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    Trust Me

    From Chapter 7 –

    “Emma of Foreli…” Bette said softly, crouching down to trace the ‘X’ at the base with her fingers. “She was a noblewoman, Tee. Apparently heavily involved in the politics of the court, she loved the intrigue of castle rumor, the back stabbing, the way a look carried more weight than a word. She worked behind the scenes, skilled in battle formation and maneuvering, her Lordly husband taking all the credit. She was known for her leadership, her cautious nature and her uncanny ability to feint and draw the enemy into a surprise ambush or trap. They never lost a battle.”
    Tina stood next to Bette, her fingers winding through the mane of hair and she crouched down next to the Captain, resting her chin on Bette’s shoulder. “What did they call her?” she asked softly, not daring to breathe, waiting for the answer.

    “The Hellcat of Foreli…” Bette looked at Tina, tears on her eyelashes. “I was thinking too literally, Tee. A Hellcat could just as easily be known as a…”

    “…tigress…” they both said at the same time. They stood and looked the statue up and down, their hands feeling for any loose piece of marble, any chink in the cold stone.

    “There’s nothing there…” Tina said, her hands on her hips. She blew some hair out of her face, her cheeks pink. She was so beautiful, Bette thought, distracted for a moment as she took in Tina’s scarf over her bra, the leather pants still undone, the belly tight.

    Going to again kneel in front of the statue, Bette kissed Tina’s belly then used the thumb of both hands to push on the “X” and they both heard a groaning sound, a panel in the wall behind the statue opening up, a small hole appearing.
    “Tee…” Bette breathed, “you found it…”


    Neither moved, the significance of this moment almost overwhelming. Just the mere possibility of what may lay in the small hole settled over their heads in the chapel like a cloud. Bette stood, her eyes focused on the hole and she glanced at Tina quickly before reaching in, never one to wait before taking action. She reached in almost the entire length of her arm before her hand closed on a pouch and she pulled it out carefully.

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    1. Oh my god…. Such adventure and such drama. Bette’s raw sex after finding the disappointing map. The get out in the fresh air and drink with Shane and to retire in the evening with Tina….. what a day… Then to set Jodi out in the the sun light to bake…. if Jodi is a redhead, then she will be in screaming agony by nightfall. She may then freeze to death during the night – she will run fever, be dehydrated and without cover to keep her warm….. I do not think she will last three days in the bird cage….. That is pure torture. It would be merciful if she is still alive on morning two to just run her through with a sword. I think everyone has the message that Bette will not take to disloyalty or to harming of Tina in any way shape or form.

      Now — map leads to Helena Peabody….. and the key? I had thought that the key would have been something to point to this safe have on the map. But that is not what it is, at least so far. What if the map is not a map at all? What if it is just a pointer to direct Bette to the Peabody residence and from there, another clue?

      As they say down here….. girl, you got me dangling…. I have no idea where this is going, but I sure am enjoying the journey….

      I am a little worried about Bette though… is she ready to settle down and be clam and collected and safe with Tina. She loves Tina, but the life she is leading has its adrenaline factor. Is she ready to leave that? I think Shane is.

      Great story…. wonderful descriptions…. good drama… Keep’em coming…. love your work…

      • Adrenaline factor. I like that line. Bette only knows one way of reacting. That she didn’t set sail is a good sign I think. She’s going to get there I think, She wants to get there.

      • Map leads to Helena which leads to….. (developing story)…. the mystery deepens. I love hearing theories and speculations. I have heard from other readers that the map or the key or the whole idea of a safe place isn’t a place at all. I will be honest and say I have not written the next chapter – so I am dangling too!
        Bette is going through a difficult transition for sure – all her life she has had to fight for respect, for love, for safety. Is she ready to put all that down? Does she have to? Can there be a balance?
        Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement!

    2. “I do trust you, Tee. You have a way with words, Great and Powerful Healer…” So true. Once again, Tina is the voice of reason. The healer in every way. She lets Bette work through her pain. But Tina is the one to trust. Bette knows. Shane knows: “What does your healer say?” Shane asked, nudging Bette with her foot. “She says… she is convinced there is an answer. That we can find it. To get the crew together, not to give up, to trust my mother.” “She’s wise…” “She’s right.” Bette threw a rock, winching at the sharp pain in her ribs at the sudden movement. “She usually is…” Shane grinned, liking how whipped Bette was, how her Captain was changing every day by the closeness of her relationship with the blonde.” I think I like how whipped Bette is as well. I like all of these characters.

