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    Easter Check in…

    Four years have passed – let’s check in –

    The sunlight crept into the bedroom, sneaking in between the blinds to make stripes on the wall that inched their way closer to the couple on the bed. Tina was tucked against the warm back of her wife, seeking the heat even in her sleep. Between the two, she was more cold natured, whereas Bette radiated heat, at times like a furnace. With her forehead on the back of Bette’s neck, Tina had one arm casually slung over the swollen belly.

    Bette was seven months pregnant, and any blanket made her hot, so she was almost entirely uncovered, whereas the blonde was under a thicker blanket.

    Only Bette’s feet were hidden as she lay with her top leg over a large body pillow, wearing only a thin t-shirt and boxer briefs, her breathing deep and even. One nice result of the third trimester was that her sleeping issues were almost nonexistent and she was even a huge fan of napping in the middle of the day. The fatigue in the last trimester took her by surprise but Tina encouraged, and sometimes mandated that Bette rest, unplug and listen to her body.

    Tina woke first, moving her nose slowly over Bette’s skin, breathing in the wonderful smell of citrus blended with more than a hint of sandalwood. Dependable, sexy, intoxicating. She stretched slightly, pressing on Bette’s body with her own, gauging how awake or asleep the brunette was by her response. Bette grunted, her hand finding Tina’s near her belly… but it went limp again once it was held. Tina smiled. Gotta love the third trimester, she knew Bette was almost always tired.

    God, she thought…must I? Must I get up? I must.

    She carefully untangled herself and went into the bathroom so she would be ready to intercept Angie when their three year old woke up. Being Bette’s partner through pregnancy had been a lovely dream, motherhood enhancing Bette’s softer side, honing her drive and ambition to ensuring only the best for her child and unborn baby. She handled the last seven months with her usual grace and dignity, unless something real or imagined threatened her family, then she became a fierce defender of all things Kennard or Porter.

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    1. Raise your hand if you have ever dyed Easter eggs with someone who is just a touch too serious as well as with a person who just plops their eggs haphazardly in all of the different dyes. This is so very real. And what a great tribute to the original series: “This is unbelievable, Bette. Absolutely not. I won’t let your psycho-dysfunction ruin the first Easter she will remember by the idea that not having a golden egg equates with failure. It’s candy and chocolate eggs for fuckssake.” “I will make sure she has the best Easter possible before her whole life changes. Don’t be so naïve, Tina. This is a huge…” I love that Tina recognized that she had hurt Bette’s feelings and dealt with it. “She looked at her blonde wife, her eyes showing her hurt and Tina knew that Bette expressing herself like this, so openly and truthfully, was not to be taken lightly. They promised each other complete honesty and both took the vow seriously.” Bette also knew she had been a touch extreme. Lack of communication is definitely not an issue. So happy to see this.

      Bette’s suggestive eggs for Tina are incredibly sexy. And Tina’s gift for Bette? Great minds think alike. And only our Bette would turn an Easter egg hunt into a serious competition and dying Easter eggs into an art lesson. And manage to work in some sex. That you jumped ahead in time a bit and gave us a deliriously happy couple with toddler Angie and a very pregnant Bette…. BETTE…. what a lovely Easter check in surprise. Never saw that coming. The way you write our couple in all of your stories is unique and oh so lovely. You take such great care in portraying them as a team, truly connected, balanced, deeply in tune and in love. Tina is so sexy and nurturing and caring towards Bette while still letting her know that she is sexy and desirable. And Bette can’t take her eyes off Tina. So moving.

      It is impossible to choose a favorite between Bette and Tina which is ultimately as it should be, needs to be. As it deserves to be. As the Tibette readers want it to be. These are dark days for true blue Tibette fans. Keeping the faith has never been more challenging and more important. And your story is the absolute boost in morale we all need. In the faithful hands of writers such as yourself, committed to depicting them as truly equal and incredibly devoted, in all ways, the perfect yin and yang, we will always have our happy couple.

