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    Day three, letter three

    I preferred it when you still lived in LA even though we were apart. At least it felt like you were close, like there was a chance. Like you could stop by any minute or that we might run into each other at the grocery store. Who am I kidding, I don’t go to the grocery store. South Carolina feels so far away but in hindsight we have been drifting away from each other for some time now. If I could go back and change one thing, it would be that slow drift. Like a leak in a boat, it drained us of who we were, took everything we were to each and we became something else. I wish I could fix that. I think we can fix it together. The weather is getting cooler here, and South Carolina is even colder. Please dress warm, you always did love the change in seasons. Kit says change is good. Some days I believe her.


    Sunday arrived, colder than the day before and overcast. A perfect morning to take it slow. Bette woke first and snuggled in under the covers away from the chill in the room. They forgot to put the heat on the night before and the house was cold. She turned towards the middle of the bed, yearning for Tina’s touch, half awake. She made no effort to hide her efforts to bring Tina closer to her, reaching for the blonde who immediately moved Bette’s way without even opening her eyes. They lay facing each other, Tina’s head tucked under Bette’s chin.

    Quiet. Comfortable.

    Neither spoke, neither needed to, their bodies speaking to each other of comfort, togetherness, reassurance. Tina felt Bette’s fingers running through her hair and she sighed, she loved when Bette did that and soon she was drifting back to sleep in the warmth and comfort of the brunette whose eyes closed as she too fell asleep. Dawn giving way to morning as they slumbered on, their breathing in sync.

    Hours later, Bette felt Tina stir a little and she hugged her tighter. “You awake?”


    Bette smiled, kissing the top of the blonde head. “Me either…”

    Several minutes passed. Five. Then ten. Twenty. Tina kissed the hallow of Bette’s throat, her pajama top opened enough to reveal the top of her cleavage. Softness. Warmth. Bette smiled, her arm tightening around the blonde.

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    1. Are you awake? No. Me either.

      “I just wanted to make sure you haven’t planned a train ride to the North Pole or a class on toymaking.” Tina laughed.

      “Is there a snow angel costume?” Bette flirted, No.
      “I was thinking you could wear that while you made chili” Bette retorted, winking.

      The door was not closed all the way and it popped open enough for Tina to see the outline of Bette’s body, . .
      Desire hit her like a sniper shot,. . . Tina froze, mesmerized.

      And the revelation comes forth:

      And the magnitude of the lost time weighed on her more powerfully than in all the time she spent alone in South Carolina. And for Tina the lost time was the real crime in the whole situation. Such a waste of love, of togetherness. Time they would never get back.

      She avoided eye contact. . . as Bette watched her. What’s wrong, Tee?”

      “I didn’t mean to see you in the shower this morning. The outline of you, I mean. It… rattled me. We have lost so much time, Baby. So much.” Maturity, and honesty coming from Tina has come.

      So finally:
      “I am not being clear. What I saw this morning did not bother me, it… unraveled me. Unraveled me because I know what your sexy body looks like in the shower. Unraveled me because you are everything I want in a best friend, a girlfriend, a partner, a lover. And I had you. Then I foolishly lost you. And I want you back. I am going to win you back.”

      • In keeping with the theme of warmth I will just snuggle in and tag team right here if you don’t mind. I am so glad Tina did not go on that run! And even happier that Bette asked her what was wrong. Once again, Bette’s letter referencing the cold mirrors their morning cuddling and the ability to warm each other so very close together in their bed, in the home. “The weather is getting cooler here, and South Carolina is even colder. Please dress warm…” The isolation associated with the cold is being replaced by the warmth of their long slow kisses, their tender embrace. Even the chili, the fire and snuggling on the sofa all contribute to the warmth being created in their lives – together. Their love and connection is slowly generating a smoldering fire that will literally and figuratively keep them warm even on the coldest of days. And Tina does not have to worry about the smell disappearing from Bette’s Yale sweatshirt. She has the real thing in her arms. And Tina will never be cold again. I love that they are spending this time together rebuilding their relationship with no interruptions. This is just so romantic and such an incredibly original story idea. Well done!

        Because we all love Bette and Tina as a couple so very much and because these are trying times and you are giving us such a lovely gift, your excellent dialogue is worth repeating:

        “Kissing is slow…” Tina said softly, leaning in slowly to press her lips on Bette’s, a deep chuckle from the brunette rewarding her efforts. Tina moved slowly, exquisitely slowly, feeling Bette’s arms tighten around her as her own hands lost themselves in the curly hair. The kiss deepened but did not speed up, their lips and tongue traveling over each other as their breath mingled. Bette’s mouth opened the same time Tina’s did, a small moan escaping as their tongues met and explored. It had been a long time since they kissed like this. Gentle. Sweet. Nine months? A year? “Tee” Bette said, breaking away as Tina moved down under her chin, her lips warm on Bette’s skin, her words quiet. “Necking is slow…” Tina breathed, nuzzling and kissing Bette’s throat, under her jaw, Bette tilting her head back to give her access. Tina’s mouth was warm and wet and knew exactly how Bette liked to be kissed there, and there. Especially there…”

      • so interesting DT how you wove your comment – using one selected quote after another you captured the essence of the chapter but also the essence of their building relationship. I am in awe. Well done. Thanks

    2. I am surprised that Bette is not becoming unraveled as well. The share intimacy last night, the cuddling during the the night and the slow romantic kisses of he morning. The bond is there. The desire is there, it now a matter of forgiveness and healing…..

