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    The Beginning 18

    “I had a job offer today,” Bette said once their drinks were delivered and both settled in their seats.

    They met every Friday, a standing dinner date that quickly became a highlight of their week. Over the past year, their work slowly reached a point where they often felt exhausted by the end of the day and too tired to really focus on each other. A quick dinner and one of them would fall asleep reading in bed or spend time answering emails.

    One lazy Sunday morning, they realized it had been almost ten days since they last had sex and after spending the day rectifying that horrible thought, they knew they needed to do something. It been an adjustment at first. Entire schedules had to be reworked, but they stuck to it, even if it meant a longer night on another day in the week.

    Mondays through Thursdays were work days… but Fridays were reserved for an early end to the work day and they would come home and get ready for their date, pampering themselves and making a point to dress specially for the other, spoil each other, the focus on their relationship.

    It was almost like dating. Made more enchanting by the fact that they were each a part of the get ready process of dating. It made Friday sexy, flirty.

    Sometimes Bette would buy lingerie for Tina, knowing how much she loved a new pretty bra and panties set. Tina loved when Bette did this, because Bette would give her the gift in the morning and Tina would wear it all day, thinking about their upcoming night. It made it difficult for her to concentrate on work, especially when Bette would send random short, sexy texts to her all day… like, simply “RED makes me crazy” or… “This…” with a picture of a bra thrown haphazardly over a chair, the panties balled on the floor.

    Other times Tina would set out the outfit she wanted Bette to wear for her, depending on how she wanted the night to go. It almost always involved her Levi’s and meant dancing was involved. Bette loved those nights because she would come home and Tina would have this look in her eyes, like she was already picturing taking those clothes off her girlfriend. Those were the nights Tina too control.

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    1. So the process is about to start. They are going to try to get pregnant. Bette has turn down the job with Franklin and company and Tina has decided to keep working during pregnancy. That’s probably a good decision on both of their parts. Now, let’s see how this works out.

      I was surprised that this is the first time Bette has talked about her parents. She was told Tina that her Dad cheated on her mother and that it broke up their parents marriage. Tina guessed that her mother was depressed and Bette agreed. It appears Bette is worrying about this baby and how her relationship with her parents will effect her relationship with this baby and with Tina. But Tina is reassuring her that they will work out whatever comes along. Its a very emotional time for the two of them.

      They have managed to work out making time for each other and their relationship by creating a date night. They are getting closer and really communicating with each other as a result. This is good. I just hope they can keep this up. They need time in their life to just be with each other and really hear what is going on in the other’s life. Having an evening of romance and sex is helpful as well. That keeps them close and connected.

      They really are cute together. Love the doctor’s visit. Surprised that Bette didn’t make a comment about the paper gown being so sexy in that it could be easily ripped off when the occasion called for it. Tina was obviously nervous about the visit…. probably worried too. Having a baby is a major decision in anyone’s life.

      Love this story…. glad to see this update. Look forward to more….

      • Yes you nailed it. They really are cute together. And it is so encouraging that they both recognize the need to spend quality time together. Like you, I hope they can keep to that plan. Life can get in the way and mess with the best of plans but this is the Bette and Tina I like to envision in the hands of good writers. I think this Bette in BK’s talented hands could be a real hoot as an expectant parent. Monkey’s Go on Strike on steroids. What fun that would be.

      • Thank you Martha! yes, perhaps Bette would have brought up her father’s cheating before now but I was thinking about her thought process in a couple ways – we know she is ashamed of his behavior and that she comes to a place where she sees how damaging his behavior was. Not something she was proud of and therefore something not to mention. Bette isn’t exactly known for her communication although I want a more open Bette for this story. Add to that Tina’s clear distaste for cheating and we arrive at a reticent Bette on this subject.
        I hope they can keep up the communication as well. They are showing us where relationships take work and focus. Glad you love this story, I love your comments! Keep them coming – thanks

    2. BK – I just love this story so very much. The communication between Bette and Tina is off the charts good right now. Such natural and easy give and take and talking and sharing that on its face might seem like ordinary daily conversation between our highly connected twosome yet is anything but. We as readers and fans realize straight away that these little talks will alter the course of their relationship forever – and for the better. Two choices: one by Bette, no CAC. One by Tina, not quitting her job. Two potential forks in their professional paths that alter their personal journey together and help avoid a lifetime of hurt and regret.

