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    Evil Lurking

    The appointment with Dr. Wilson for their 8-weeks check-up was so different from their first experience as parents to be. Tina was just as far along into the pregnancy, but the previous two months had been spent with Bette by her side from conception, unlike with Angie when Tina had inseminated alone in the doctor’s office. She hadn’t known she was pregnant until Helena Peabody, her lover at the time pointed out the obvious changes in her body which then prompted Tina to take the home pregnancy test. Helena wanted to be there for the reveal, but Tina insisted she wanted to do it by herself in her apartment. If she was pregnant, she didn’t want Helena to be the first to know.

    When she got the positive result Tina immediately called Bette who in the meantime had overheard a conversation between Helena, Alice, Shane and Dana when she’d stopped at the Planet for take-out. No one saw her as she approached the counter, but the distinct English accent could not be mistaken. Bette would have ignored them, but her ears perked up when she heard Helena say how excited she was that Tina might be pregnant. She told them that Tina was taking the test and she was anxiously awaiting the results.

    Helena had an unnatural affinity to pregnant women made even more bizarre by the fact that she had no interest in having children. However, like most sociopaths she could feign feelings that she didn’t experience so played the part convincingly. When she got the news, she acted overjoyed about the pregnancy, but it had nothing to do with motherhood. She knew from Tina how much it meant to Bette to have a family, and the fortuitous situation gave her one more thing that she could take from Bette Porter in her efforts to ruin her very existence. Helena insisted that it was their baby and grew angry when Tina stood her ground. Regardless of their estranged relationship Bette Porter was the only other mother that Tina wanted to raise a child with.

    Bette was confused as hell at this declaration given that she and Tina were not together as a couple and Tina continued to date Helena throughout the entire pregnancy. Still her happiness about the baby was genuine and heartfelt. Bette agreed to a new kind of partnership with her ex whereby they would be great parents to Angie. Now they were parenting as a married couple expecting their second child and nothing compared to how great it was to be whole as a family unit.

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      • Hello SG – thank you. It was your comment that inspired me to go back and update a new chapter of this story so I appreciate the gentle nudge :-)

        I will continue this one and alternate with updates on A Different Outcome.

        Take care.

    1. Wow…. so Tina now sees what Helena did to Bette. Does she really understand how deeply hurt Bette was because of Tina’s actions. I never understood Tina’s relationship with Helena. Was it just a novelty? Someone who wasn’t Bette? Something to make Bette jealous? Yet, the way Tina was treated by Helena, why would she keep the relationship going? And why could she see that Helena was destroying Bette – professionally and personally? She was pregnant committed to having Bette as her other parent, yet she stayed with Helena. This was bound to cause problems with both Helena and Bette and she knew it. Yet she persisted. Why? Was it to punish Bette for her past deeds? Tina does have a lot to do some self examination on. I see now why Bette is scared. Tina has no idea that her continued support for Helena as her friend is a threat to her relationship with Bette and their family.

      Now how will Tina respond? Will she really take this information to heart? She came very close to losing Bette forever with her relationship with Helena. And Bette has been sitting on the wound now for eight years and its is still as painful as the night she walked into that pool. Does Tina now see that? I hope so. And as long as she continues to be sympathetic toward Helena and her plight of being without money and in a mental facility, the wound will continue to fester. Now maybe Tina can help Bette to heel, but only if she understands what Helena did.

      Thanks for this chapter….. very well done. Love to see more…

      • Have to go back and reacquaint myself with the changes you have made in the B and T story. In the series I grew to eventually like Helena but certainly did not when she first came on the scene. That being said and focusing on your story – Bette’s retelling of the history of “Some Kind of Wonderful“ is still heartbreaking. Regarding those events through Bette’s eyes – I may never totally forgive Tina for how she threw her affair with Helena right in Bette’s face. She was intentionally cruel. Finally Bette has shared the suicide attempt. Tina better understand once and for all the sheer magnitude of her having flaunted Helena but I have a nagging doubt. Perhaps the title of the chapter? With Tina there seems to be a but where Helena is concerned. Does Tina really get it – finally?? I suspect that dangerous BUT may still be there in spite of all of the hurt and the evil. I know Peggy has eyes on Helena but I still fear she is out there plotting – as this chapter perhaps foreshadows. Will it take Helena’s return and a face to face to test Tina’s commitment and allegiance to Bette? Hopefully I am reading too much into it. Bette’s looking over her shoulder regarding Helena and Tina’s blind spot for that evil woman (as depicted in your story) are a bit worrisome for this couple. I seriously hope I am wrong.

