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    Echos of the Past Chapter 3

    ”Yeah, we both do.”  Bette paused, ”and I’ll be fine.”  Bette said trying to give a convincing smile.  ”So you wanted to talk?”  She said raising her eye brow as she changed the subject.

    Shane took a deep breath. Just as she opened her mouth, Angie adjusted her chair. Shane looked over at Bette giving her a thin smile.

    Angie looked from Shane to Bette, ”umm, I think I am going to go to the restroom.” Angie stood and looked from Bette to Shane once more and then left the table.

    ”Bright kid.” Shane said as she followed Angie with her eyes.

    ”Yes, she is.” Bette said not taking her eyes off of Shane. ”So what’s up?”

    Shane turned to Bette and looked at her as she tried to form her thoughts. ”Have you spoken to Alice since we all had brunch?”

    ”No,” Bette said furrowing her brows. ”Is something wrong with Alice?”

    ”Yeah, I think so. The anniversary of Dana’s death is coming up. Something is different this year.” Shane paused bringing her lips tightly together. ”I don’t know, she’s different, sadder than usual.” Shane shook her head and then looked up as the waitress set the drinks on the table. 

    Bette watched Shane as she quietly thought about the last few times she spoke to Alice.  ”Really? I hadn’t noticed.”  Bette took a slow drink not taking her eyes off of Shane.

    ”She has never been right about this.  I think it was part of the reason Tasha left.”  Shane paused, I don’t know a lot happened when you and Tina left for New York.  You guys were there and we were here.  Things happened that never really got relayed to you guys.”  Shane took a sip of her beer.  ”I’m concerned.  I’m not even sure Nat knows everything.” 

    ”I’m assuming you want me to talk to her,” Bette tilted her head.

    ”Just trying to be careful, Shane paused, ”Because it matters and she might take you poking around better than me.”

    Bette didn’t reply, she just watched Shane.  Shane’s eyes, which had looked vague when she sat down for dinner, now flowed with emotion.  Bette then shifted her gaze to Angie who was approaching the table.  ”I’ll talk to her,” she smiled as Angie reached the table.


    1. Nice chapter…. now we know a little more about Bette. She is obsessing over finding this painting project. She misses her younger days when risk were never factored in to her decision…. don’t we all. However, some of us realize that not evaluating the risk can be dangerous to our well being. That is what happens when you gain a spouse and a child and a profession in which you are in charge. Its call accepting adult responsibilities.

      Despite what Bette thinks, she is still that young woman she was in college. She had just allowed common sense to rule rather than excitement and adventure.

      I’m concerned about this virus…. no help in New York, Shane is short staffed and much of Tina’s production is shut down. The curtain is about to drop on their public lives. Hopefully they can operate from home for a while and have some time to gain a real understanding of what split Bette and Tina up and what they need to do to have a secure long term life together.

      Love to see more….. chapter too short….

    2. Good chapter. We all make choices, don’t we? And many of us reach a point where we revisit those exciting times when we were younger. That’s natural. And, Bette had an exciting life to be sure. It’s fine that Bette has found something that so excites her and reminds her of that time as long as she keeps it in perspective. She can’t let it get away from her. As Martha says she has responsibilities. And the virus is coming. Well done.

    3. Martha and Billy

      Thanks so much for the feedback. I am really trying to stay true to their ages and weave in some of the complex issues we go through as we age.

      Reflection and regret are probably the two biggies. I am glad you are enjoying this story. It is different for sure, but I do plan a surprise at the end.


    4. This is a great chapter, Supe. It advances the plot and fills in some background info to explain motivation and decision making. You are the first to tackle THE virus so kudos to that (unless I missed someone else writing about it?) and I imagine that will play a bigger part as we continue through the story. It’s a good way to force them being together and spending time dissecting what went wrong. Keep writing – you mentioned some new techniques, can you share what you changed? I have some theories but want to see where you were headed with that. Looking forward to more!

    5. Hi SK,

      Great update & the story is starting to take shape.

      We all have introspect at a certain time in our lives & it seems that Bette is at that stage at the moment. And is Tina’s concern for the changes she sees in Bette foreshadowing of things to come??

      Covid – courageous of you to tackle. Proteonomics also included it in her story – Lockdown – which she started last May. It is a challenging topic & cheers to you for attempting to include it in your story. And how will Covid affect their relationship ?

      So glad you included James in the scene at Dana’s!!

      Looking forward to how this all plays out.

      Great job.

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