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    Day two, letter two

    It’s been a week since my last letter and since I didn’t receive it back in the mail with an embarrassing ‘Return to Sender’ red stamp, I will make the courageous leap of faith that you possibly read the first letter. Or put it in a drawer somewhere. Or you are using the back of the envelope to make a grocery list or as a coaster for your coffee. Either way, it is in your possession. I will keep sending you one letter a week but please know you are under no obligation to respond. I told Alice that I had your address and she begged me for it, but I refused. I kind of like having this… you… all to myself, something that just we share. Something between us that she can’t get in the middle of. Sounds silly but I am grasping at straws. I miss you. I am so sorry. For everything. Writing you helps when the days are hard and the house feels so empty. It’s like my own form of therapy. There’s a gardening shop on Franklin Blvd that you might like, it sells those purple hydrangeas you love and they are on sale this week, two for the price of one.


    Saturday morning they slept in. Tina woke first and lay there listening to the even breathing of Bette next to her, the bed warm and Bette’s bended knee casually laying on her leg, the only part of them that was touching even though they lay close to each other. She carefully wiggled free and went to the bathroom in the guest room so she wouldn’t wake Bette before going into the kitchen to make their coffee. She had plans for them today, and they needed to get moving to be on time but she knew sleep has been elusive for Bette the past year and wanted her to have as much of it as possible.

    When she came in the bedroom, Bette was stretching, her limbs long like a cat in the sun. A puma or a panther or a leopard. Tina grinned at her, a happy, excited grin, her eyes dancing. It was going to be a fun day and she liked seeing Morning Bette, her hair a delightful mess, all cuddly and warm. Had they been in a different space, seeing her like this would have sparked a slow lovemaking session that would have taken them well into afternoon. One day, she hoped. Soon. Until then, she was content to woo and admire the view.

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    1. This is such a wonderful, beautiful story. The intimacy is palatable. It’s wonderful to see them communicate. So glad Tina didn’t let Alice tag along and. Alice dropped it for once. This story had me on the verge of tears. Thank you.

    2. This story is so perfect. Bette’s short letter gently reminding Tina that Bette knows what plants she loves. That she is thinking about her. Caring about her. Loving her. And in the present, as to a favorite scene, I am torn between Bette and her coffee and Tina telling Bette the story behind each ornament. Once again this is all incredibly romantic and authentic. The Christmas tree ornaments symbolic of their life and history together. That Bette wants, perhaps needs, Tina to keep these traditions alive and Tina knows this, understands this, agrees with this, wants this too, speaks to their immense connection. That Tina shared that they were going to get their Christmas tree alone sans Alice shows not only tremendous growth on Tina’s part but a fundamental respect for Bette and her feelings that had been lacking before. So many acts of kindness that on the surface might have seemed somewhat inconsequential, but were anything but, led to a major discussion – the loss of their son. Bette allowing her tears to flow freely, without reservation or fear of being labeled weak, and Tina acknowledging Bette’s pain. This is what a forever reconciliation looks like. My favorite line? “There’s a gardening shop on Franklin Blvd that you might like, it sells those purple hydrangeas you love and they are on sale this week, two for the price of one.” Such a seemingly simple sentiment but it speaks absolute volumes. Their foundation is still standing. Now, layer in the bricks, one at a time.

      • A resounding YES to what you have critiqued.

        I chuckled when they got the giggles during the drive to the Planet and all the witty, stupid stuff started coming out. Times like that are really 4ever memories in friendships.

        Well back to my 1st re-read!

      • A line that speaks to the Tibette that we cherishand DON’T want TLWGQ effin’ up. For me:

        “I really loved spending that time with you. But it brought up all these …feelings. I NEED HELP SORTING THEM OUT”. Tina is Bette’s “go to” when it comes to UNtangling a mass of feelings.

        Tina knew Bette wanted to say/ask her something . . . and she quickly figured it out just by where and how she was being caressed by Bette.

        Without hesitating Tina apologized for having refused to acknowledge and bind up Bette’s emotional wounds at the loss of their baby boy.

        Tina also knows how tactile Bette is when words allude her. And so, “She offered body AND her heat as comfort”

        And the dam broke . . .

      • Beautifully said Billy. Thank you for seeing the small every day gestures and how they add to the bigger purpose – the foundation of a strong relationship. One step, one kindness at a time. Rosie who? More to come =

    3. Your first chapter yesterday was sweet & special. But today – spectacular!!!!

      So many special moments – especially like the plans that Tina had for the day – showing her love just how very much she loved her & how treasured she is.

      Then the lighting of the tree & all their little remembrances of their ornaments & the stories behind them.

