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    Episode S310

    ‘What the fuck is that?’

    Shane’s voice, coming close to Bette and Tina’s heads, out of the darkness of the room, made them both leap up and scream.



    Solly barked and growled and snarled with a ferocity that Tina had only seen a couple of times in the whole seven years they’d had him.

    ‘Fucking hell! Calm down, man, calm down!’ Shane shouted, putting her hands up in case the dog pounced at her.

    Tina grabbed Solly by the neck. He was reacting to their reaction, so she tried to talk calmly to him while Bette ran to switch the overhead light on, so that he would see more clearly that it was Shane.

    ‘Fuckfuckfuck . . .’ Shane muttered, pacing around, rubbing her head, her eyes never leaving Solly.

    ‘That was a really stupid thing to do,’ Bette said.

    ‘Are you okay?’ Tina asked.

    ‘No,’ said Bette. ‘My fucking heart—’

    ‘I was talking to Shane,’ said Tina.


    ‘I’m okay,’ said Shane, massaging her face. ‘I think I’m— no, wait a minute, what the FUCK is that???’

    She was pointing at the tv screen. Bette and Tina’s head snapped round just in time to see Hendrix smirking at Fake Angie as he did up his pants.

    ‘Oh Christ,’ said Bette, putting her head in her hands.

    ‘Okay, okay,’ said Tina, ‘we can explain . . .’

    Solly scampered round the couch and put his paws up on Shane, his ears folded back apologetically. She stroked him. But her eyes were still on the tv, where now Tess was dancing alone, drunkenly, at Dana’s. And then . . .

    ‘Pause that!’ Bette snapped at Tina as she saw what she knew to be Fake Shane’s hands packing up Tess’s things.

    Tina grabbed the remote and paused the show just before the camera panned all the way up Fake Shane’s arms. Then she turned and looked at Shane with an expression of clear, self-incriminating dread.

    Was it too late?

    ‘Is that me?’ asked Shane.

    Fuck. Bette stood up. Shane’s eyes were riveted on the tv, her jaw slack with disbelief. Tina went round the couch and put her hand on her friend’s shoulder.

    ‘Let’s get you a drink and we’ll explain, okay?’ she said, then guided Shane gently round to sit down. Solly watched them for a moment then went trotting after Bette, who’d hurried to the utility room to get the whisky.

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    1. Hey Largo,

      What a joy to read this story and i hope you will continue with it after a little break!

      This story was so much better than the show, never laughed more about the silly moments, description and your subtle way of your view on this ridiculous show!

      And i absolutely loved Bette surprising Tina with renewing their vows surrounded with their dear friends.

      Please, please, please write more about this family!

      Thank you so much for this brilliant written story!!!

      • Hey Bibi, my friend
        Thank you so much for your enthusiastic encouragement to keep on with this family. :-) You’ve always been a great support and I appreciate it. It also makes me really happy to know that you’ve enjoyed these stories and that they’ve given you a laugh. That’s what I’m about!
        Take care of yourself & I’ll see you on twitter and back here soon
        Largo x

    2. Only a cpl pgs in and it hit me . . . one of the REASONS Y your recaps of GenQ is so hilarious if the fact Tibette have been the only that could “see” the “FAKES . . to pause streaming to verify w/each other that “they” werent anything like those mangy b*tches . . right??

      Now Shane’s fixin’ to have her shytt BLOWN UP . . . (wide-eyed and roll-your-eyes emojis)

    3. Hey Pal,

      I went & read the comments & then . . . cried!!!

      I’m an emotional mess about them – the Fake’s wedding – the Real renewal of vows.

      I’ve gotta get my courage up & give this the time & attention it needs & deserves before I write a proper comment on your excellent writing.

      But I DO want to cast my vote for a solid YES< PLEASE continue this story. We are all in love with this Tibette family & want to share in their future & adventures.

      Take a huge breath & be proud of what you've written & achieved. This has been a marvelous series that has captured our Tibette hearts & dreams.

      Thank you & will chat soon.

      • Hey pal
        Thanks so much for reading and commenting – and for your email. I’ll get back to you soon on those points, which are excellent.
        The wedding was emotional for me too, but it’s funny, because I think writing ff works as a kind of buffer for me. It’s like I’m literally watching two shows, only in one of them I get to do what I want. But they have the same status.
        Thanks, as ever, for your support and friendship. It means the world.

