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    Death Comes to Those Who Taunt

    Bette woke first, sunlight now streaming through the open window holes. She blinked, a slight headache on the edges of her brain that she realized would have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the awful tasting powder Lady Christina made her drink the night before.

    She must have shifted in the night and her head was tucked in the back of the Lady, right between her shoulder blades. She breathed in that wildflower and lilac scent one more time then pulled away, rolling off the bed to use the restroom again, troubled.

    Troubled by her desire to be close to the blonde, to shed the image she so carefully constructed over years and years of sailing the seas. Troubled that she wanted this badly, after only one day of being around the Lady Christina.

    I am a fool, she thought. Foolish and weak.

    Allowing anything more than a healing relationship would undermine everything she had built, strived for. She would be exactly what her father had shouted at her on her last day at the castle. A foolish girl with her head in the clouds.

    When she returned, Lady Christina was sitting up, rubbing her face. Her blonde hair was tousled, and she looked really pretty, so Bette busied herself with getting ready for the day. She went to a floor length mirror and considered her outfit, rather liking the black shirt on black leather pants and boots. She turned to Christina and held up her hand.

    “I can’t have it bandaged like this. I can’t be a formidable and mighty one handed Captain. No one is scared of a one handed swordswoman. Can you make the wrapping smaller?”

    Lady Christina blinked, wondering if the first thought the Captain had in the morning was always about herself, not knowing that Bette woke up wondering what exact elements made up the blonde’s smell.

    She nodded. “I will just… I need to use the restroom…” Bette nodded and waved absentmindedly towards the door, more interested in strapping her many knives back in place than she was in the blonde’s morning routine.

    Lady Christina looked at herself in the small, dirty mirror hanging on the wall in the restroom. The bruise on her cheek was faint but still present and she thought about the night Lord Eric first hit her, the night she refused his hand in marriage. She thought she was safe in her father’s castle, but Lord Eric proved that wrong.

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    1. I LOVE this story! Dana as the Archer. So very cool. Not sure why but the theme from Indiana Jones kept running through my head as Captain Bette dueled the sadistic dastardly Lord Bates to the death: “Black Bette leaned in to whisper in his ear, each phrase ending with another costly turn of her blade ‘this is for Lady Christina… the only bloody fucking… you will be doing … is down in Hell…‘” Take that Lord Bates!! Yippee.

      The interaction between the Captain and Lady Christina at breakfast is very Beauty and the Beast with a stubborn Black Bette wanting to drink her breakfast and a not impressed Lady Christina not so subtly suggesting it would be wise if she eat: “Bette sat with a flourish, pouring a healthy dose of brandy into her coffee then almost choking on it when she saw Lady’s Christina face, full of disapproval. One graceful eyebrow rose silently on the creamy face… a rebuke if ever there was one… but Bette, not known for doing what she was told, forged on regardless. She added even more brandy and upped the ante with two raised eyebrows, a subtle challenge volleyed straight back. Lady Christina answered by plopping a large quantity of fruit on the Captain’s plate, alongside some eggs and toast. She sipped her own coffee daintily, like she was sitting under a parasol at a fair.“ Love that Shane witnessed Bette cleaning her plate.

      Oh they are so smitten. I am sure there will be a price to pay for killing Lord Bates. And we all know Captain Bette will never random Lady Christina. This journey is so worth the ride along. Whisperer – keep track of Jodie. So many good scenes. But my favorite part? Captain Bette trying to be gallant and perhaps a little flirtatious by tending to Lady Christina’s wounds by applying hemorrhoid cream. I truly laughed out loud. Not sure how you do it. What fun!!!

    2. BK! i log in and find one of my new favorite stories ready to go. you spoil us with your talent for writing our couple…in any realm. i love the little moments that still ring true to bette and tina, when they are near each other, across a crowded farmers market or a crowded ship deck, the connection is there and palpable. i love that they are slowly starting to realize the attraction. i love swashbuckling bette…thank you for not dragging our master bates’ appearance. and as if i didn’t love your writing enough? YOU QUOTE “The Princess Bride”…one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES (i can recite that masterpiece) during the sword fight. “i am not left handed…” yesssss! i’m into it. i only wish there was another chapter of this waiting for me. thank you!