      Yes Bette is changing. And those changes are all due to Tina. Tina who knows exactly what Bette needs and when she needs it. And Tina who understands Bette. She understands why Bette feels the way she does: particularly her intense frustration and disappointment in not being able to decipher the map, her belief that she has no choice but to dispatch Jodie in a very visible way that sends a clear message to all, and the tinge of guilt she feels over having used Jodie for sex. I am so glad that Bette trusted in her love for Tina enough to not grab everyone and hop the first ship out to sea. Or go out and beat someone silly. Although her first instinct was to react, she listened to Tina and Shane. Major progress Captain. As to Jodie? And Bette making her way down to her cell? And Jodie begging for her life? All I could think when I read about the cage and her slow but impending demise was “Oh Jodie! You’re so done.” That’s quite a visual, BK. Quite a visual. Jodie on display naked in a cage for all to see. Burning in the hot sun then to be taken out to sea. In other words, don’t cross Captain Porter. Ever. And ultimately, Tina trusting that Bette was doing what had to be done.

      The theme of trust is embedded throughout the chapter from Bette needing Tina in a different way sexually and Tina allowing Bette to take her and that part of their relationship to a new and raw sexual level. Tina trusting Bette with every part of her body. And later, Bette trusting Tina and the crew with her heart when she agrees to let them help her once again and have some faith that her mother would not intentionally leave a meaningless message. I love what Bette says to Tina: “You see the world with such different eyes, Tee. You see the light in every shadow, you trust with the same ease I use to draw my sword.” What a great line! My favorite line in fact! And so appropriate. And Tina’s reply sums up the entire chapter: “That is true, Bette. I was not raised to question an act of kindness, to see the danger in an offered hand. I see you. I see your hurts and your misgivings about others, each scar on your beautiful body tells that tale. But I am asking you to listen to your heart. To trust in me, to trust in your crew… and to trust in your mother. Only time will tell.” Tina sees her. Just so beautiful.

      And so Bette is slowly learning even more about trust. And there are other examples. Bette trusted Tina’s judgement about James and opened her carefully selected crew to now include him. Yippee! I love James! And James does not disappoint. Within minutes he is working the problem and helping to put them on track to a possible solution. What a good friend and valuable member of the team. And there is even more trust on display as Tina asked Lily to trust her and come get her when the child is due to be born.

      Once again this is Bette’s journey. This is Bette’s story. But Tina is so very integral. She and her captain are so inextricably linked. Their bond can never be broken. “How is it that you see me so clearly, Tee? How is that every word you utter, every movement of your body, every flick of your eyes soothes and grounds me?” How? Because she loves you, Captain. What a story. I have lots of ideas. Lots of theories. I think I know but then I am wrong. Then I think I know again. Peabody! Helena Peabody!!! Well well well. Alice? Shane? Spill it. Just so good.

      • Yes Billy! Great comment. Bette IS changing, slowly, slowly. Will it be in time? Is it what she wants? Tina is the perfect partner to motivate her that much is certain. And so difficult is the elusive, slippery notion of trust – so easily lost and hard to build. The crew is assembled, they have time and all threats have been addressed and managed. The next steps will determine the course for Bette and Tina but also for the rest of the crew, which is solid in their support.
        You know I love to hear theories and ideas so send them my way. I am grateful for you and your attention to the details of the story and the possibility of what lies ahead!

    3. Hey BK,

      I am without words, what a incredible chapter!!!!

      Really, what can i add to the brilliant comments from Martha and Billy???

      Ok, i do want to point out this one: ” Alice and Shane smiled at each other when they heard their fierce Captain called ‘Sweet Love’. Their fierce Captain who once hung an enemy up by his entrails, to die a ghastly slow death simply because he had the audacity to steal from her. Sweet Love, indeed”

      Such a painful death but i had to chuckle and smile like Alice and Shane, their Captain called Sweet love.

      Healer Tina is such a good influence on Captain Bette, her love and complete trust that she shows and gets back from her Captain. Their raw passion for each other, they know what they need from each other and they give it full dedication, simply because they trust each other. Captain Bette who finally recognizes that her crew needs her but that she needs them too, that she doesn’t act on her instincts and heads out to sea but takes time, goes horseback riding with Shane and gets drunk with her and then returns to the arms of her lover.
      To then give Jodie her deserved punishment the next morning. Locked in a cage for all to see, to be slowly burned by the sun and then to be thrown into the sea to end up as shark food, at least that’s what I suspect.

      James, good old trusted James, who protected Tina and proved his worth, and is now included in the inner circle of Captain Bette and her exclusive group of confidants. Who immediately proves his worth again and has probably solved a piece of the puzzle that takes them a step further in solving the message from Bette’s mother. Peabody, a old friend of her mother, let the search begin. But there was also a big Key, the key to a Castle?The new home for Captain Bette, her beloved healer Tina and her crew?