      I love the way you combine humor with their hot and sexy banter and Angie’s pure innocence. I really want to know what was written on the pornographic egg Mary Margaret intercepted. Just hysterical. “Well, we clearly need a new birthing class now…” Bette said under her breath, smirking as Tina tried unsuccessfully to trade the chocolate egg for a lollipop that she grabbed from Angie’s basket in the trunk. Mary Margaret was not interested in making a deal, however, and ran with the egg to her parents, who were waving happily at Tina from their parking spot three cars over. In all her life, Tina Kennard never moved to get into and start a car as quickly as she did that day, peeling out of their parking space so fast she almost gave herself whiplash, turning the car away from the Atkins family even though it meant a longer path to the exit, her face red. “Serves them right…” Bette said, her hand moving up Tina’s inner thigh as she drove, “maybe Mr. Atkins can learn a thing or two about how to please Mrs. Atkins…maybe then she wouldn’t be so grumpy…”

      We all know Bette will always want to find the gold egg and thankfully Tina loves her for that. And with Tina looking so beautiful and sexy and hot and loving she will continue to create “cartoon bunnies doing exactly that in poses that were decidedly unheard of in the animal kingdom.” One can only imagine what was written on the errant egg. Yes, I’m laughing.

      My favorite section? There are many. But I am picking this one just because I love Bette precisely for this: “Ideally, when one is focused, the result is even lines, and it can be symmetrical, compelling. Just because it is considered child’s art doesn’t mean we sacrifice intention for instinct.” Bette tried again but no one around the table was interested in discussing the merits of purpose over impulse.” That’s our Bette. Damn straight! “Matisse said creativity takes courage Alice… so pay attention…” What an amazing and timely check in. Thank you BK.

      • So dying eggs has always been huge at our house. We would spend hours with dozens upon dozens of eggs. The finished product was not the purpose but the process was key – lots of colors to choose from and keeping track of whose egg was in the red and whose egg was in the blue. Remember when you learned that drawing on an egg with crayon was reflected in white after the dye?? OR OR when you blew out the yolk and all the runny stuff and had just the shell to decorate? Anyone?
        So all this was on my mind for this chapter and who other than the fab Bette to pull off a lectured, purposeful exercise in egg dying 101? No one.
        I LOVE writing pregnant Bette (hmm…. maybe a new story…. what do you think?) , she is softer, more focused, completely in love and in awe of her own impending motherhood. Fantastic.
        Happy Easter to you dear Billy and your family and any little people in your life who may need the opportunity to find the golden egg. Thank for your insight and comment, as always!

    2. Sweet, sweet, sweet……. poor Angie…. muddy bunny… no egg hunt…. and denied the purple egg. Oh well… such is the life of a three year old. Tomorrow will be a whole new set of adventures.

      Bette and Tina are truly made for each other. I can imagine that Bette is a handful with all those hormones during pregnancy. Tina is doing an extraordinary job keeping the peace between Angie and Bette. Of course it appears that Tina is enjoying every moment of it. Sex is hot and they are even preparing for that period of time when Tina and Bette won’t be having sex. Hopefully, that will come and go quickly and not as much stress as many couples experience.

      Love the underwear Bette received. But that seems more like a Valentines gift….. but Easter is fine.

      I’ve only had a few experiences with egg dying. There was always more dye than eggs and artistic expression was not much of thing at my house. We had mostly candy eggs, never much chocolate and never that many boiled eggs. It really sounds like that Bette and Tina went all out for this Easter…

      Great story…… love this family…. cannot wait to see if Bette has a boy or a girl and how this child blends in with the family. I’m predicting its a boy… particular reason…. just a gut feel.

      Thanks for the story….. totally unexpected and really a nice edition to the collection….

      • Hey Martha,

        I think you missed this, it looks they are going to have a daughter:

        ” Her arm tightened, her hand going under Bette’s shirt to rest on the top of the growing belly, a small kick from their youngest daughter greeting her hand.”