        • I agree with Martha’s and Billy’s comment!!!

          Heart breaking to read about Bette’s pain in that time, how she was feeling and the hurt she felt due to the actions of both Tina and Helena.

          I never understood how Tina could still defend Helena after everything she heard from Bette and Peggy.

          Maybe this will help to finally open her eyes. If not i am seriously worried for their relationship.

          Thanks for coming back with this story!

        • Billy, Tina’s next move is yet to be written but I have asked myself all those questions. Will it take another tragic event to bring Tina to the realization that Helena is pure evil. Will she sacrifice her family, her marriage and Bette’s mental well-being for a sociopath? Does the evil lurk within?

          I hope your worries are unfounded, but we will just have to wait and see.

      • Martha, thank you. You’ve summarized it well. I too was perplexed by Tina’s relationship with Helena. I think at first it was out of hurt and the need to feel desired after Bette cheated, but then it became cruel and vengeful in my eyes.

        That’s part of the reason why I didn’t have Bette cheat in this story. I didn’t want to give Tina an excuse for her behavior it was just plain malicious intent and that is worrisome especially if she can’t see it.

        Bette has unburdened herself, now we just need to see what impact it has on Tina and her allegiance to Helena in favor of her family.

    2. Referencing way way back to the chapters: First last and forever and A new kind of partnership we are still in the same story line in which Tina cheated with Helena and there was no Candace correct? From your backstory

      “Tina had not intentionally set out to have an extramarital affair or to hurt Bette Porter but the opportunity presented itself in the person of Helena Peabody. Tina was feeling dejected, undesirable, rejected, and most of all like a failure. She was vulnerable and Helena took advantage of her fragility.“

      “As if the professional blow wasn’t enough, after two years of trying to have a baby and making all the sacrifices that they had Bette and Tina‘s marriage was over. Tina had met someone else and moved on. Now the prospect of having a family and living the happily ever after was lost to Bette Porter. Bette didn’t think that things could get any worse but she soon realized that denying the grant was just the beginning of Helena’s intrusion in her life. The woman had launched an all-out war to destroy Bette Porter’s personal and professional life as well as her livelihood.“

      We are in a continuation of this story correct?

      • I will keep this posted but was able to trace it back to Sand Art. The original is one of my favorite stories. I thought that including so much of Angie was precious. A lot of love. Glad they are having another baby. Just had to get myself oriented again. Three months later. I’m good now.

        • Hi Billy, thank you for reading and posting your comments. Yes you are correct in tracing the backstory and thank you for bringing it forward here as a reminder to other readers. In this story Bette did not cheat/no Candace.

          I could never reconcile how Tina could be with Helena and be so blinded by what Helena was doing to destroy Bette. My attempt at tackling this storyline is very much exaggerated from what was portrayed on the show. Helena was not as evil as I make her out to be in this story. I even have Bette joke that she may be responsible for killing Mr. Piddles (Dana’s cat) but the point is she was malicious and Tina was party to it.

          By now Bette and Tina are in a good place, they are pregnant with their second child but this dark period has to be brought into the light and dealt with. Bette’s fear is that Tina has an unnatural affection for Helena that could again intrude on their lives and destroy everything they’ve build together should Helena be allowed to once again take hold.

          “Out of the mouth’s of babes” was my favorite story to write. I’m glad it’s one of your favorites. I really hated that they didn’t focus more time on Bette and Tina parenting Angie. It seems like most times they forgot they even had a child, and if she was mentioned it was usually during an argument.

          Anyway, this 2nd baby experience will be much better and Angie gets a sibling.

          • Thank you so much for your reply. I particularly loved Bette collecting angels for Angelica. What a lovely sentiment. It is a very beautiful story. Glad that Bette will be part of this pregnancy. And I really enjoy Grandma Peggy.

    3. B

      So glad you decided to continue this story. Out of the mouths of Babes was the first FanFic I had read and started me down the road of writing myself.

      I love how you approached that specific scene of her walking into the water, heart wrenching. How you filled in the emotional turmoil and long term impact of bad Helena on their relationship. I never understood why either, Tina always seemed to second guess herself with a Helena. Knowing the hatred Helena had for Bette made Tina’s actions even more hurtful.

      Looking forward to the next chapter

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