      • StirFRY- I am so glad you love this story! I love all things medieval… castles, dragons, sword fights, intrigue and mayhem. Master Bates had it coming right? I tried to make him as vile as possible as this story is over the top anyway. AND AND AND I love the Princess Bride! I had the sword fighting scene in mind where Inigo Montoya fights the man in black and they have such amazing banter back and forth until the Man in Black utters that famous line – I am not left handed… how could I NOT include that in this scene? I debated an ‘As you Wish’ but it didn’t seem to fit and Bette is way to commanding to bend to anyone’s wishes – or so she thinks, right?
        Things get complicated now… YAY!
        Stay tuned, more to come

    3. Absolutely love this story. Dana as the Archer is just classic. Not sure why but visions of Errol Flynn went through my head as Captain Bette challenged the dastardly sadistic Lord Bates to a duel to the death and then plunged the dagger in at the end: “Black Bette leaned in to whisper in his ear, each phrase ending with another costly turn of her blade, “this is for Lady Christina… the only bloody fucking… you will be doing … is down in Hell…” Yippee. While I am sure there will be another kind of hell to pay for killing Lord Bates, Lady Christina is safer with him gone and probably very few will ever mourn his passing.

      These two are so very smitten. I know it sounds kind of weird on my part but the breakfast scene is reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast with a stubborn and obstinate Bette wanting to drink her breakfast and a disapproving ‘Tina’ silently and firmly suggesting that she eat: “Bette sat with a flourish, pouring a healthy dose of brandy into her coffee then almost choking on it when she saw Lady’s Christina face, full of disapproval. One graceful eyebrow rose silently on the creamy face… a rebuke if ever there was one… but Bette, not known for doing what she was told, forged on regardless. She added even more brandy and upped the ante with two raised eyebrows, a subtle challenge volleyed straight back. Lady Christina answered by plopping a large quantity of fruit on the Captain’s plate, alongside some eggs and toast. She sipped her own coffee daintily, like she was sitting under a parasol at a fair.“ So enjoyed that Shane was on hand to witness a check mated Bette cleaning her plate. “Just a little change, Small to say the least, Both a little scared, Neither one prepared, Beauty and the beast.” Except this is really Beauty and the other Beauty. Yes, pretty cornball I admit. But the subtle glances and needing to keep track of one another it’s just so very much our TiBette. These two are meant to be together. And Captain Bette has met her match in Lady Christina. Sheer heaven.

      Lady Christina and Shane are already bonding. How could they not become friends? Also glad that the Whisperer is on the scene. Keep an eye on that evil wench Jodie. She is next on my list. But for now it’s time for Tina to once again tend to Bette’s wounds. Perhaps a chance to count Bette’s scars is in the near future. At least a thank you kiss for saving her life? There are so many good scenes in this chapter but my favorite has got to be without a doubt a somewhat out of her depth and just a tad flirtatious Bette trying to apply hemorrhoid cream to Lady Christina’s wounds. Just hysterical. I swear I laughed out loud. This story is a Bette and Tina fantasy come true. We all know Captain Bette will never ransom off Lady Christina. It is so worth being a stowaway on this adventure. No idea how you do it but I just love your writing.

      • Billy
        Dana in the image of Errol Flynn is AMAZING! He set the tone for that entire genre, right? A perfect way to imagine her and she has the devil-may-care attitude to match someone with that skill!
        I LOVED your comparison of the breakfast scene to Beauty and the Beast! How wonderful! I also loved how that scene spoke volumes of the building attraction and respect between the two, non verbal communication is the best. Bette is very much like the Beast, unrefined but cultured, brash but gentle and Tina is like Beauty, she sees past all that to the vulnerability and strength of character. Lovely imagery, thank you for that!
        HaHahaha on the hemorrhoid cream, it was too funny to write. I hope to add more moments like that between them. There has to be SOME humor mixed in with all the blood and harshness right?
        Hope you have an amazing day – heard it is cold in Maine, snow in Boston today! Winter is Coming!

        • Winter is most definitely coming. So very cold today. Snow on the ground and my oak trees are still green. Looking forward to a nice cup of tea and reading…love the comments as well. You have quite the well deserved following.

    4. I love it, love it, love it!!

      It is great to have our favourite characters in such a different situation and your writing and talent in the story telling is the cream on top of the cake!

      Thank you, so much for an entertaining escape from our present reality, fifteen pages of shear enjoyment.

      Please post more as soon as you can.

      Did I mention that I like the story !!

      Stay safe and well

      • SG! I love how much you are enjoying this story – it is so nice to escape a little from the news and the stress to see our favorite characters take on a new realm. Stay tuned, more to come!

