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    Chapters 1-3

    Chapter 1

    Bette walks into the bar and scans the room for her friends. She notices the blonde immediately, politely smiling and shaking her head at a woman hovering by her at the bar. Pretty, beautiful actually. Her eyes continue over the room and land on Alice, Shane and Dana around a usual table, and she makes her way over, positioning herself at the table with the blonde in her line of sight.

    (Alice) whaddup Porter?

    (Bette) Hey Al

    (Alice) You’re late

    (Bette) Well I’m having a week from hell so frankly I’m surprised I’m here at all

    (Shane) Well you’re here now. Happy birthday

    (Alice) We got a round of birthday cocktails but I’m afraid we drank them, a couple of times actually

    (Bette smiles)

    (Shane) I’ll be back with another

    Bette watches her friend approach the bar and hopes she doesn’t get too chatty with the blonde. Thankfully the blonde politely knocks back her friendly approach, and Shane returns with their round.

    They chat and laugh as usual, Alice niggling Dana about some new crush and Shane regularly making eyes at various women sauntering past. Bette’s eyes are never far from the intriguing woman that seems to have her captivated.

    (Alice) So are you going to go up to the blonde sitting at the bar, or just oggle her from here for the night?

    (Bette) I don’t know what you’re talking about, and besides she seems to just want her own company

    (Alice) Hmmm, yeah a few have struck out I’ve noticed. Even Shaney here didn’t get a look in.

    (Dana) What’s her story do you think?

    (Alice) I don’t know but we need another round. You’re up Porter, birthdays only get you so many free rounds. And besides it looks like she needs saving from that persistent redhead

    (Bette sighs) Same again?

    They nod and Bette makes her way over, leaning on the bar a respectful distance from the woman. The redhead has finally gotten the message and stepped away.

    Tina looks to her left and scans her eyes over quite possibly the most beautiful woman she has ever laid eyes on. Their eyes meet and neither look away for several seconds. The barmaid approaches Bette and breaks the moment. Bette orders their round and patiently waits for the cocktails to be prepared, avoiding looking in the blondes direction. Finally she collects her drinks and turns and returns to her friends.

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