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    Day five, letter five

    Alice and Shane had a costume party last night. No one appreciated my Gallery Owner costume. Alice turned me into a Zombie Gallery Owner. There is something going on with her and Dana, I think they are hooking up in secret, Alice has That Look about her she gets when she has a new fling. I’m worried about Kit, she goes on tour soon and her sobriety is still so new. You always used to tell me that she has to figure it out on her own but I wish she would stay in one place long enough to get some traction going. I also worry about Shane, she is burning the candle at both ends. Alice told me I spend too much time worrying and not enough time clubbing. I took a long hike after that comment. There’s a 5K in your area called the Monster Dash, looks like something you and Dana would do. Miss you.


    As they were getting ready to go to bed the night before, Tina asked Bette to go running with her in the morning. She was very specific about the time and dodged any questions about what route or how far. Bette enjoyed running but not the long distances Tina went and when she voiced her concern that she would not be able to keep up, Tina put that to rest quickly. It’s just for fun she said, just for fun.

    After making smoothies for them to drink before they set out, Tina laced up her running shoes and prepared two water bottles for the car ride home. When they first started dating they would run together frequently, the activity providing a solid basis for the friendship that evolved over time. It was on a run that Tina first realized she had feelings for Bette and it remained something they did together over the years, although less often recently.

    Tina loved running with Bette. She couldn’t pinpoint the moment they stopped doing this activity together but she was resolved to make it a staple in their lives if Bette wanted to. She loved seeing how strong Bette’s body was, the easy way they used to talk while they ran or afterwards when they stretched.

    “It’s a little chilly out” she told Bette when the brunette came out in just a tank and shorts. God, she was beautiful. “You might want a light jacket. You look amazing, Honey. Really fit. Have you been swimming?”

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    1. So romantic…. so sweet together… making progress….

      How will Bette know? Well, in truth, she won’t. She has to see that Tina has made a commitment to try to work things out always. And she has to do the same. But that is still no guarantee. There are no real guarantees. You have to take a chance… take the risk, because the reward is so much greater than doing without the relationship at all. There will always be a risk…but the more they talk and pay attention to resolving the problems and the disappointments and the hurts, the risk will diminish. Time to take the chance Bette…take the leap. Life is a whole lot better with Tina than without her.

      Thanks for the update….

    2. I so love this series of chapters! The little notes from Bette to Tina, how they are building their friendship, their trust and talk really with each other, open up and share what they think, feel and fear.

      I understand Bette’s fear that another breakup will let her fall spectacularly, but Tina know and has the same fear but she is willing to fight and not let that fear hold her back.

      This is a really good phrase the therapist gave to Tina and to remember, so true:

      “To focus on the relationship I want, not the one we had. We can’t continue to do what we did in the past, we have to move forward in a new way with new patterns and ways of solving conflict or making decisions”

      They both want the same and are working to make this relationship work, they are on the right track.

      Such a pleasure to read this!

      Enjoy your Wednesday!

    3. I love this Tina as well. Not sharing with Alice about them as a couple shows Bette yet again that Tina realizes that their relationship is between the two of them. Not the two of them plus Alice. And as I have been writing in my previous comments, the romance in these stories just makes my day.

      Bette’s letter and the mention of the Monster Dash 5 K serves several purposes: first, letting Tina know Bette is truly thinking of her to the point of researching an activity she knows Tina might enjoy. Next, highlighting running as a means of helping Bette forget and dull her pain and not drink too much. Running as a means of escape. Lastly, shifting back to an activity that both Bette and Tina truly enjoy doing together, one that contributed to bringing them together in the first place. Running for companionship and pleasure. A true rebirth if you will. The shifts taking place may seem subtle on the surface but cumulatively speak volumes to their commitment to make this work! “Nothing louder than an empty house.” So simple. So sad. So true. So great that they are well on their way to never having to worry about that again. Excellent, BK!

      • Thank you for mentioning the 5K run. I love your analysis of connecting the run with their time together and the health benefits. I think Bette is also trying to remind Tina that she has a life in LA – activities she did with friends that she enjoyed and reminding her of the bigger circle. They are on their way Billy! So Glad you along with me for the journey….