    5. Bette is definitely into her power and control. We all knew that when she called for the competition in the archery event, that Lord Bates life would be over by the end of the day. A bully and a smartass will always meet up with someone who will make him humble. But he simply was too full of himself to see that the odds were very much against him surviving and yet he persisted. Being the coward he was, he literally ended his own life by attacking Bette when her back was turned flinging his body on her ready and waiting knife and burying it fatally into his chest. What a fool!. Even if he had succeeded in killing Bette, did he think that her crew would not take revenge on him immediately? But as those who believe themselves invinceable, he did not measure the risk and for what reward? Would Shane have awarded him Christina? Hell no! Did he actually think that he would simply walk away from this ship with his bride on his arm? He did all he could do to insure that by end of the day, he would be no more. What a stupid arrogant fool….

      Oh my dear Bette. This woman Tina is going to be a force to be reckoned with. She has your mind and she will soon have your heart. But fear not! For you are in her mind as well and when she takes you into her heart, it will be forever. She is your destiny…. time to do some sole searching and to meet your destiny!

      Jodi…Jodi.. Well you now have two strikes against you. All within a few hours. She confronts and tries to intimidate Tina and then she shows public affection to Bette which she has to know Bette does not like. Combine that with Bette’s suspicion that she was the one which caused Candace to steal the ship and run, and Jodi’s days if not hours are numbered. There is an express ticket to Davy Jones’s locker to anyone who is disloyal to Bette and Jodi had two strikes plus one dispeasing activity (public affection). Bette is not yours… and you will soon understand that. Bette controls her future and who she desires and belongs to. And you Jodi simply will soon be a passing memory.

      Love your story… cannot wait for more… love this story….

      • Martha my dear thank you for your comments and analysis. I think Lord Bates was so caught up in the humiliation of losing to a woman, the blood lust and battle craze overriding any logical thought to his actions. Maybe he didn’t want to be ransomed off like a common beggar or maybe his life of luxury and nobility made him think he could get away with … well… murder! You are right, he is an utter fool and we are all better off with him feeding the fishes at the bottom of the ocean.
        Keep your comments coming, I always like to see how you thought about the plot. Happy Friday~

      • Zhenya – just a good chance for them to bond. I imagine Shane wanted to know the extent of Bette’s injury and Tina brings people in so easily that they hit it off immediately! Thanks for your comment

    6. Yes, you got rid of Lord Bates in a classic cloak and dagger swordfighting pirate movie way! Death by sword. Thanks BK for finishing him off in ch 2 already. I couldn’t stand reading more of his crude, nasty, arrogant, pretentious, vulgar bs coming out of his mouth. What an awful man!
      Now time to prepare the plank for Jodie. Or the desert island. Good thing that Lady Christina outwardly isn’t very irritated by Jodie’s attack. No time to show any weakness on this ship.
      Well, she and the Captain are putting some distance between them and the conniving redhead.
      It’ll be intersting to see if Captain B will be a little more relaxed around Tina once she’s on her own ship, in her own quarters. She should think about recruiting Lady Christina for her crew. Once Tina could show her abilities and is accepted by the crew, Bette would be able to claim Tina for herself without appearing weak to her crew.

      I love this adventure, BK! Thanks for being such a hard-working writer.

      Hope all’s good with you, enjoy your week, happy Halloween


      • KP
        This story is an absolute blast to write. I think putting the group in a new setting is refreshing – much like the river in RWYA.
        LOVE your idea of recruiting Christina for her crew and the rationale behind it. Gives Tina more credibility and makes her useful to everyone…..
        Hope you are well, Happy Halloween to you!

    7. Hi BK,

      What a fantastic chapter!!!

      It’s such a different story and i absolutely love it!

      Lord Bates is a really awful smug bastard and got what he deserved, a painful dead. God how he spoke about Lady Christina, it made me mad as hell and i would have killed him myself.

      There is a bond already between our Bette and Lady Christina, allthough Captain Bette is fighting her feelings.

      Jodie, the bitch, trying to claim Bette as her woman and threatening Lady Christina, good luck bitch, the Whisperer heard it and after that pathetic display on the deck and the Whisperer telling Captain Bette about it and her suspicion she was behind Candace’s sailing away with the ship, she is dead meat. Three strikes is OUT!!!

      Get the plank ready and walk the walk of a dead woman right into the ocean as meat for the sharks!

      Lady Christina touched Carmen’s deadly hands and didn’t drop dead at the spot, so she is immune?!