    4. I do appreciate this story…. I can see the addiction to watching this show week after week even when you don’t like the story or the characters. You continue to hope that it gets better. I can see that if you ignore every thing but Bette and Tina in episode 10, it was a very nice ending for our couple. But with all the other crapola, I simply was glad that Jennifer and Laurel have decided to walk away from this. If there is a Season 4, I doubt that Bette or Tina will make an appearance. And I can live with that.

      As to our family? Surprised that Helena shows up first thing in the morning after spending the night next door. Did Stephanie not feed her? Oh well, I glad to see that Helena and Stephanie are getting along well. I think that Alice moving to New York is a hoot. This Alice is so much different from the Alice on Gen Q, I am kind of anxious to get to know her. Can’t imagine her as a part time mom. I think being scared of Nat’s children had an effect on me. I am also curious about Shane and Jo. I hope that Jo turns out to be the one for Shane. I have always pictured Shane as one who could and would settle down if the right match came along.

      I also believe that its a great idea to have Kitt and Sonny move into Bette and Tina’s. Extended families with several children in residence can make a wonderful environment for everyone. Just need enough room for privacy for everyone and the ability to conduct independent lives as well as shared lives. And I have always believed there can never be too many adults when raising children- as long as everyone is on the same page.

      A surprise wedding in the park to reaffirm their vows between Bette and Tina! What a wonderful idea. That was really lovely. Thank you.

      I do hope that you continue writing. I think you can do a prequel to this story… Starting with The L Word and working up to this story… Love to see the decision process with having the children and how Bette evolves to the work at home mom and how Tina’s career works with her with demands with travel and dealing with the entertainment world. I would love to see Angie grow up and how Bette and Tina handle puberty and becoming a young woman. There are so many avenues you can explore with this family.

      Thank you for this chapter…. and by all means tell us more about this family….

      • Hi Martha!

        Great point about Helena turning up, haha. I think I thought Stephanie must’ve had a reason she had to go out on Saturday morning, and Helena had come through to give the gossip to B&T…… and then kind of forgot to put any of that in there! Oh well. But yeah, you’re right. A bit clumsy.

        I love your list of possible stories and totally agree that there’s so much that can be dug into in this story world. One of the things that’s been hard with this series is that I’ve had to write quickly and stick to the week-at-a-tiime framework. But now I don’t! So yeah, I can now get to know this Alice better, and her wee stepson. I can work out whether Shane and Jo are the real deal, and if they are, then why? And yes, I would LOVE to write the story of how Ben and Sasha came to be adopted, as well as their and Angie’s progress into adulthood. That is incredibly attractive to me.

        But thank you so much for all your feedback over this series. It is truly appreciated. Take care, L

    5. Largo, I simply cannot express how much I’ve enjoyed this story! Way better than Gen Q. Bette’s proposal was so beautiful. Please continue to this story. I agree that if there is a Season 4, Jennifer and Laurel won’t be in. I believe they worked so hard to give us TiBette wedding. Maybe this will end the TiBette era on a high note

      • Hey Deanna!

        Great to hear from you. :-) Thank you very much for reading these stories and for commenting. It’s a great encouragement to know that you’ve enjoyed them.

        Like most, I have mixed feelings about the show ending, possibly for good. I’m delighted for JB and LuH, who have been able to bring the curtain down on their iconic roles in a way that gives closure. But I will miss them very much. Mainly grateful though, not least because writing Tibette ff has been a total blast for me for the past three years!

        Anyway, thanks again, my friend. Stay safe!

    6. Hey Largo, you have my vote to continue writing stories about this family without Fake Bette and Tina. If by some miracle there is a season 4 of GenQ I don’t see any reason for Tibette to come back. Even Angie has distanced herself from them and only leans on Shane. I pray she isn’t pregnant by that professor, because that would sully the joy Bette and Tina would have from becoming grand-parents and I could see GenQ doing that. I think the Angie character with this storyline was a setup to disappoint her parents and cause a further rift between them. I couldn’t believe she left their wedding to call Bella without even giving them a hug and saying goodbye. By the same token they didn’t even acknowledge she wasn’t there when they decided to go to their room. I could literally write a book about all the disappointments in this wedding episode. They invite a hundred strangers to this grand wedding and couldn’t get someone to officiate it? They make a big deal about the cake and getting the booze just to have a prop for Tess and Shane to ruin their wedding cake and to cause a scene. Was champagne not included in the booze to at least do a toast? Anyway, as I said I could write a book, but I’ll stop there. Back to the real Porter-Kennards I love how Sasha is already turning into a handful so just imagine her rebellious teenage years. Enjoyed Alice’s visit and the prospect of her and her family moving to New York. You’ve set up a lot of plot lines that could take them in so many directions. Great storytelling. Thank you for renewing their vows and having their REAL family and friends to witness it and celebrate their amazing love story.

