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    Christmas Day

    Tina slowing opened her eyes to see Bette staring back at her.

    “Merry Christmas.” Bette said with a beaming smile that was only Bette’s.

    “Good morning baby and Merry Christmas to you too.” Tina said as she scooted towards Bette who had rolled on her back and lifted her arm. Tina wiggled in finding just the right spot and then sighed. “Have you heard Angie yet?” Tina said lazily as she moved her arm across Bette’s taunt mocha stomach. Even over 50, Bette was in great shape and she could easily be mistaken for much younger.

    “No, not yet,” Bette said turning her head to get a look at the clock on the end table. “Thank God she doesn’t get up at dawn anymore and come jumping into our bed,” Bette gave a reminiscent chuckle.

    “Right! I mean I miss the magic and wonder of Angie’s young perspective during the Holidays, but those days were brutal to us both.”

    Bette laughed, “Yeah, I remember a few times both of us scrambling to get our clothes on before the door swung open and falling asleep in front of the TV early because we never got a wink of sleep the night before.” Bette smiled again. Those were good memories, but I can’t imagine doing that now.” Bette paused, “We are just getting too old my love.”

    As Bette talked, Tina became more and more aroused. Not only by the beautiful woman that laid beside her, but also by the memories that Bette evoked as she casually spoke of Christmas’ past. Tina was grateful that they managed to find each other again and still be able to touch each other’s souls. They were different yes, but also the same in so many ways. She thought this as she shifted ever so slightly allowing her to lay her hand on the inside of Bette’s thigh. Bette looked at her and raised an eyebrow. Tina shifts her gaze to reach Bette’s eyes and smiled. Bette kissed the top of Tina’s head as she ran her hand down Tina’s back causing her to wiggle and moan and this is how it began on this Christmas morning.

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    1. Hey SK,

      Thanks so much for the update on this story. So glad to know that they are still working on their relationship.

      Maybe a little check in sometime next year too like BK has suggested for her Xmas story too???? Please, please, please????!!!!!!

      Great job & sweet scenes!!!

      Looking forward to your new story!!!

      Wishing you a Happy New Year.


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