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    Chapter (Lucky) 13 – Yikes, Two Syllables

    Hit Dance Floor

    All three women turned in the direction of the yell, but couldn’t see much between the dry ice still lingering in the air and the sudden gathering of the crowd.

    “Okay, well, I’ll see you later, Tina.” Dana said and swiftly made her way off the floor and towards their section. Madonna’s ballad was soon over and had been replaced with a sultry beat at a quicker tempo.

    “So, that was your co-worker?” Bette asked, her attention back on the blonde.

    Tina met her eyes again and smiled. “Yeah. Her name’s Dana.”

    Bette sucked in a breath through her teeth and feigned a wince. “Yikes, two syllables. That must be hard for you at the office.” She followed up with a mischievous smile.

    Recognizing Bette’s teasing, Tina was finally able to speak full and complete sentences.

    “Are you always this mean to people you just meet?” She asked with a smile.

    “Not everyone,” Bette answered, taking a step closer to the stunning woman in front of her. The smile had not been removed from her face at all and her eyes roamed up and down Tina’s body again.

    “Well I guess I’m just unlucky, then?” Tina queried, watching Bette’s every move toward her. She drew in another deep breath and thought she might faint right then and there. Christ, I am going to cream my panties right now, she thought as she again felt Bette’s body heat commingling with her own.

    “We can always work on getting you lucky. I’m happy to be of some assistance.” Bette breathed as she tilted her head in towards Tina’s. “You want to hear something crazy?”

    Gulp. “What?” was all Tina could breathe out.

    “I don’t even know you, and yet, I feel this…connection…to you, somehow. That’s crazy, right?”

    “Totally. Crazy.” Tina was searching Bette’s eyes. Even though she could no longer form sentences again, her eyes were screaming to Bette. I feel it too! she thought. She was also still gripping the earring in her left hand.

    “You feel it too, don’t you?” Bette’s questions were mere whispers that Tina could feel on her face. Again, all Tina could do was nod.

    Bette subconsciously licked her lips and moved closer still to Tina’s lips. Her hands snuck around Tina’s waist and began to pull her in tight to her body. Tina’s eyelids slowly fluttered closed and stretched her neck up to meet Bette’s lips. Bette closed her eyes too. That sensation she had felt pull her into the club was back in full force, only now she knew it to be the throes of anticipation to kiss this beautiful stranger she was holding in her arms. She felt Tina’s right hand caress up her left arm and over her shoulder as their lips got closer…and closer…and……


    1. Hi MeLL:

      Excellent, this is a real one, more than one reader will be on edge until the weekend. Countdown if we don’t count today because here it is one hour to midnight, is just four days left. Waiting until then.


    2. Hi MeLL,

      First thank you for the short chapter, second, you are mean to leave us like that.

      Can i request you to update on Saturday? Due to the time difference i get your updates on Sunday night.

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