      And lastly them just connecting & as Billy said, laying those bricks layer by layer.

      Thanks so much for this glimpse into their road back to each other.


    4. Lovely…. pure intimacy and connection. This trip to the tree farm, selection of the tree and getting it into the house is so wonderfully connecting. But the tree decorating, the remembering of their history and the ability to connect and finally share the grief over the loss of their son. This is a the step that needed to occur to form the solid relationship for the future. They have been preparing for this moment for several weeks now – to grieve their loss with each other and to let the pain flow so that healing will occur. Truly a lovely moment for both of them.

      This is a heart warming chapter…. Thank you…

    5. Lovely chapter, a beautiful view into the T + B bubble, BK. It makes me smile how careful but determined both are to find their footing in their friendship again. So good. Added with lots of flirting and touching in a very tender and mindful way. The key word probably is “talking”. No more “I thought you thought”. Instead they talk to each other or at least communicate with looks.

      Very cute how Tina surprised Bette with her morning coffee decorated with coffee art. So Bette that she wouldn’t wash away the “heart art” by drinking her coffee. It’s those little gestures that is so important for a healthy relationship. B + T complement each other so well in that aspect. Tina’s coffee art, Bette taking care of breakfast, T prolonging their sleigh ride, the shared task of decorating the tree. Filling their bubble with positive energy also with the shared memories of the story behind the ornaments. Sweet.

      I totally forgot that part of their alining their paths again had to be coming to terms with the loss of their son. The scene came so unexpected for me. I was in tears when Bette was kissing and caressing Tina’s belly. It was symbolic for the intimacy they shared in the hours since returning from getting their Christmas tree.

      If they continue to take time for each other, to listen to their partner and to re-discover the parts of their relationsship which have been lost to them I’m hopefull that they will be stronger as a couple than before by Christmas.

      Thanks you for day two! Perfect treat for the 3. Advent.

      Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week.

      • The word IS talking. The more they talk the better they do! As always you zero in on the main theme of the chapter – the healing that needed to happen about the baby. The conversation that had to take place so they could move forward with a relationship together.
        Glad you liked day 2, more to come!

    6. Two turtle doves looking for the tree for the partridge to rest in!

      So beautiful loved it and so glad I had tissues to hand.

      Thanks also to those commenting so fully you increase my enjoyment of the post immensely , thank you.

      Thanks for the post, stay safe everyone

    7. BK,

      what a gift to have 12 days of Bette & Tina fan fic from you! I am loving this already. so much.
      you build that mystery of what happened so very well, but it almost doesnt matter…because when these 2 connect, and communicate, and open up, and allow the love (& passion) to happen…it’s unbeatable in your hands. here for this! (pretend im posting the gif of from “Oliver” with him holding up a bowl saying “please, can I have some more”).

      I hope you’re doing better (I saw the Rosie rant lol)…we can only hope this all leads to Bette & Tina…Im fairly certain it does.


      • Hey Stir Fry
        I am so curious your thoughts about the addition of Rosie. I remember that you accurately and faithfully predicted that Tina would appear on GQ and you were right! Do you think RoD will lead to the endgame of TiBette? Thanks for commenting, thanks for commenting!

        • hey hey BK!

          I thought I’d reply to you via message since I didnt want your beautiful story and the story related comments to mixed in with rosie rant lol. but…as much as I believed that Tina would be back, I believe that the Rosie stunt casting is a means to a Bette and Tina reunion end (or beginning). You know I believe in my couple! Believing and blind faith has gotten me this far! :-)

          check ya messages!

    8. BK, this chapter was magical. I’m already so impressed with your writing from all your stories, but it just gets better with every new post. Thank you for giving us this early Christmas gift. The sleigh ride reminded me of when Bette and Tina were in Canada for Shane’s wedding and they took Angie on the sleigh ride. It was a beautiful family moment before the rest of the episode went to h*ll. Maybe in future years when they have a child the trip to find the perfect Christmas tree will be a family favorite tradition. Thank you. Be safe.

      • BAT – thank you so much. I so enjoy your story too. It is really a delight to read. The sleigh ride reminds me of that episode too. Then it went to hell. But how cute were they for a brief few moments. Be safe yourself…. looking forward to your next chapter.

    9. Hi BK,

      I am so late with reading, did before i have to work, but wat a incredible pleasure to read this story!!!!

      Don’t have much time for a long comment, but what already has been said, i fully agree with them!!!!

      Love this story and how they connect and communicate with and without words. The moment on the couch where Tina exactly knew what Bette needed, the offering of her body and heat, it moved me and brought tears in my eyes, simply beautiful!!!

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