      Now they are on their way to Captain Bette’s private chamber so Lady Christina can nurse her back to health. Hmm, what will happen next?!

      I really love this story and i am so glad you are able to write three stories at the same time!

      • BIBI my friend
        Jodie as meat for the sharks is fantastic, we will have to see how she tries to insert herself as things evolve. Love your comments and your encouragement as well, thank you!

    8. BK,
      What joyful nourishment in these trying days!! I’ve decided that the COMMENTS of your love-struk fans is like a whole book in themselves!!. We are as starstruck a bunch as I’ve ever seen! HeHeHe!

      Gosh I’m glad U extinguished that petulant, vulgar lord Bates. Now it’s Lady Tina’s time to tend to THE Captain without the crowd of onlookers and whisperers. But how far will she be alowed to go????

    9. Hiya Captain BK!!!

      Talk about an intense chapter – lots of action.

      First off, Jodie needs to go the way of Master Bates – death & very, very soon & very very slowly!!!! Make her suffer!!!! She has to die or could be a reoccurring problem for the couple. Carmen could poison her / that would work nicely!!

      Loved that Billy brought up the old Errol Flynn pirate movies – excellent & the way you described the scene it took us back to those movies!! Can see Captain Bette in my mind’s eye on that deck with her sword- dashing!!!

      Love that ‘Tina’ tells Bette what to do – the breakfast, the lotion, the ship. Bette is sooooooo whipped – it’s adorable. She’s got it bad for her new Lady!

      Do wonder what Shane & Tina were talking about on the ship during their convo????

      Loved the line – ‘it was a fight for the ages’
      That really stood out for me – epic

      And Eric – what a buffoon. Got what he deserved & naturally B whispering in his ear about Lady Christina. He deserved no better. Good riddance.

      Excellent realism- could smell the scent of blood, feel the bile in B’s throat, taste the fear. You outdid yourself this chapter!!!

      Tina knows too that this captain is someone like she’s never experienced before. She’s falling for the captain. Ordering B around & B letting her. Cute.

      Glad that all the main characters had a play in the chapter too / Shane, Alice, Carmen, Dana & Lara. Thought of Dana like a Robin Hood too with her archery

      Great job my friend.

      Thanks so much.

      Okay, if you haven’t started working on the next chapter – get it goin’. Gotta find out what happens on the captain’s ship & in her private cabin!!!!

      • Collins!
        Thank you for stepping out of the post election drama and commenting on the swashbuckling drama here on the seven seas. Tina and Shane were just connecting, getting to know each other – you know Shane would never let anyone near her Bette without making sure first!
        Looks like Tina has some more injuries to attend to and Bette will finally be back in the comfort of her own ship…. what could possibly happen?

        Have a great spooky weekend –

    10. My dear BK,
      What can I possibly say, but to add my praise for your writing to all the preceding comments! Initially, I didn’t think I would really enjoy this story, as I felt the portrayal of the sophisticated, erudite, gorgeous Bette as a swashbuckling pirate was too off-putting for me. I am happy to discard such thoughts after reading the beginning chapters! I can’t believe you wrote this story while feeling bored! Lord, have mercy! You have always been one of my favorite authors; however, now I do believe you have garnered the very top spot. I am sooooo into this marvelous fantasy, and, like the others, can fully “see” the actions and, yes, emotions of each and every main character. Also, I too enjoy your inclusion of the OG L-Word cast as important members of Bette’s crew. I quite enjoy the manner in which Lady Kennard is introduced into the tale, as I am a retired healthcare provider/healer, who really “gets” where Tina is coming from. I admire the way all the females are seemingly fearless, loyal, and so strong in character, that “Wonder Woman” pales in comparison; with the obvious exceptions of Jodi and Candace. I never liked their characters in the show either.

      To my immense pleasure, this story again is centered around Tibette’s relationship; how it started, how it grows, and how their “inner circle” relates to them individually and together. The love and loyalty of their “family” enhances and sustains Tibette through much in their tumultuous lives; especially in this scenario.

      Thank you again and again for entertaining us with the magnificent result of your beautiful mind at work. Your stories are always engaging and eagerly anticipated by this reader! So very glad you share your considerable talent with us. Good on ya!

      • Dr A
        You humble me with your words. This was an absolute blast to write. And you are 100% correct, this Bette appears to be spot on -she is over the top and far from the sophistication we have come to expect.. I love how you connected with the group of loyal and fierce friends, with Tina as a healer and with the story over all. You should love the next chapter. Thanks!

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