      Tina is very good at her job and an excellent read of people. She sees Franklin for what he is right away: “He’s a prick, Bette. All he wanted was to talk about how knowledgeable he was, how smart. Plus he looked you up and down like a creep. Also, he ordered a drink for you, who does that when they meet someone for the first time? He didn’t know you, he just assumed. And you don’t even like fruity drinks.” Bette rightfully needs to consider his offer. There is a lot at stake. So great that Bette truly hears Tina and considers her opinion. And ultimately does not take Franklin’s bait. The seemingly simple act of Bette NOT taking the job at CAC changes so much. No CAC no Franklin and no board. No bringing home that job stress. No Helena and the Peabody Grant. No Provocations. No Candace. And Tina keeping her job? No bored and resentful Tina turning to others and shutting Bette out of her thoughts and feelings. No daddy blues for Bette and feeling left out. No predatory Helena Peabody. And on. All from Bette and Tina sharing and talking and being truly committed, communicating life partners.

      I love that this Bette has such high regard for Tina and considers her opinions. And I love that this Bette just wants to do the right things for Tina. There is zero selfish, controlling or self promotion element to her thinking about the CAC job offer or talking to Tina about quitting her job. Bette is being Bette and is thinking and contemplating and analyzing their future. She wants to give Tina the world. She wants to provide for her and take care of her. This is our Bette. But this Bette also really listens to Tina. And this Tina also knows what is best for her. And once again, a decision made, a relatively minor tweaking of the plot that will have major positive long term results: “Sweet Bette. You love me so fiercely that sometimes it takes my breath away. You’ve shown me such devotion and passion and unconditional love that it is no wonder you also feel the need to take care of me. But having a baby is something I want to do with you, not for you. I want to keep working after the baby’s born, Honey.”

      And she is sweet Bette. This is the Bette we deserve to see. This is the Bette who does not want a repeat of her father in any way. I am so glad Tina sees and understands and loves this Bette. Understands that she is principled and her heart is in the right place. I am so hopeful for this couple. They seem to have their priorities right. Keep it up ladies. We are getting near that time. Hopefully there will be no need to check in with Foxworthy. No need for Tina to hang with Alice and Dana and share her private life. No need to exclude Bette. These two have each other. They are more than solid. And that’s as it should be, as it always should have been. Bette is so loving and happy and content. Tina is her everything. So love this line: “The days of wham-bam-thank you ma’am with strangers were over… replaced with wham-bam-one more ma’am.“ Remember this during the upcoming insemination process. One more tweak if you please? Don’t allow their physical relationship to become clinical and only about the act of getting pregnant. Yes – these are two professional women with strong opinions and busy schedules but they also carry within them a mighty connection and an ever so fierce love. So so good.

      P.S. My wish list: Tina – working should limit your time and solve your pregnancy testing confusion (I am being kind). No testing with Alice. Test with Bette present. Include her. Do that highly significant and private act together. And Bette – make love to Tina when not doing the insemination process. Make her feel special. You know what to do. Because to use the words of your future self – “Lift a glass to caring, kindness, and trust, and longevity, and respect. To all the things that you will need to keep your love alive.” You both got this!

