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    Chapters 4-6

    Chapter 4

    They continue to date for a few weeks, getting to know one another better and both falling harder and harder for the other with each meeting. They have shared a handful more kisses but are otherwise taking things very slowly. They seem to naturally fit into each other’s worlds, and their friends are starting to mingle together easily as well. Bette’s friends have never seen this side of her, and Tina’s can’t believe how seamlessly she has slipped into this role, dating a woman. They might all roll their eyes when they watch them together, totally lost in one another, but they are secretly so happy for them both. They are also both extremely busy in their respective careers and are learning how to fit each other into their schedules, and Bette is leading up to her most significant gallery opening to date.

    Bette’s house, evening. Tina knocks on the front door and can hear Bette’s quick footsteps approaching. Bette swings the door open suddenly and they both beam at each other before Tina launches herself into Bette’s arms and they get lost in a kiss full of passion and desire. Bette closes the door behind Tina and they fall against it, totally lost in their kiss and in each other. They eventually pull back and stare at the other. Tina holds her hand up to the side of Bette’s face and Bette leans into her embrace.

    (Tina) That was too long without seeing each other

    (Bette) I know, I’m sorry, work is just something else right now

    (Tina nods patiently and smiles) Well we’re here now

    (Bette) Come inside, I’ll get you a wine, dinner is almost ready

    They walk further into the house, Bette retrieving two glasses from a cabinet and holding up two bottles to Tina

    (Tina) White please

    Bette opens the bottle and pours the wine.

    They enjoy their dinner and then settle in on the couch, each with a glass of wine in their hand and the bottle between them on the coffee table. Tina sits with her legs folded under her, facing towards Bette and casually playing with Bette’s hair as the brunette leans back into the couch, a content smile on her face.

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    1. Great story! I so enjoyed it, and your writing.

      One of the best lines – “Let’s see if I can’t help you with some of that stress.” Perfect Tina!

      I’ll be looking forward to reading your future stories. Thanks for this!

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