    4. BK

      Love destination dates. I am writing one in my current story as well. I love this story of reconciliation. Slow, thoughtful, romantic and authentic. Tina is taking a chance, well sort of, we all know as she does that Bette loves her completely and there would be no other for Bette. But anyways, the simple things that go into dating that help a couple learn about each other is superbly used to allow the couple to re-a quaint themselves as well as re-invent their relationship.

      Nice Job

    5. Letter five already! Thanks for keeping up with the daily posts, BK. Sorry for not commenting yesterday but exhaustion took over and I fell asleep right after my short replies to other comments. I’m so ready for 2020 to end!

      Back to T + B. Our favourite couple is on the right track to finding out how to be a great couple again. Full of love, friendship and respect for each other, not taking the other one for granted, enjoying the little things, their togetherness, I’d say going for a run together and the surprise stop at the restaurant will do a lot to strengthen the foundation of the relationship.

      I love the book moment when Tina laid a false trail to divert Bette’s excitement over the new art tome. I imagine Tina will need a trolly to retrieve this wrapped book out of the closet for Christmas.

      Thanks for making Tina tell Bette about her “mantras” she learned from her therapist. It was the perfect moment to share it! It’s just great to see how good they got with communicating. Not only talk to the other but bite the tongue and simply listen to the partner. Tina is right, this is the hardest part. Much easier to get lost in the physical attraction and action. But they even lost this part of themselves.

      I went back to “A Thanksgiving reunion” – this is the prelude to this series, right?
      Well, okay, if it is then I have some questions. Will we learn what Tina did in Paris? Only some work on location or did she reminisce about a holiday in Paris or Europe with Bette in their early days? Trying to remember what made them happy together then? Though I’m not sure such a vacation was mentioned in the show. Maybe it’s only fanfic. Anyway, just a thought, it might be totally irrelevant to their reconciliation and your story.

      Another thing is Provocations, Candace, Bette’s affair. A quote from “A Thanksgiving reunion”: “..the affair with Candace breaking them.”
      I really love how Tina is working through her part of their downfall and is wholeheartedly wooing Bette. And as I said before I adore Bette for writing those letters. But I would love to see Bette contributing more to their reconciliation as well. It just feels a little onesided to me and it takes two to Tango.

      Bette did the cheating. Tina didn’t tell her to start the nasty with C in the prison cell (sort of…I tend to think that was the first step to cheating). Bette wasn’t forced to sleep with C.
      Did she apologize to Tina before T left for SC? This quote from Tina might imply so: “Finding out about Candace had rocked her world and forced her to confront her own demons, her own culpability in the demise of their relationship.”
      Can Bette explain the affair to herself? Did Bette already got to the bottom of why she cheated instead of having a fight with Tina or leaving her because they finally drifted away after the miscarriage?
      BK, I’m happy if you tell me that you’re just concentrating on Tina’s part of the reconciliation and you assume that B + T talked about all that right after the affair and just before T left. Bette’s explanation and reasoning about her affair would be enough for Tina to say she needed time to think and would leave Bette for some time.

      Well, that’s it. Thanks for reading my train of thoughts :-D

      Enjoy your day, I’m looking forward to no. 6, it brings me at least some Christmas spirit.


      • KP
        I am ready for 2020 to end as well. A new year sounds heavenly. Yes the Thanksgiving story is a prelude to this one and I am so glad you read it and shared your thoughts. The affair will be a subject in a pending chapter, for now Tina is taking the lead on the romance but Bette will soon step up to the plate and make amends as well. I am a big believer that it takes two to mess up a relationship and both need to own their behaviors and shortfalls. Thank you for your continued support and commenting your thoughts so well. Hope you get some rest

    6. What a great blessing for these two to be able to enjoy several things they used to do that made time together.

      1. Finding a book that would be well-received and special to the one. 2. Running off to the unknown only to roll up on a little scenic town where they used to visit. 3. Lunch planned at a new restaurant with the best seats in the house. 4. Talking to each other and asking questions, questions that could easily be heard and misinterpreted but WAITING for the beloved response and going from there.

      Tina understanding and practicing putting Bette first when it comes to any inquiry from Alice. Next time Alice wants to jump into Tibette’s intimacies in the presence of the gang, Tina needs to ask her how long she and Dana have been hooking up.

    7. BK,

      Another great chapter lady.

      Sweet, romantic and healing.

      We need these stories to keep us sane & give us hope for the future & Tibette endgame someday.

      Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. More good chapters to come….


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