      • Billy,

        You really do love this Bette and Tina… Wonderful comments…. and yes we do love these two and the last thing we all want is for them to make the mistakes they made in TLW. That drifting and carrying on their lives as if the other was a mere roommate is not the relationship that Bette and Tina would have allowed themselves to get into. Tina was a stronger character than to allow Bette to get so involved with work that she never had time for her. And Bette needs Tina’s counsel or she become impulsive and does not always see the ramifications of her actions. They need each other to balance their paths and to truly be happy. And with a baby in the future, they need each other even more.

        They are truly developing the skills necessary to communicate and to keep their relationship strong…

        • Yes I do my dear friend. And you are absolutely correct. Well said. This Tina is wise and focused and deeply in love. And this Bette while totally driven is immensely committed to Tina and willing to do anything for her. The yin and the yang to be sure. I love this story so much because it is hopeful. We know what happens in season one. And we are nearing that point. We don’t often get the opportunity for a redo. BK is giving some of that to the fans. Tweaking just enough to hopefully avoid some of the crap. We know there is drama ahead. But BK has their backs and ours (the fans) as well.

          • Billy, your comment is so good! You know very well how to articulate and highlight the most important things in this chapter. And also what I would say and highlight.

            I also love this Bette and Tina so much, how they make time for each other, listen to each other and make decisions together. The intense love they feel for each other. Wonderful to see and read about that. This story is hopeful for me too. Yes, there will be a little bit drama but i know that BK has their backs and the fans as well.

            Martha, i love both your comments as well.

          • So very well said, Billy. Leave it to BK to rectify some major irritating, no really annoying plot lines in T + B’s story. Balm for every troubled Tibette soul ;-)
            I’ll be back tomorrow, too tired and in need of some hours of sleep.

      • I saw these as two pivotal decision in their trajectory as well. Bette going to work for Franklin put in her the crosshairs and took control over her art selections away from her. It is natural that she then sought control at home, but so at odds for how much she loves Tina. I just didn’t see it. And for Tina – staying home to get her “body prepared” shredded all plausibility in the storyline. Every time she uttered that phrase in the show I wanted to throw something at the TV. GAG.
        Having them talk it through instead also eliminates the dreadful Dan Foxworthy (he made me cringe) and the support group where Bette is basically marginalizes and her contributions to the group minimized publicly. No self respecting therapist would have allowed that.

        And you wish list? Love how you wove that quote into your list, that is the heart of Bette, that is the Bette that carries her partner in her heart and only wants to give all the things.
        Thank you Billy

    3. Hey BK,

      Another fantastic chapter. So loving, sexy & sweet.

      Thank you, thank you for giving us this slice of Tibette from the very beginning in this story. So glad that you decided to take a different path for both Tina & Bette in their careers and for their lives.

      I will say that in OG, their actions didn’t always equal their words – how you have portrayed them was how I envisioned them acting & living in OG. IC’s crazy ass slant didn’t jive with how JB & LH portrayed the couple. They were far too loving & in love with each other than what IC would have wanted us to believe.

      Anywayyyyyyy, your Tibette is super sweet & brings us warm feelings in this time of strife & turmoil. Thank you for that. They will do ANYTHING for each other.

      Hopefully – hopefully, you will allow them to avoid Tina’s miscarriage in OG & now allow them to drift apart as we saw.

      So glad that Bette decided to keep her gallery & Tina continues to work to support their life as well. They still have the money from Ellie too – so no financial problems in the future.

      Thanks pal & again – a great chapter!!!!

      Your friend.

      Thanks again

    4. Hi BK,

      We need an escape into something sweet and fluffy and good and you delivered it!

      What a fantastic and sweet chapter, your Bette and Tina are so in love, so in tune with each other. This is a Bette and Tina we didn’t get to see in season one of the OG. And i am so happy that you don’t follow the path from that season and choose a slightly different version.

      I agree fully with the other comments from Billy, Martha and Collins.

      Stay save and healthy and i will keep my fingers crossed for a positive outcome of this election!

    5. Great story and am loving how they evolve. Glad Bette didn’t take CAC job as it would have been a disaster. I have one hope. PLEASE do not let Candace or anyone like her show up in this story. Thank you!

