading…. my best wishes and hope that you stay safe.


      • I have continued the story. It’s Volume 2 The Move. As of today I have posted the first 6 chapters. I am in hopes of posting around 2 chapters per week until it is complete. This Volume will take you through the delivery of Angie to Yale.

        Thank you for reading… and for commenting. It really is nice to know that I do have readers…

    6. Hey Martha, have just finished chapter 1 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It was lovely reading what all couple had been up to over the last ten years and to see how much the group still meant to each other. Loved that Bette found her mum and sister and that all will be well there now.

      Thankyou for a beautiful story, now for the next chapter

      • Janice 24…. I presume that you read volume 1 not just chapter 1?

        Thank you for reading. I have posted about 8 chapters of Volume 2 The Move. This continues the summer for Bette and Tina and her family.

        This is who I imagine Bette and Tina and the rest of gang become after The L Word. I am glad you enjoyed this….

        Thank you for reading and for commenting.

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