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    Valentine’s Day Chapter one

    Tina slowly opened her eyes as the bright morning sun pierced through the window. She squinted as she thought once more how bright this room got in the morning. She slowly reached her arm out expecting to find her girlfriend. Tina laughed to herself, girlfriend of 26 years. Tina sigh as she ran her hand across the cold empty space. She closed her eyes remembering Bette had said she would be up early and out the door for the set up of the Olstin showing at the LA Peabody. Bette had apologized last night profusely about not being in bed with Tina Valentine’s morning. They had both laughed at the number of times they didn’t get out of bed the entire day on past Valentine’s. Bette promised to make up for it tonight, but also reminded her to be on time to the exhibit. She said Lea out did herself with this series that was called ”Blooming Love”.  Tina stretched slowly thinking age really sucked.  She was finding herself more and more stiff in the morning.  No matter how much she exercised, stretched and got a good amount of sleep, her body just was not a happy camper in the morning.  As Tina sat up in bed she heard a knock at the door. 

    ”Mom?  Can I come in?”  Angie said tentatively.

    A rise smile came to her face.  ”Good morning Angie.” 

    Angie slowly opened the door revealing a tray with a red rose, avocado toast, coffee and an red envelope.  Smiling, ”Good morning Mom.  I was tasked with being Cupid this morning.”  She laughed as she set the tray on the bed and then sat down on the bed across from Tina.  ”Mom said to make sure I knocked on the door precisely at 7a.  She said you would be just waking up about then.”  Angie laughed with her mother.  ”She knows you well.”

    Tina lowered her head while shaking it and laughing. ”Well I would hope so after all these years.” Tina reached out for the coffee. ”Thank you for this.”

    Angie smiled, knowing how important this day would be for her parents, celebrating love, their love and having a little part to play in it all.  ”I could tell ’B’ was not happy about not being here this morning. She mumbled something about it being her favorite day to indulge you.” Angie laughed.

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