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    Episodes S305, S306, S307 – Scottish New Year Special

    Christmas was always fun in the Porter-Kennard house, but this year the main event was the trip that everyone was taking over new year with the Peabodys.

    The invitation emails had given the bare bones:

    Departure: Thursday 29th, Teterboro, 1300 (local)

    Return: Monday 2nd, Teterboro, 1700 (local)

    Daywear: warm (no winter sports)

    Evening: formal and semi-formal

    Passport: required

    Cars will be sent.

    Where were they going? No one knew. Why were they going? Ditto. Except that Helena knew it was something personal to her mother; something she was very clear she wanted to share with those who were most dear – ‘and most fun!’

    Tina, of course, had immediately wondered about Solly. She knew that Peggy often flew privately with her dogs, but when she asked she was told that the destination had dogs too, so Peggy wasn’t taking hers, neither was Helena. And in truth, Solly wasn’t a great traveller, so with great reluctance it was agreed that he would stay in New York with Bette and Tina’s next-door neighbour.

    ‘This has got everything,’ Tina said, as she presented Stephanie with a slim beige slipfile. ‘All his routines, what he can’t have, what he likes. Also the numbers, emails, the whole shebang.’

    They were standing on the street, waiting for the town cars to pick everyone up: Bette, Tina, Shane, Alice, Angie, Ben and Sasha from East 12th Street, then on a few blocks to get Kit and Sonny. Most of the gang were ready to go, but Alice was still in the house.

    ‘What the hell is she doing?’ Bette wondered.

    ‘Looking for scarves,’ said Sasha.

    Everybody smiled. It certainly was true that Alice had been protesting loud and long about the cold since she arrived from LA the day before. And then she appeared, wrapped in Tina’s oversized orange-and-blue scarf.

    ‘Alice, the cars—’ started Bette.

    ‘I know, I know! I . . . You don’t mind, do you?’ she indicated the scarf to Tina.

    ‘No, it’s fine,’ said Tina.

    Then Alice noticed Stephanie and went to her, holding out her hand. ‘Hi, I’m Alice Pieszecki. I’m, like, their best friend. Angie’s Earthmother. The fun aunt from LA . . .’

    ‘Stephanie King,’ said Stephanie, shaking Alice’s hand.

    ‘Wow. That’s like a James Bond name. What do you do?’

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    1. Happy New Year Largo!!!!

      On my list for visiting countries, Scotland is high on it, love your description of the place and the house they stayed in, the dancing and the dialect.

      Alice, it’s a pleasure to read your version! She is and never was my favorite character but you make me like her in this story.

      Nice touch that despite how horrendous GQ is, Bette, Tina and Alice learn something about it.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Largo,

      I love your sense of humor for the most part….. I am not particularly fond of people scaring one another as Alice and Ben does to Shane and then the revenge for Shane and Ben on Alice… Just a personal thing, in that I hate being scared and I hate for other to be scared too. But I love Sasha announcing that she does not know what the hell her Granma Peggy is saying and probably doesn’t have a clue about the other Scots as well.

      I love that Alice wants to comfort Mhairi in her time of emotion and that she is so persistent in getting her breakfast without getting angry or ugly about it. There are things about Alice I love… and there are things about Alice I can do without… but I know Alice never does anything which she truly believes is harmful… its always in good fun.

      As to getting lesson on life from Gen Q? Based on your story, I would say that the lessons they learned about themselves have been known by each of them for a very long time… I would say that Alice has it right… they should be grateful that the Real Tibette and friends are nothing like their Gen Q twins. The Real Tibette and friends have a real opportunity to experience joy, positive relationships and love. I am not sure the same can be said for the Gen Q characters..

      And now we have a bit of mystery… who is this Quentin Gray and how does he know both Alice and Tina?

      Thanks for this chapter…

      • Hi Martha! Sorry for the long delay in replying.
        Thank you so much for your comment. I fully understand not liking the pranks – entirely fair.
        I felt I had to try and come up with some rationale for what was happening, so I settled on a kind of reverse It’s A Wonderful Life, in which their real lives are better than the version they’re shown.
        Anyway, thanks again!

    3. As an English lady who will Celebrate her 80th Birthday this year and who has attended quite a few great Celebrations in Scotland I thoroughly enjoyed this ‘wee’ story.

      Thank you, so much

    4. Hey pal,

      I’ve only had time to do a quick breeze though & want to read in more detail before I comment. I have to get my head around the fact that Alice sees GQ too!!!

      Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Scotland in my trips to England – Now I’ll have to get there for sure!!!

      Will post soon.

      Take care :-) !!

    5. Hey Largo, just got round to reading this chapter!
      It was so lovely having them all together for Peggy’s big birthday!
      Your stories come alive , I’m there with them all, laughing and joking and having fun.

      Scotland is a beautiful place with some amazing places and scenery,
      You are very lucky to be a wee Scottish lassie !!

      Can’t wait for your next update

      • Hey Janice! Hope you’re well!
        Thanks so much for reading this chapter and for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed the party. It was a helluva job keeping all these people in my head, lol. I don’t make it easy for myself.
        Take care

    6. Hey Lassie, :-)!!

      As per my ususal, I read thorough this twice & always notice little things I missed the first time around. :-)

      Lovely story chapter set in your home country with all the elements that make it interesting & informative.

      Great insight into the Peabody’s family & history.

      Strange though that Helena doesn’t have a life partner at this stage of the game. Kinda feel a tad sad for her. Maybe Stephanie???

      Bette & Tina have come so full circle in this story – each supporting the other & the deep profound love they have for each other is evident in how they talk, touch, love each other.

      Like Martha, I’m not a fan or scaring people, but Alice did get what she deserved!!

      Certainly the ‘grateful’ message for GQ could be a viable solution to why it exists. If only that was the case in RL & it was so much better written & presented. By then, that why we have you & your awesome creation of what Tibette could have been life.

      Curious to know who this guy Quentin is & how he’s connected to both TK & Alice.

      Ok, gear up for the next 2 episodes – as sadly they could be the last we actually see of JB & LuH together on screen. Any that seems so unbelievable to say.

      They have been such a huge part of us for 20 years & will definitely live on in our hearts for all time.

      Take care my pal & stay warm this winter!

      • Hey, my friend! Thank you so much for reading this chapter and for your close attention to it….

        I said to Martha that I fully understand not liking the pranks. Sorry if that was annoying. Glad you liked the Scottish details though! And yeah, I had to try and come up with a rationale for why they would be seeing this show, and that was about the best I could do. I think it *kind of* works??

        Anyway, thanks again, for all your support and encouragement. It’s fair to say i would’ve given up a couple of times if not for you reaching out to me. You’re a good ‘un.

        Take care

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