      Perhaps Tina should share with Bette the two statements made by her therapist. It might be helpful to her own well being.

      Its going to be a lovely Christmas for Bette and Tina. Just keep this up and keep going.

      Thanks for the chapter…

    3. Girls, you nailed it already. DT, so many great quotes in this chapter, right?
      I like to add another quote from Bette’s letter that says so much: “If I could go back and change one thing, it would be that slow drift. Like a leak in a boat, it drained us of who we were, took everything we were to each and we became something else.” This is such a great picuture. Slowly drowning or drifting away from the sinking boat to the safe shore – each to another shore.
      In those few lines of her letter Bette is reflecting on many things about their relationship. Change. Will she be open for change? I think she and Tina are well on their way.

      Billy, I love your theme of warmth. This is exactly what I’m feeling with every chapter. Cosy, snuggly warmth that is enwrapping the reader with every sentence.

      BK, I love your little book of Christmas. This is balm for my Tibette soul.
      With every gesture, every word and touch, with every step they find firm ground on their path to reconciliation. It feels like a path with many hidden traps they could fall into if making the wrong decision.
      Like the path Indiana took on his way to the Holy Grail. Remember part III? One false step and Indie might fall into a pit or step into a deadly trap. But like Indie T + B brave their path of trial and tribulation and instinctively put one foot after the other on solid ground.

      It’s so lovely how they learn to love and cherish the basic moment of their relationship again. Simply being together, treasuring the simple moments, the essence of their love. I can totally relay to this sweet moment in bed. Just be. Feel, happy, secure, loved just being next to each other.
      This describes this sentiment perfectly: “Let’s not get up yet. This is the best cuddling we have done in years and I don’t want it to ever end..”
      I can really picture this scene in bed with B + T in the cool of the morning. Another intimate moment. Building trust again, strengthening the foundation of their relationship.

      There’s another quote from Tina that tells how much of the Provocation mess, of Bette’s cheating she had already processed while being in SC: “I took this sweatshirt because it smelled like you… and I missed you terribly.” I’d say that Tina knew she wanted Bette back in this very moment when her heart told her that she was missing her woman. I think Tina already forgave Bette when she went to SC. But would she have reacted that way if she had doubt about their future as a couple?
      Aargh, I feel like I can’t find the right words today to express what I want to say! Exhausting day and the nice glass of Cali Cabernet Sauv. made my mind slow down.

      BK, the smell thing is like a common thread in your story. I love it! I can relay to it so much.
      Looking forward to more tomorrow :-)

      Have a great day/night and thanks for posting.


      • Indiana Jones. A girl after my own heart. I remember watching Raiders of the Lost Ark in the theatre when it came out. My heart beating madly at the opening sequence where he had to take one careful step after another and almost met an untimely death many times. Well placed parallel KP!
        I thin you are right – I think Tina knew she wanted Bette back so she took the sweatshirt to tide herself over while she resolved her behaviors and healed.
        You expressed yourself very well. Cheers to a warm glass of Cali Cabernet and another chapter tomorrow!


    4. Bliss another wonderful post for day 3 in this fantastic 12 days of Christmas Story so superbly added to by the Comments following it
      Three French kisses, two Turtle Doves in their Christmas Tree
      Thank you looking forward to more

    5. BK,

      Who won’t want this everyday of their life –

      ‘Tina nuzzled her head in deeper, her nose buried in Bette’s neck. There was no place she would rather be than right here, the taste of Bette’s skin on her lips, the smell of Bette filling her head, the feel of Bette’s body pressed on hers. One leg moved to take it’s place between Bette’s, her fingers daring to find bare skin along the back of the brunette’s pajama pants.’

      So Nice!!

      And then this –

      ‘And Tina could picture exactly what that would look like, had she been in the shower with Bette right now. How the beads of water would run down Bette’s neck to travel slowly over her bronzed breasts, how the damp curls would frame Bette’s face, her lips red and her nipples hard in the air.’

      Who wouldn’t want to be in that bathroom?

      Time they would never get back. – How monumental of a realization!!! Yet, yet – hope of a future Tina wants – a future she’s willing to fight for.

      And this – “I took this sweatshirt because it smelled like you… and I missed you terribly.”

      That just shoots right to our hearts – just how much Tina missed Bette & missed their intimacy, their connection.

      This was so moving & compelling – can’t wait for the next chapter.

      Thanks for sharing.


    6. Lovely writing. I’m always in awe at how many ways you find to express their intimacy, BK. It’s more than just physical, it’s their whole beings. We can see them so clearly in our imagination, and that helps a lot when we know we’re not going to see them on our tellies (fume). Thank you x

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