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    Episode S304

    A week had once again flown by, not least because Christmas was now firmly on the Porter-Kennard radar. And there had been some very big news on that front: Alice was coming! Not for Christmas, but she was going to join Bette and Tina and all the gang for New Year’s Eve weekend at a mystery location, as guests of Peggy Peabody. Tina was, in a word, ecstatic. Bette was, in a word, braced.

    ‘Where’s she gonna sleep?’ she wondered on Saturday morning as Tina sat at the bottom of the stairs pulling on her trainers for a run.

    ‘She can have Angie’s room.’

    ‘What about Angie?’

    ‘She can stay at Nik’s.’

    ‘What, on Christmas?!’

    ‘No,’ Tina said, then stood up to do some stretches. ‘Because Alice won’t be here at Christmas, she’s arriving the night before we go away and when we get back Angie’ll be going back to school.’

    ‘But Kit and—’

    ‘We’ll work it out. Plenty of room at the inn. Okay, gotta run!’

    Tina gave Bette one of her double-eyed winks, because she made the same joke every single time she went for a run, and then hurried out the door. Bette watched, her mind whirring over all the different ways she hated last-minute arrangements.

    She turned to go back into the kitchen and saw Solly sitting in the doorway, his head on one side, big brown eyes blinking placidly.

    ‘And yes,’ Bette said to him, ‘I do consider three weeks to be “last minute”.’


    When Tina got back from her run, Bette took Ben over to a friend’s house for a sleepover and Tina and Sasha went to choose a Christmas tree at the Union Square Greenmarket. While they were there, Bette texted her.

    Just so we’re on the same page. Dress informal tonight.

    This was slightly puzzling, as they were just having a normal date night at the Russian Tea Room, so it wasn’t as if Tina didn’t know how to dress for that. They were getting ready separately, though, because Bette was going uptown for a meeting at a gallery where she had been mentoring a young curator.

    Tina frowned, then replied with a single question-mark.

    Bette: Not evening wear.

    Tina: cocktail dress?

    Bette: That’s evening wear. I mean smart but not evening wear.

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    1. Its a good thing that you have a good story line going on with the Real Tibette… as the analysis of this episode would leave you no more than a paragraph at most…

      Okay, this is the third episode in a row in which the earring is a thing in the episode. From a 50,000 foot view all I can say is – Bette and Tina’s earring sequence symbolizes the beginning of their relationship. The Gigi and Dani earing question symbolized the end of their relationship. The Dani and Roxie earring scene maybe the middle of their relationship as Roxie was a childhood friend, been reunited for some reason has some temporary future? I think that I am reaching on this… but that is the only thing that I can come up with at the moment.

      Did you not think that it was strange that in the last episode, the first day of school, Angie was like I’ll drop the class to having a date on Halloween night? Was it not obvious that they have been seeing each other more than just in the classroom? And her conversation with her roommate was not very informative at all.

      And my favorite line in this episode “How do you know when to change a diaper?” I’m not sure that in the history of the world, any human being has ever asked that question.

      Wow, your Sasha knows a lot more about sex than I imagined. I think this is good thing… at least if she stumbles in on her parents in an compromised situation, she has some knowledge as to what is going on. It sure beats the “wrestling” explanation… I found the talk between Tina and Sasha cute and funny as hell.

      Thanks for the chapter…

      • Hi Martha! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I’ve been having a bit of a crisis of confidence, so it means a lot to know that you enjoyed the chapter and it gave you a laugh. :-)

        Agree completely that Angie’s timeline is, even by GQ’s standard, bananas. One minute it’s the first day of school, which, even if we take UCLA as the analogy, would be mid-September – and then it’s Halloween! That 5 or 6 weeks and yet they’re acting like the Halloween party was kind of a ‘first time out in public’ thing??

        Anyway, thank you again. Have a good week!

    2. Sweet Sasha is so intuitive . I think her parents have taken the time to take away the dirty secret called sex. Contrary to what is happening in our world now. I love that Shane has found a love interest and have support by Tina and Bette. Good to know that Bette and Tina have episode 9 and 10 to renew their vows.{wink, wink}.

      • Magic,
        U’re very intuitive yourself. Sasha is a gem! I like how Tina recognized Sasha’s need to sit close and be affectionately warmed by her Mom. The older children had done the same thing . . . This family are fabulous together

        • Hi Dumplin! I loved Majic’s comment – and thank you for reading and commenting too. It is much appreciated. :-)

          As i said to Majic, I like showing these parenting moments because we never got to see them on the show. One of the things we can do best in ff – fix things!