      • Hey Martha – thank you so much. Yes, sometimes there are more dye cups than there are eggs – so Bette will tell you that preparation is key. Can’t go wring with chocolate eggs though, unless they come with x rated hints of course.
        And yes, the next baby is a girl… although Bette as a boy would be fun as well.
        Stay tuned!

    3. Hi BK,

      You needed a good story and posted this one?!

      What a fantastic good story it was, you made me laugh hard. So sweet, funny and sexy!

      I truly enjoyed it and this story made my day! Thank you for that!

      • Yes, I needed a good story and posted this one! Needed some humor and some family time. Glad you laughed and enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Stay safe dear Bibi, hope you are well!

    4. Loved the story and humor. I agree with Billy. I love an equal Tibette and I love both characters even though the L word writers made it hard to love their version of the Tina character in some of the seasons. I decided not to watch the show, even though I will miss watching Jennifer and Laurel play their characters. I just figure it will piss me off too much to see her marry Rosie’s character. Thank-you BK for writing so many enjoyable Tibette stories.

    5. BK,
      Ohhhh how I loved the convo of how Tina was having to really work on training Angie how to knock, W A I T for permission to enter. God only knows how many times LiL Spitfire busted on on those two, right in the middle of their shytt!! And they having to scramble for clothing, cover and to come crashing down from an orgasmic high!!

      And we know she would immediately expect a Mommy (especially Bette) to sweep her up with hugs and kisses whether they are dressed or not. HeHeHe!

      I love the periodic invites into the Kennard-Porter family . Oh is your next stanza with the new baby gonna be fun!!

      P.S. was rolling when Bette started giving Tina little “toys” to tie her over for the period after the birth where there sexual relationship may have to be on hold as Bette heals.

      But the problem is, these two can’t keep their hands off each other and their libidos rarely wane. HeHeHe

        Have I said how nice it is to have you back? I need to comment on your fantastic new chapter – so lovely to see a new exciting story from you!
        What holiday is next you ask? I guess the Fourth of July? A new baby and fireworks what could possibly go wrong?

    6. Another great check-in! I was completely entertained throughout the story. Bette pregnant, what a surprise! Angie was delightful, loved her interactions with her two favorite aunts. Alice made me laugh out loud – she put Angie’s shirt on backwards – “I choose my battles…”

      Bette was 100% Bette Porter – scoping out the area to find out where the golden egg was; and the egg dying – classic Bette.

      And Tina – I love how she talks to Bette and grounds her in that way only Tina can “We are not cheating at the egg hunt” “Bette, Honey… this is for fun, right?” “It’s an egg, Babe. Just an egg.”

      Note: what I wouldn’t give to see Tina in that red teddy and riding Bette’s fingers with abandon.

      You so beautifully demonstrate how connected Bette & Tina are, their love and passion for each other-

      “Later after a quick shower Tina made sure Bette was comfortable before blowing out the candles and crawling into bed to spoon the brunette from behind. Their limbs adjusted their bodies in sync both still riding the wave of connection their night of love making brought them. She kissed the back of Bette’s neck Bette turning her head to touch her lips to the blonde’s. Would they ever be fully satiated? Neither thought it possible, neither cared.”

      A perfect paragraph.

      And my favorite lines:
      “I love this…” her eyes said, “I love you…”
      “I know…” hazel eyes responded, “I love you too…”

      Thanks BK. Already looking forward to the next check-in!

    7. Westy I love your comments in this post because you highlighted some of the more subtle funnier parts. Alice saying she is choosing her battles – bwahaha! A total Aunt thing to say that really means… Angie was too wiggly and I was lucky to get a shirt on her at all…
      I love writing about their connection. They are who they are. Each of them accepts and leans on the character and personality of the other, a true balance. So fun to write about.
      Looking at a July 4th check in if I have time to write. Hoping the summer brings a return to more time with family that we haven’t seen in all this time. I am fully vaccinated so ready to travel!
      Have a great week, thanks for commenting!

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