      There is so much I can say, but Billy in particular has already expressed whatever I wanted to say, I can’t match that and I don’t want to, she wrote a great comment!

      BK, you have a gift with words, the way you write all your stories, it is indescribably good !!!

      Thanks for this wonderful chapter!

      • BiBi my friend, I hope you are well! There was a lot that happened in this chapter, from James to the growing bond between Bette and Tina to the cohesiveness of the crew and Shane with Bette. So fun to write. Stay tuned dear BiBi, there is more to come. Thanks for your comments~

    4. Oh the joy to see another Chapter in this superb, so different, story!

      I absolutely love it, the characters you write are wonderful.
      I cannot better any of the Comments of Martha, Billy and Bibi so I will not try. I will just say, as I always do, thank you for sharing your writing and story telling talents with us. Please post again soon
      stay safe,

      • Stir Fry – here is your comment –
        BK! i love the 3 stories you have going on but i have to admit, i wait with baited breath for this one. it’s the adventure, with the passion and love that gets me. i love this chapter. it is possible for them to be more intimate and connected…the trust is growing. because that scorching love scene in the beginning….that kind of raw sex…takes trust and understanding. tina understood and she got pleasure from it, yes, but bette needed an outlet for that pent up frustration over the map. and instead of running away from tina right away….well, she connected with tina and tina understood. and it was pretty damn hot.

        and jodi…i mean, she deserves what’s coming. and while tina may not agree fully she understands that this needs to happen. because bette is who she is. more trust and support.

        and it isn’t one sided. bette trust tina completely body and soul and brains! she wants tina’s input so she can do the right thing. so happy james is part of the gang! so resourceful.

        and whenever you introduce a peabody to the story, it is sure to be fun. good timing with helena! ha. cannot wait for the next chapter!! thanks BK!!

      • Also – anyone reading this – StirFry is part of a panel that is discussing GQ tomorrow. Check her out in the L Con After Dark (Live). This will be 7pm EST, 4pm pst and 11pm in the UK. It is with the Ash Silver as well if you are familiar with her work. Find it on youtube. Thanks =

    5. BK,
      It’s fun to Lady Tee work her healing on the Black Beauty Captain. She knows when to speak softly, confidently, and when to hold her peace. Knows when to let the Captain njoy her rum and her true friends (Shane & James).

      And speaking of James, 3 cheers to da dude!!!! He even knew to look for the secret map in a certain book. The map Bette’s Mom left is really intriguing. I’m wondering about the mysterious key.

    6. I am so loving this story. BK, what an adventure you are taking Bette & Tina and Shane and the crew on, and us along with them.

      So many awesome developments in this chapter – James getting promoted, love it – certainly he will continue to play an important role, and Helena! I didn’t see that coming. More complications are on the way I suspect.

      I love Bette & Tina’s relationship. These lines say it all. Ahhhh, I’m melting.

      Brown eyes traveled up to meet hazel, worried she might see disapproval and comforted when she saw nothing but affection, love. Love so pure it dismantled her.

      “I love you.” Bette said softly, the feeling of Tina in her arms would never get old. Lovely, simply lovely.
      “I love you too Captain.”

      And the sex in the chapel, so very hot. Also very hot was Tina saying Bette wouldn’t know her own name by the time she was done with her. I believe her…

      This chapter is Trust Me – Tina says it perfectly – “But I am asking you to listen to your heart. To trust in me, to trust in your crew and to trust in your mother.”

      I will always keep Tibette hope alive. I have trust they will be endgame. And we have your stories to keep us happy.

      One last thing I have to say. One of my favorite things is the way all the crew come together to help solve the mystery of the map. “She was as integral to this circle of friends as each person was around the room.”

      Great chapter.

      • Westy! Thanks for commenting. And for following the story. This is a really fun story to write, so outside of the normal situations we see this group in! And provides a nice distraction for me as well.
        As for TiBette being endgame… well …. I go back and forth every time a new interview or social media come out. Surely Showtime isn’t that stupid, this couple has the potential to be never ending cash flow for years if they played their cards right. I would watch them make breakfast and attend PTO meetings and tour colleges with Angie. Let the other characters have the drama. There is no other lasting couple on TV that represents. The Fosters, in my opinion, often lack the chemistry and connection. But that’s another debate for another time. :)
        And I love this crew too – you said it so well – they all come together to try and solve the mystery, to encourage Bette, to plan for their collective future. More to come Westy! Thanks

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