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    Episode 7… Telling Angie.

    “Please don’t go. Please… ”

    And so… Tina had stayed.

    Agreeing to lay down with Bette so she could finally, blessedly sleep, she had put Bette to bed and laid with her, on top of the blankets on the other side, as she watched Bette fall asleep, the words she wanted to say stuck in her throat.

    The words not able to clear the hurdle that was her brain. The words she couldn’t say, the words etched on her Soul… but her Heart was running… running in the other direction. And Reason was nowhere to be found.

    She had some more news for Bette, news that would devastate her, news that she didn’t know if she could say out loud. News her girlfriend Carrie was expecting her to share, she was becoming increasingly vocal about her frustration that Tina was “dragging her feet…”

    They had fought about it earlier today on the phone, Carrie annoyed that Tina had left without telling her, annoyed that almost ten days had gone by without Angie knowing.

    Tina had heard about Alice and Nat and Gigi, the infamous “Throuple”, and frowned thinking she had inadvertently created a Throuple of her own, a completely different threesome but one that would break someone’s heart just the same.

    The third member of her Throuple – the invisible heavy existence of Carrie – seemed to lay in the bed between them, her presence filling the room, filling Tina… with unspoken angst, hurt and… what exactly?

    Because Carrie had not joined this Throuple handing out orgasms to ex-wives and loading dishwashers and reading bedtime stories… no, not at all. Carrie had come to Tina bearing engagement rings and whispers of a quiet life, a peaceful life. An escape.

    And Tina had accepted the proposal, believing then, that she needed a quiet life, a peaceful life.

    She was tired of fighting for her own space, for her voice to be heard in a world that Bette moved through at warp speed. Bette would argue, and had, that she never asked Tina to fill in the gaps of her life, that she would never expect Tina to be content with the edges, the leftovers of a busy, determined spouse. A spouse who loved as large as the impact she had on the community.

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    1. I was worried that Heart would win over Soul but you put things right. A very hopeful ending.
      Divorce and engagement seems logical for Tina. I’m happy that Angie’s reaction helped Tina’s heart to make its way back to her soul.

      Thanks for sharing!

    2. “Anything. All you have to do is ask…” that is where Bette has been the entire relationship with Tina. Tina has always been controversy adverse and bottled up her anger, thoughts and goals believing that Bette should just automatically know what she wants or needs. And when it gets too much, she has always fled the situation rather than stand and request, demand, negotiate and cajole Bette to help her fill her needs. As this story says: it’s how she has handled her problems since she was a child – flee rather than fight. It’s the easier route even if it breaks your heart and the heart of those you love.

      And Carrie is beginning her relationship with Tina by making demands of her own. Even though it is understandable that Carrie wants Bette and Angie to know of their upcoming marriage as soon as possible, she is oblivious of Tina’s need to handle things as she sees appropropriate for her ex wife and child. In this story, Carrie is not being the supportive finance’ but a self-indulgent individual without a clue as to Tina’s perception of the how to handle the news.

      I found it nice that Angie decided that her Mama B’s well being became her top priority for the moment when she heard the news. She basically had no response for herself but immediately knew how this would be so devastating for Bette. Angie knew instinctively that this news would be a rerun of the divorce and as hurtful as the death of Kit. And seeing the surprise that Tina sees in Angie’s behavior is nothing to the obliviousness that she has to the fact that Angie is so aware of Bette’s devastating heart-break.

      Tina at this point is responding to guilt of devastating Bette and by association, Angie. Is Bette and Angie as a family really what she wants? Is she self aware enough and committed enough to do the work it will take to make Bette aware of her own needs and demands for career and personal fulfillment? Bette has always been willing to give Tina what she wants, but she cannot give her what she doesn’t ask for. In the end, this is only a first step in a million mile march to being happily together.

      In another story, there was a saying which I found profound : People treat you as you allow them to treat you. This is particularly true of Tina and Bette with each other.

      This story is really a good story. This is not the end but the beginning to a truly remarkable storyline. Thank you for writing this. I really enjoyed it.

      • Martha
        I so appreciate your thoughtful, detailed analysis of my stories – and others. You are so spot on and clearly pay attention to every detail and nuance of the story. I was trying to show the internal struggle within Tina that pushes and pulls at her when she is in conflict
        I remember that quote you referenced about people treating you the way you allow, it is so true and very apt for our Tina who marinates in her resentment.

        For some reason it did not post some of the ending so I guess I could continue it although that wasnt the plan. Might be nice to work on a story before they ruin it for Season 2 lol.


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