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    Dana’s Journey…The Plan

    Chapter 4

    What truck ran over you? Marinas exotic European accent was filled with both laughter and concern.

    She had a date with Jose last night. Shane stated, while trying not to laugh out loud.

    Well, she looks worse than you do before you get your triple shot of espresso.

    Gee thanks! That makes me feel much better. Everyone could hear the sarcasm dripping on Danas words.

    Well let me get you some herbal tea to help with your hangover. Pointing towards the corner, Marina continued, It looks like Alice has your table.

    Shane and Dana made their way across the caf to the table that they have sat at every morning for the past 7 years. The table was never taken. Everyone, or at least the regulars, knew that the table was for a special group of friends that gathered every morning to share their experiences from the previous night, their plans for the coming day, basically their lives. Dana sat down in her normal seat and gently laid her head back into her hands, cupping her cheeks and rubbing her temples. She didnt even bother to take off her Ray Bans that shielded the sunlight from her eyes, because they also hid the swollen, bloodshot mess that was beneath.

    Dana, are you gonna take those things off or what? Alice seemed to want to make her friend suffer. She had talked over the radio the whole way to the Planet. She didnt seem to mind Dana suffering a little, because she thought maybe next time she wouldnt do something this crazy. Of course, Alice was also a firm believer that if you brought it on yourself, you had to suffer to remember.

    Or what

    Alice started to smile. You know, they do kinda make you look *****. Actually they remind me of Tom Cruise inoh what is the name of the movie, um, you knowthe one where he is in his underwear. Alices mind was straining, you could tell by the perplexed look on her face.

    Which one, he was either naked or in his underwear in all of his movies. Shane wasnt much for Tom. Now I wouldnt mind getting a piece of Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. Now she was HOT in that!

    Yeah, well who wouldnt have wanted Jennifer Beals when she was in Flashdance. But I am talking about Toms movie, you know the one where he slides across the floor and starts to dance in his underwear with his sunglasses on

    Oh, do you mean Risky Business?

    Yeah, thats itRisky Business. God I loved that scene. Alice started to drift off to Tom Fantasy Land.

    Im sorry, I would rather see Lara sliding across the floor in her underwear, singing to me. Danas bottom lip pouted out. By the way Alice, are you still into guys this week or are we back to girls? That little dig helped Dana feel a little better. Oh I remember, we are into ***** identified males. So how is Lisa?

    Alice quickly threw up one finger towards Dana, which elicited a slight giggle from her friend. I wouldnt know, I havent seen him since he freaked out at the party and left.

    Damn you two, you all should get together. You pick at each other like an old married couple. Shane loved the banter between her two best friends. Pretty soon both of you are going to become one of those bad country songs. You know the ones, my woman left me broke and took the dog, or in your case Dane, the cat, and all I can do is drink away my pain. You two kill me! Shane couldnt help but laugh the whole time she was speaking, but all three know that it was the truth. But seriously Dana, Dont worry, we will get your precious Lara back for you. I promise!

    Well, I guess that there is going to be a lot of begging and pleading that is going to go on with this. I just wish she knew that I would crawl on my hands and knees across LA to have another chance with her.

    I know I wouldnt take you back with your knees and hands all skinned up. Alice was chuckling. *****, I wouldnt want sandpaper hands rubbing me all over my body.

    Sandpaper rubbing all over your body, what did I miss? Marina inquired as she sat everyones drinks down.

    Dana just said that she would crawl across LA on her hands and knees if Lara would take her back and

    And of course, Alice had to be a smart *****. Dana finished.

    Well, this smart ***** is ready to get started.

    Get started with what? Marina was now intrigued.

    Dana screwed up and now we are trying to help her fix it.

    Shane! God!

    Sorry Dana, but you did. Okay, Dana made a MISTAKE, Shane shot a look over to a smirking Dana, and now Lara wont talk to her. That is what drove her into Joses arms last night. So we are trying to think of a plan that Lara wont be able to resist.

    Why dont I just try and talk to her again. I remember the last time you all tried to help me. You said she wasnt into girls and the next thing I knew she had me against the lockers kissing me. Remember, you all blew that mission.

    Yeah, well Shane was being stalked, so her gaydar was a bit off that day.

    Shane just shook her head. Yeah, well I took care of that problem.

    Marina loved sitting there listening to her friends try and fix Danas problems, but it was starting to get busy, so she needed to get back to the counter. As she rose from her seat, she offered her help, If I can do anything to help, let me know. I am sure that Francesca wouldnt mind helping either.

    Alices mouth dropped open and her eyes bulged out. Francesca is back? What happened with Jenny?

    Francesca is getting back today, Marina said as a smile started to spread from one ear to the other, but it abruptly halted when Marina thought of Jenny, Jenny is mad and hurt right now. She says that I never told her about Francesca. Of course, Tim had kicked her out and she was hoping to stay with me, but with Francesca coming back

    Oh Im..I dont know what I am.

    You never do Alice.