    6. BK, thanks for this wonderful chapter full of love, tenderness and open conversations. It’s so nice to read how they think about how special their love making is and about the depths of their feelings. They treasure their connection and work continuously on cultivating their relationship.

      It’s such a relief that you let them talk about Bette’s offer from the CAC. Tina really makes the case why Bette doesn’t need to give up her gallery. Bette on the other hand is taking Tina’s arguments to heart, mulls over them and makes a decision. If they keep this up, their future looks bright.
      These arguments are equally reason and motivation for Bette: “…there is nothing you can’t achieve without him. You can be the gallery that gets shows before New York, before Paris.” Exactly, Tina, you nailed it.

      What I love the most in this chapter are these expressions of love and devotion.
      Here is my favourite: “Twenty minutes, Tee. That’s twenty minutes less cuddle on the chair time each morning.”
      Isn’t that something what everyone like to hear from their partner? Time to be close everyday as a priority.

      This quote: “…her toes were cold for the sole purpose of Bette warming them.”
      How do you come up with something like this? Perfect explanation. Love it.

      Followed by Tina’s declaration of love: “You… here, the bath filling up, the music. … I can’t sleep without you, did you know that? I toss and turn all night. The blankets don’t feel right and the bed is too big.”

      What really moved me was how Bette was able to open up, to show her innermost with all her weaknesses. One being the confession of her father’s cheating and the other one this:
      “Bette swallowed. “I’ve never had anyone champion my ideas or dreams before… ” This is a young Bette talking and showing what she missed growing up. It’s really sad that she didn’t experienced that kind of support in her childhood. It might be a reason why she sometimes goes for what she wants without considering Tina’s opinion or needs. I loved that Bette shared this part of her with her girlfriend.

      Your post was exactly what I needed after a few pretty shitty days at work. So thanks a lot for brightening my day.

      Enjoy your week, hope you are still alright, I keep my fingers crossed for the final results of the election (btw cooking as a stress relief? I bet your family is quite happy with that!)


      • KIWI
        Your comments always make me so happy. I don’t know if it’s because you see the same things I do in the story or that you are so consistently supportive that it makes writing these stories such a treat. You and Billy and several readers are like little encouragers on my shoulder, reminding me that we all need stories like this to get us through this crappy crappy time in the world.
        Now more than ever as America sits on the cusp of either hope or civil war, especially now.
        Anyway, I really thought this two decisions have such potential to change the arc of this story as we barrel full steam ahead to the opening scene in season one. Bette working at the CAC created so much stress and drama for her and Tina staying home to prepare her body marginalized her role in the relationship. So, big ole X and X on both plots.
        I have had some really shitty days of work too and it is now becoming a shitty shitty week. So your post and every single reader who took time to respond brightens my day and makes me pull up my word document to crank out the next chapter. Black Beauty is ready to go (just needs editing) and Remember Who you Are is closing in on the end of that chapter.
        Cooking is a love/hate thing for me. I don’t really enjoy it but it does take my mind of all the other stuff and paired with a glass of wine and Schitt’s Creek – well it’s not so bad.
        Take heart KP, better days ahead –

    7. Why didn’t the authors write the show like this ? oh yes, the fool Ilene chaiken wanted to separate them !

      You should give them a hand for GenQ, just saying …

      I’m not American but God what a shame it is to have a situation like this … GO BIDEN !

    8. ahh BK…your bette & tina…communication is sexy. I love that they are connecting in this chapter. making time for each other, not letting their busy work lives get in the way of their love. and very interesting to NOT have bette at the CAC. and having tina encourage her to continue following her dream of her gallery and cultivating it. and now we come to the insemination and them having a family. im sure there will be drama to come but it’s important to have chapters like this that just solidifies their love for each other even more.

      thank you for this warm hug of a chapter that is bette and tina. it is needed!

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