      • Hi BAT2012! Great to hear from you, my friend :-)

        I agree with what you say about the wedding. There were so many wtf moments, I just couldn’t even fit them in (and didn’t want to). I was absolutely fuming at the Pippa-Sophie thing… I can’t stand either of them, and when it cut away to them during the vows I was basically fit to be tied, hahaha

        As for Angie – why do this??? I feel for Jordan, actually. She’s a good actor living off scraps, like they all are – except Sophie, who can’t actually act.

        Thank you for encouraging me to continue with the Real Tibette family! There are a lot of possibilities! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Take care

    7. Largo I will read anything you write. Full stop. Love all your stories and the characters you bring to life. I can picture the fullness of their family, the special connection they have and the love, all the love. Thank you for sharing your talents, don’t wait too long. All the best

      • BK!!!! Hiya, how are you?? I hope you’re well. :-) Thank you so much for taking the time to read these and to comment. I love writing this family, but I feel like I’m only scratching the surface. So yeah, I’ll keep it up and thank you for the encouragement.
        Take care, my friend

    8. Hey Pal #2!!!

      Okay, I’ve calmed myself & dried my eyes many times & my vote is still a very, very strong YES to continue this story.
      It was super sweet, tugging at my Tibette heart with the wedding vows renewal & Bette’s set up to it. So glad all the IMPORTANT people were there to witness their special moment. True love!

      As BAT & Martha said – so many possibilities to explore & flush out for future chapters.

      Sounds like you enjoy writing this story & you can take it any direction you see fit. And I’m in favor of looking forward rather than back at the past.

      Seems impossible to believe that this was the very last time we saw them on screen together. But you have left us a legacy that we can all cherish & hold dear to our hearts.

      Thank you for this gift & I hope at some point in the not too far future we’ll have a visit with this wonderful family once more.

      I will add too that although I think we all wanted much more time with them this season, JB/LuH gave us the very best they could & I’ll be forever grateful to them for their sacrifice & legacy.

      Love all around my friend!!

      • Hiya mate! I must’ve said this to you at some point, but there’s a saying ‘no tears in the author, no tears in the reader’, and I know its true bc I was crying when I wrote their renewal scene. Oh how I would love to see JB and LuH act something like that…. sigh.

        But yeah, lots of possibilities! And we are all going to need ff and this wonderful site in the months and years ahead, aren’t we??

        So thank you again. You’re wonderful and I appreciate you very much.
        Stay safe

      • Hi SG! Thanks so much for keeping up with this series and for commenting. Your encouragement means a lot to me and I am so very happy that you’ve enjoyed this. :-) I will continue it for sure.

        Take care of yourself!

    9. Hey Largo!
      Loved it, loved it, loved it. ❤️

      So different, very cleverly done. I love the following of GQ and how they watched it and commented about it.
      I adore the real family life, the children, Solly , their friends, family and having Kit with them. The humour was so well written into it and had me laughing along with them …. and crying with them!
      It so lovely to read about Bette and Tina having a young family and how adoring they all are, there’s so much love between, not only Bette and Tina but between there children, it’s so heartwarming to read, that alone could carry another story?

      Please, please carry on this beautiful families life and friendships, there so much that can be told.
      I agree with previous comments, I’ll read anything you write ….eventually sometimes I’m a little late to the party, but I do get there !

      Take care, rest up a while, then please carry on from here! ❤️

      • Hey Janice, my friend! Thanks so much for reading this last chapter and for commenting. :-) It’s really appreciated.

        I’m so happy that you enjoy this Tibette family as much as I do. I think it will be fun to write some more of them in a little while. As you say, there are so many avenues to explore. I am looking forward to not having to include the show too!

        So thank you again. Your support and knowing I made you smile means a lot to me. Have a lovely weekend!

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