    Shut up Shane! What I meant is that I am happy that Francesca is coming back, but I hate it that Jenny is upset.

    Well, lets get lil Miss Dana fixed first and then we can try and save the world.

    Marina laughed at Shanes last comment, but she wished she could save Jenny. Jenny brought feelings out in her that she hadnt felt in a long while. Well, I better get back to work. Just let me know if I can help in any way. Dana, I am sure that everything will work out.

    Thanks Marina.

    With that, Marina sauntered back to the counter and began to help customers.

    Okay, Alice began, where do we start?

    Well, Dana had it partly right, there is going to be a lot of begging and pleading going on.

    The three sat there and pounded out a few different plans just in case one or the other didnt work. One involved Dana only, another enlisted the help of Marina. After they had their plans in place, Dana felt a little better and wanted to get started right away. She would have to wait though, she needed to get over this horrible hangover first.

    By early afternoon, and a half bottle of aspirin, Dana was feeling better. Shane and Alice had dropped her back off at her house. She decided to call and see if she could get Lara to talk to her on the phone, maybe meet someplace public. As she picked up the phone, a huge lump formed in her throat, her heart began to race and pound in her chest. She hadnt been this nervous since their first date. She dialed the seven numbers slowly, praying with each one that Lara would pick up.

    The phone rang three times, Dana felt her heart begin to slowly sink. Finally, she heard the phone pick up. Hi, you have reached Lara. I am not able to get to the phone right now. Please leave me a message and I will call you back. Thanks. BEEEEEEP

    Lara, its me. Please call me. I really need to talk to you. I need you. With that, Dana hung up the phone, tears in her eyes. She sank deeper into her overstuffed couch, as she sank deeper into her depression. Then it clicked! Maybe she is at work. She grabbed her keys and purse and flew out the door.

    Theres her car, she is here. Remember what Shane said, not too strong, but strong enough. Dana kept repeating that to herself. It was becoming her mantra. Not too strong, but strong enough. She walked into the clubhouse and saw the beauty that she wanted all to herself. Lara was at her usual station, preparing food. She didnt see Dana, her head stayed down. Dana could tell that Lara was upset. It took all her strength not to go into that kitchen and hold Lara. The passion in Dana stirred deep. As she watched her former lover work, she could feel an ache between her legs that only Lara knew how to satisfy. As she imagined running into the kitchen and kissing Lara with all the love and passion she could muster, a tiny orgasmic feeling took over her. God, just imagining being with her does this to me. I have to get her back. So it began. Dana left the dining area and headed to the locker room.

    Lara was glad that her shift was finally done. It meant the day was almost over, a day that she felt like an empty shell. Everyone had noticed something was wrong with her today and curiosity propelled her co-workers to ask her all day if anything was wrong, could they do anything for her. Now she could go back to her apartment and close out the world and try to deal with her feelings in the dark, by herself.

    As she opened the door to the locker room, she secretly had wished that Dana was there. Alas, she was not, so Lara walked to her locker and opened it. She stood there for what seemed an eternity and just stared as tears began to blur her eyes. There in front of her was a single deep red rose with a note. She recognized Danas handwriting on the envelope. She had always thought that Dana had such beautiful penmanship, but why would she expect anything else. Dana was beautiful inside and out, her fluid movements on and off the court were beautiful, why shouldnt her handwriting be? She finally gained the strength to reach for the items in her locker. The roses aroma filled Laras senses as she brought it to her nose. It caressed her lips and brought thoughts of Danas kisses flooding back. Her soft, sensual lips, her talented tongue. Lara took another deep breathe to fill her senses once more as she sat down on the bench, the bench that Dana occupied after her practices, and began to open the envelope. Inside, there was a note. As she read it, the tears escaped their captors and streamed down her face.

    My Dearest Lara,
    I do not know where to begin, except to say that I am sorry. I know that I have said that so many times to you over the past. As I said yesterday, I know that I probably dont deserve another chance, but I am begging you for one. Please dont let me ruin the best thing that has happened to me in my whole life. My own insecurities and stupidity is what lashed out at you the other night and for that I am sorry. You were right, Conrad did say something that scared me. I know that it is no excuse, but I have been so naive my whole life and let everyone else and society tell me how to live. I didnt know what I wanted until you came into my life. Now all I want is you. I would give up my career, my family and friends, my life to be able to be with you again. I want you to be the last thing I see when I fall asleep and the first thing I see when I wake up. I was not lying to you when I said that you are the air I breathe. Yesterday when you walked out of the locker room, my heart and whole world shattered into a million pieces and I cant put them back together without you.
    The rose is a small representation of how I feel about you. Red, for the love that I feel engulf me when I think about you. It is a deep dark red for a reason also and that reason is that as deep as the red is, it will never compare to the deepness of my love for you.

    The note that Dana had written touched her in a way that no one ever could. But was this enough?


    1. Soooo great and cute and wonderful and unique…I don’t know what to say more but begging for a next part! I LOVE your story, I really can imagine Lara’s face when she reads that note…

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