          Thanks, Dumplin. Have a good week

      • Hi Majic! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this chapter. I have been feeling a bit meh, so it’s lovely to now that you liked it.

        I love showing how B&T parent the younger children – because it tells you so much about how they see love and relationships. They want to equip their kids for life, not least by showing them a great model of marriage. Ugh. So much we never saw…

        Thanks again! Have a lovely week

    3. Hi Pal,

      The cold weather is coming to H Town later this week. I saw a CRAZY claim that we might have a White Xmas in Houston too!!!! That can’t be right!!! OMFG!!!!
      We’ll see.

      Ok, ok, so I had to collect myself before composing this comment.
      Why you may ask??

      Because my dear friend, YOU had me crying once again with your romantic prose & touching moments! You always manage to touch our hearts with your words towards them – every single aspect of them – friends to each other & others that they love, lovers, life partners, colleagues, sisters to Kit, parents & wives.
      Just Wow!

      So, TK brought up the renewal of vows – awesome. So, I take it we’ll get a ceremony of some sort around episode 10???

      And Al Green – wat a voice! God, I remember that song from 1972. I was in the 9th grade, going to dances myself at the junior high school & dancing my socks off!!!
      So cool!!

      But I also hope that you know you’ll need to check in on this Tibette family every so often. Even when that shitshow GQ is finally over.
      Because we’ll still have so many unanswered questions –
      Does Angie stay with Nik?
      Do they get married & have kids?
      What becomes of Ben & Sasha?
      What becomes of Bette Porter Kennard – the writer??
      Does Solly eventually sire little Sollies for TK to love & cherish? Grandpuppies???
      Does Tibette buy that house in the mountains??
      Does . . . – you get the point – endless mini stories to tell!

      Remember that IC stated that fans want to see Tibette as grandparents & growing older together. We do toooooo!!

      Loved the chapter as you can tell.

      Hope to see you on the other side of episode 6 or 7.

      Thanks & happy holidays.

      May the New Year bring us more Tibette & a wedding for the ages!!!

      • Hello Collins! Thanks for reading this and commenting. I’ve been feeling a bit lacking in oomph for these stories, so it’s really nice to hear that you liked this chapter and were even moved by it. Wow, that’s great to hear. :-)

        You are right, of course, there are a lot of stories that could be told with this family. Your list of questions is amazing… I will look back at it for sure, for ideas. And thank you for what you said about the type of people Real Tibette are. I really wanted to show them blossoming in the security of their love for each other. When you have that strong base, you can radiate love towards others so much more easily and gladly. It’s beautiful.

        Thanks again, my friend. Your support and enthusiasm means so much. Have a lovely week. And be careful if you get snow!!

    4. Loved that you put Real Bette in Fake Bette’s Episode 1 campus outfit. That was so classy and sexy. I need to fan myself to cool down!!

      Great chapter – loved the Tibette dinner and dance at the end.

      Tina’s line about Bette’s book being a multi chapter tome – would Bette Porter do ANYTHING simple??? I laughed too.

      Thanks for your efforts, I know you’re super busy. I appreciate you taking the time to entertain us.

      Best wished for the new year.

      • Hi Kira! Thank you for reading and commenting. :-)

        Thanks too for mentioning the outfit… I had to have Bette do that. It was such a sweet gesture – and sexy too. Wow, JB looked UNBELIEVABLE in that.

        Glad I made you laugh with the multi-volume thing. That was my favourite joke in the story too.

        Thanks for thanking me (as it were). I appreciate you as a reader. Writers need readers! Your comment means a lot. Hope you enjoy the holidays!

    5. Hey Largo,

      Always such a pleasure to read another chapter! Gives me a second to relax and laugh.

      Don’t have anything to add to the other comments, except that after GQ ends you will continue with this story!

      Stay safe and healthy!

      • Hey Bibi! Thank so much for keeping up with this story. I’m really glad it’s gives you a smile. :-) I will hopefully be able to post again around new year. Meanwhile, I hope you have fun over the holidays and wish you all good things in 2023! Take care, my friend

    6. Absolutely loved this post. Not watching the new ‘show’ until Episodes 9 and 10.

      Hoping you will continue with this Story after the new show finishes as I am more interested in your new Bette and Tina than any the new show can come up with.


      • Hey SG! I hope you’re well? Thanks so much for reading another Real Tibette chapter. :-) I am working on one to post around new year and will look forward to writing more about this family after GQ ends.

        Thanks for all your support and encouragement. It means a lot!

        I hope you have a good christmas and wish you all good things in 2023.

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