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    Remember Who You Are 18

    “How are you?” Bette asked, taking inventory of her wife, her bruised knees and chin. She looked better and cute as hell in one of Bette’s long sleeve yoga t-shirts and pajama shorts. Her toenails were painted a shocking pink which could only mean Alice was involved, and she appeared to be more than a little tipsy.

    “I am perfect now that my sexy wife is here”

    “Is that my shirt?”

    “Yes, you smell good”

    “Tell me about your day”

    “Take your shirt off”

    Bette chuckled and sipped more wine.

    “Did Shane stop by?”

    “She did. Your shirt, Bette. Take it off, I want to see your boobies”

    “Maybe later. Have you eaten?”

    “Yes. There’s pizza. You’re pretty”

    “How long were you three drinking”

    “Don’t be mad. All day. All day long. Kiss me.”

    And Bette did.

    “You look like you feel better”

    “I feel great. We ordered pizza. Your eyes look sparkly”

    “You ready for bed?”


    “Yes, Baby?”

    “We have a plan…”

    Chp 18
    Tina came out of the bathroom and sat heavily on the bed as she watched Bette pull out her pajamas and take out her earrings. She liked these quiet moments, when they were doing simple, mundane things at home together… like laundry or grilling or getting ready for bed.

    She swung her legs out to look at her painted toes, making a face at the bright pink color Alice had insisted on.

    Bette removed her shoes as she glanced at Tina, smiling at the face she was making.

    “They’re pink” she said. Tina looked up at her and rolled her eyes.

    “It’s the IN color, according to Alice”

    “In for who?” Bette looked skeptical.

    “No one I know…” Tina flopped back on the bed dramatically, her arms out wide, her shirt riding up to reveal her stomach.

    “Tee, tell me about your plans for Chicago…”

    “Bette, come to bed. Naked…” She lifted her hand, beckoning…

    “I’ll be right back…”

    Bette went into the bathroom to finish up and then came out wearing just the top of her pajama set and her thong. She had only buttoned the middle button on her top and chuckled when she saw that Tina had crawled to her side of the bed and was laying there with her head on Bette’s pillow. The sheets and blankets were pulled back invitingly.

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    1. Hi BK,

      Thank you for keeping our favourite couple Tibette alive!!!

      I really want to know the plan on how they are going to catch that bastard Eric! And how Jodi will be exposed as a fraught, she already is the talk in the art world.

      What is it what Bette want to tell/share with Tina?

      So many questions i want to see answered. I hope you are able to update soon.

    2. You really have me at the edge of my seat with the plan for Chicago. Nicely done, always fading the paragraph or the scene with just a teaser to allude they talk about it and to build up the tension.
      Like Bette I’m a little anxious about Tina’s safety.

      Loved how Tina turned the tables and managed to help Bette and ease her workload. T + B complement each other so well.

      Alice did good to point the right people of the press to Jody’s doings.

      Thank you for posting, BK, let the game begin – but grand opening first :-)

    3. Thanks for keeping Tibette alive on these pages. Please continue to do so.

      Love this story and waiting to see how Eric, particularly is dealt with.

      Thanks for posting, looking forward to next post.


    4. Despite Bette’s doubts, I believe Tina, Alice, Shane, Lara and Tasha with Bette’s help will have a good plan. They will also have some alternatives in the event some part does no work out. All they will need in the end is the phone number to the Chicago PD and our friend Eric will be unemployed. The only thing that will save Eric is if he behaves himself appropriately and that is not likely.

      I like that Aaron is getting a little put out with Eric. Tina is producing even though she is at home and Eric is doing nothing.

      Jodi is getting her just rewards as evidenced by her own misstatements and misdeeds. When to take credit for work that is not yours, sooner or later it will catch up with you. And the fact that Tina and Bette did not take revenge for the “Core Values” exhibit will not cause them any harm to their reputations and careers.

      Great chapter…love the humor and the intimacy. And I love that Bette and Tina are working their relationship in a healthy stable fashion. Even the fact that Bette has asked for some alone time and it is being granted by Tina is a good thing for their relationship. Bette promises to tell Tina what’s on her mind later and I believe she will. Everyone needs a bit of alone time to process things.

      Lovely writing…. look forward to more.

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