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    Episodes S308 and S309

    Three black Range Rovers and one silver Rolls-Royce pulled up in a semi-circle around the steps of the gleaming white Gulfstream G6. In one of the Range Rovers, Tina stirred from her doze, drew in a deep breath and looked around vaguely.

    ‘Oh,’ she said. ‘Is it raining?’

    ‘Threatening to,’ said Angie.

    Everyone started shrugging into their coats, gathering up scarves and hats and phones. Sasha pulled her toy octopus, Pat, out from under her arm and shoved him at Tina. She’d been sneaking around with him throughout the trip. (‘You want Pat?’ ‘No!’ followed a minute later by a whispered ‘Can I have him?’ had become routine in the Porter-Kennard household for months while Sasha navigated the confusion-infested waters of being eight-almost-nine years old.)

    Tina stuffed the toy into her large handbag, glancing across at Bette, who was just staring out the window.

    ‘Y’okay?’ Tina asked.


    ‘You look like you’re plotting something.’

    Bette smiled and indicated the phone in her hand. ‘I got Alice’s phone. We put them down on the hood of the car back at the castle and picked up the wrong one.’

    Tina just rolled her eyes. Then they all got out of the car and went through the obligatory shivering and squinting at the sky while the plane steps were readied.

    ‘Funny thing, though,’ Bette said quietly in Tina’s ear. And then she pressed the home button on Alice’s phone and surreptitiously showed her the text on the lockscreen.

    Can do Friday if you can do Sunday. The sender: Quentin Gray.

    ‘What the fuck?’ Tina said, way too loudly. Her kids all stared at her, but she didn’t notice. She took the phone from Bette’s hand, read it again, then looked around for . . . ‘Alice!’

    Alice was getting out of the car she was sharing with Shane, Kit and Sonny. She looked like she was on a mission too.

    ‘Porter!’ She waved Bette’s phone in the air. Bette waved back, but pointed towards Tina. ‘Great,’ Alice said, reaching to swap the phone with Tina. ‘Although – word to the wise – chaise longues are so eighties . . .’

    This was reference to a text Tina had sent Bette in the car before she fell asleep. Going to miss that chaise . . . We should get one for our bedroom? xx

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    1. So the family has returned from Scotland and is trying to resume their lives. Bette and Tina are so lucky to have Shane, Kit and Sonny available to take care of Ben and Sasha when they need to go out of town. I like that Shane is getting to know Jo better and now with Helena meeting Stephanie, maybe their lives will develop something promising for the future. And Alice and Jeb will be moving to New York soon, so the entire gang will be together once more.

      Since Bette did not see the Thanksgiving episode, she probably isn’t aware of Angie breaking the window out on the ex’s car. I don’t think she got that from her parents. Bette may have had a temper way back when, but she was never destructive nor vindictive. Neither was Tina. And there is nothing that justifies Angie’s behavior in that scene.

      And it greatly disappointed me that everyone in the episode believed the professor’s behavior unethical except Angie. Even Bella knew is was not right. Angie has a lot of growing up to do. And she is not in love… she is just lusting after this guy. But okay…. I just hope that the real Bette and Tina’s prediction that Angie has a cliffhanger pregnancy turns out not to be true. That would be the crowning glory for a simply terrible story line.

      Personally, I loved the engagement scene. I love it’s simplicity and the pure love the couple exhibited. What I did not love was the “whose idea was this first” discussion. I never liked the presentation of Bette and Tina being competitive with each other. I think that is a Gen Q trait and not as I see these two at all. Perhaps we will see these two many years from now when one of their grand children ask them to describe their engagement as see how they see this happened. Anyway… the episode was really good as it gets for Bette and Tina. And I was thankful to see it on the screen.

      Thank you for this lovely chapter and update. Next week is the final episode. We can only hope that we get something that is memorable and pleasing.

      • HI Martha
        Just a quick note to say a heartfelt thank you for all your feedback and support through this series of stories. I really hope you enjoyed the finale? I liked the proposal scene the more I thought about it. But couldn’t agree more about the professor. That was so sad, and also that Angie didn’t even dump him, he dumped her! So we didn’t even see her come to her senses.
        Aargh. Well, anyway, I hope you’re well and thanks again.

    2. With the exception of the Tibette episodes this season, I’m enjoying your story much more than GQ.

      Since the end of season 1, I’ve only watched Tibette present episodes. Your recaps of the other stuff was all I needed.

      Thanks for continuing this.

    3. Heya Largo! I’m way behind my readings but I’m going to start with your story. Chap 1 obviously ;)
      Looking forward to it, you know I like your writing! :) Going to comment more when I started.

      • Hey SG! Lovely to see you here, as ever. Thank you for reading my writing and for letting me know it made you laugh. That’s what I’m all about!

        I will continue this series after a little break.

        Stay safe!

    4. Hey Lady, :-)

      So sorry about the drama for Kit & Sonny, but that’s part of life.

      Looking like Helena may finally have found a good woman to share time with & who knows (besides you!!) where it could lead. Nice set up – hope it works out.

      I see Sasha is finding a voice – one that may get her in trouble more often than not. Think Tibette needs to rein her in a bit before she gets too far out of hand. Let Angie or Kit have a little convo with her about how privileged she is & how grateful she should be to her parents. Just saying.

      And TK finally delegating to her staff – about time. Why be president of the company if you have to do everything yourself. Right?? Rank does have privileges & TK needs to trust & guide her team.

      Joyce always putting her foot in her mouth! And Phyliss coming to her rescue.

      Shane is certainly showing character growth that we sure wish we COULD & SHOULD have seen on screen in GQ. Hope she & Jo make it long term.

      And Bette acting like she never had candy in her handbag for Angie & the other kids & mints for TK all these years!! Ha, ha.

      When you mentioned earlier in the chapter that Bette was lamenting about Shane not being able to see the show – & now it looks like she will. Very fitting.

      Soooooooo, the last episode up next. Seems surreal.
      We’ve been following this marvelous couple. These two extraordinary women – both real, fake & JB & LuH for all these wonderful years. They have brought such joy to us.

      Thanks pal for all this – it was wonderful as always!

      And like SG – please consider continuing this to some degree after the last episode this season – maybe holiday special updates???!!! Please, please, PLEASE!!!

      • Hey my friend!! I hope you are doing okay after that finale?? I must say I think I’ve had every emotion possible about it, lol

        It made me smile, what you said about Sasha. There’s a little something for you in Ch10….

        I’ve replied to your email with some other thoughts, but let me say here how much I appreciate and value your feedback and support over these past few years. I started writing ff during lockdown and I can honestly say it’s given me such incredible happiness, not least because of the friendships in this fandom. You are wonderful.

        Stay safe in all that Texas weather, ok?
        Largo x

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