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    Day six, letter six

    I’ve reached a lull. I am officially in a funk. Shane says I need to go out with her to Milk, Alice wants me to see some shrink named Dan Foxworthy. He is on the top ten list and of course Alice has an in and wants to make me an appointment. Kit wants me to cook at home more, eat better. Stop skipping meals. She brings dinner most nights now, which is nice but nothing tastes good. Dana says I should try yoga. I like this idea. I have a new trainer coming tomorrow. Everyone has an opinion about what I am doing or not doing… but the one I want the most is yours. One day I want to know what you think. That’s all that really matters, I think. – Bette


    Tina had to go in to sign the lease for the new office space for the Studio satellite office. It would officially open in the new year, late January or so once all the renovations were done. She left early, dressed in one of the new suits she bought on their shopping expedition, sexy with swagger Bette said.

    Bette decided to stay home, needing some time to check her emails and make sure there was nothing outstanding to wrap up before the holidays. Her Gallery was in good shape, a profitable year with a backlog of shows already planned for the new year and a waiting list for artists. She could afford to take this time and reinvest in her relationship with Tina. It was becoming harder and harder to deny her desire for the blonde. Sleeping in the same bed, seeing her tousled hair in the morning, glimpses of skin and curves. The kissing, the cuddling.

    The way Tina’s hips moved when she danced in the kitchen, the smell of her hair on Bette’s pillow. It was intoxicating. It was distracting. It was arousing. It was utterly fantastic. And it was everywhere. She would walk into a room and smell Tina’s perfume, roll over in bed and feel the warm spot left behind, see her bras and panties in the laundry. New bras and panties. She wondered what they looked like on Tina. She wondered what they looked like coming off.

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    1. Wowzer! Great way to pass the time with a Nor’easter brewing outside. Yes, ma’am. Some really hot Bette and Tina lovin’. Tina moving her clothes from the guest room to ‘their’ room was perfect. Just what Bette needed to witness. Tina anticipating that Bette would need this kind of reassurance – that she was home to stay. From the letter in which Bette addresses each of her friends and their suggestions to help Bette with her loneliness. To this:

      “The house was quiet with Tina gone but in a different way than it had been in the months leading up to Thanksgiving. It was a peaceful quiet, like the whole house was sighing contently now that the right people were living in it. Gone was the oppressive, depressing silence, replaced by the sound of a full dishwasher, a clothes washer running a full load of clothes, the hum of a refrigerator stocked.”

      Yes, yoga is a very good thing. Going to a club can be fun. Good food is important. But Foxworthy is an ass. We all know Bette only needs one freaking form of therapy right now. And she has it, in her arms, in her heart, and blessed be, in her bed! And her name is Tina. Excellent chapter.

    2. Bette has finally given in to her desires and needs. She not only wants Tina…. she needs Tina. And Tina needs her as well. Making Bette tell her what the problem what the problem was very important to their relationship. Had Tina ignored this, Bette would have evidence that Tina was not for real. But Tina pursued the problem, she made the move and showed her the evidence that she was not just in Bette’s home but in her bedroom and ready to store her suitcases beyond her reach.

      Merry Christmas to Bette and Tina…

      Thanks for the chapter….

      • Martha,
        Agree. Tina recognizing Bette’s “angry” stance and not getting defensive but asking her what was going on shows another step of progress. And after Bette voiced her fears, Tina explained that she had brought all that she had. Then when Bette expressed yet another fear, that it would be easy for Tina to pack those two suitcases and both, Tina demonstrated by emptying the suitcases, placing items in their rightful place in the dresser and back & forth until empty.

        I really like your observation that Tina was trying to store the cases “beyond her reach”. Wow.

    3. What a fantastic chapter!

      I could say so many things, point out all the things that catched my eye but simply don’t have the time.

      I fully agree with the comments above!

      Such a pleasure to read this! Thank you BK!

    4. BK, interesting letter. Seems like the situation finally really got to Bette. At first it was acknowledging that Tina wasn’t in LA, away from Bette but it felt a little like Tina was only on vacation for a few weeks and Bette was sending postcards to Tina to tell her “I hope you enjoy your time over there, here’s what’s going on back home”.
      Admitting that her friends are trying to help her to take care of herself I’d say that she had a depressive phase. Shane trying to get her to socialize, Alice recommending a therapist, Kit worrying that she’s neglecting her health, Dana with yoga for mindfulness or stress relief? She loves her framily but she realizes how much she needs Tina.

      I can picture how Tina read every letter but read this one more than once as she noticed the slight change in Bette’s mood. I would think that after the last letter before she returned to LA she’d make the decision to answer all of Bette’s letter with one in return. No matter if they would find their way to each other again or not. Now with the decision made Tina could write a long letter to Bette, sometimes answering directly to Bette’s letters, sometime relaying her thoughts while being in SC or away from Bette. Tina would post this letter to be send to their house so that Bette would find it in the mail.

      After this totally unexpected, steamy, albeit loving and beautiful physical reunion Tina would have a lot to tell Bette in a letter. That was hot, BK. And the perfect moment as well. The sign that Tina was waiting for: Bette telling her that she wants her to stay. Well, in other words. Like Billy said it was important for Bette to actually see how Tina moves back into their home. It completes the traces of Tina she found earlier all over the house.

      Will they be able to leave the bed before Christmas? Maybe to go to the master bedroom ;-)

      Can’t wait for tomorrow and the next part! Thank you for sweetening my evenings!

      Take care.

    5. Hey BK,

      Sorry I’m a little late in my comment – but what a chapter!!!

      Finally, Bette gets the reassurance she needs and both can’t resist the other any longer.

      Sweet release & them just falling into each other – being honest & allowing that deep love express itself.

      Thanks so much for this light that you have given us.

      Looking toward to today’s post!!!

      All the best


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