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    Finding the Light

    Bette put her arms around Eliza. “Sweetie. Isn’t it a beautiful day? The best day? Today is also a great day for making new friends. Don’t you think?” Eliza looked down. “Sure, Bette. I guess.” Eliza was suddenly a little shy so Bette softly took hold of her hand. “Well, pumpkin pie, it is. And I’d like you to meet a very dear friend of mine and your mommy’s. Baby girl this is Shane, Shane McCutcheon. Shane, I’d like to present Miss Elizabeth Fairbanks. Eliza to her family and friends. Or little Liza Jane to me.” Shane held out her hand and the little girl laughed and gave her a hearty handshake. “I’ve seen your picture. In a storage chest of my mommy’s things.” Eliza stood between Bette and Shane as Harrison approached. Bette ruffled her hair. “Ohhh Eliza, little Liza Jane…” Bette sang. “Oh, Bette” she giggled.

    Eliza stopped and looked up at Shane. “There are lots of pictures of you. And some of a very pretty lady with long blonde hair who is usually hugging and kissing Bette.” Eliza smiled at Bette who tried to disguise her emotions. “And some other ladies I don’t know. And some with Bette’s sister Kit who died. You all look very happy.” “We were.” Bette replied. “Very happy.” Eliza looked up at Shane. “And you knew my mommy.” Shane looked down at the beautiful young girl who already owned her heart. “Very, very, very well.” Eliza took Shane’s hand. “And you and my mommy were friends.” Shane smiled. “Much more than that. We were the absolute best of friends.”

    Eliza smiled at Bette who slowly nodded her head and then the little girl smiled up at Shane. “And now, we’re going to be best friends, too. Here’s Harrison. Harrison! Harrison made me. With my mommy. He’s just the best. He’s our tennis coach. We’re working on my back hand right now. I’m going to be as good as my mommy. She had the best back hand ever. My mommy was a great tennis player. She trained really hard. She would have played in Wimbledon. That’s what Harrison says. That’s what everyone says. Right, Bette?”

    Bette nodded and Shane jumped in. “She was Eliza. Your mommy was great.” Shane quickly grabbed some of the load from Harrison as the two hugged. Harrison kissed Bette and Eliza. Off in the distance the umpire could be heard calling the third strike. “Yes!” Eliza and Harrison did a high five. “Jamey rocks!” Harrison yelled. Eliza smiled and did a little dance. Shane watched as Eliza’s arms and legs awkwardly flailed and instantly began to laugh. Bette raised her eyebrows. “I know. Right? It must be genetic.” Harrison rapped Bette on the arm but joined in the laughter. “Stop! Both of you. It’s endearing. Always was. For the record, Bette, that’s not part of my gene pool. Just saying.”

    The happy group made their way towards Sharon when Eliza broke their revelry. “Bette? When do I get to meet the really pretty lady with the blonde hair who is in those pictures with you? She sat of your lap… a lot!” Eliza was now giggling. Shane and Harrison both looked at Bette who bit her lip and cleared her throat. “Soon, honey. Really soon I hope.” Bette smiled softly then looked down at her phone.

    You don’t have to come all the way to Toronto. I have business in LA next week. Available on Wednesday after 4. Dinner? When and where?

    “We’re all going to be the very best of friends, right, Bette?” Eliza smiled and in that moment all Bette could see was Dana. And the light; Dana’s light. She exchanged broad grins with Shane and winked at Harrison. She took Eliza’s other hand and helped carry some of the drinks. Bette would tell Alice and Tina everything. The entire story. She caught site of Sharon and waved as the foursome neared the stands. “That’s right, baby girl. The very best of friends.”

    The End.



    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate your support. My idea was to take the worst event from the original series, Dana’s death, and the worst event from Gen Q, Bette and Tina’s divorce, merge them, and see if it was possible to achieve a happy ending of sorts. Again, thank you. Billy

    2. I found this to be a delightful, imaginative story. It brought back so many memories of the L World – of Dana, Shane, Alice, Tina and Bette as we knew them then. And it was simply a “shit storm” from the word go. It’s a wonder any of them would have come through that period of time without a huge need for mental health counseling. But I guess that is just cable drama….

      This story is very true to Bette’s character. She always wanted children and several of them. And I can see her as having a deep desire to actually be pregnant and give birth to a baby. And now that she and Tina are no longer together and Angie is nearing the time when she will be leaving the nest, I can see this becoming a strong need for Bette. She would approach every avenue possible. In fact ,if the eggs do not turn out viable, I can see her perusing the adoption option. As long as she has the will to be a parent and the resources to provide for a child, then I see nothing that should stand in her way of becoming a mom again.

      From this story, Bette and Tina are over. Tina has expressed no desire to return and has chosen Carrie to spend her life with. Bette has accepted that and trying to proceed with a life without Tina. However, she does not feel she is ready to pursue a love interest at this time. Its obvious that Bette still loves Tina and that she always will. But we do not know what Tina’s feelings for Bette are. We can only assume that with a marriage planned in the not to distant future, that Tina’s future does not include Bette. So Bette is making her plans for a future in which she can obtain happiness.

      This story is very emotional for me. I began to cry when the Codicil was revealed and all those present were so thrilled that a part of Dana lived on. The possibility of Dana’s children carrying on her personality, her joy and her light was just so emotional. I just imagine that group being reduced to tears as a result of this revelation. And the fact that Bette had such a major role in their existence and continued care was really heartwarming. Having Harrison as the donor and having a good relationship with his children was a nice touch too.

      I really love this story…. I love it because it shows me that Bette is truly one of the most altruistic characters in fiction. She gives of time and effort to Dana to make her life better during her battle with cancer. She finds the resources and a method to harvest, preserve and find a surrogate for Dana’s eggs. She bows to Sharon and Irwin’s wishes even when they seem unreasonable. And her only true goal was to do what was best for Eliza and Jamey.

      I love this story because of the dialogue between Bette and Shane. They bounce from topic to topic and come back to the topic they were discussing. It’s real dialogue. And Bette and Shane really say what is on their mind. They are certainly closer than I am to my sister. And I feel Bette is closer to Shane than she was to Kit too. Shane grasp who Bette is…I’m not sure Kit ever did.

      I imagine that when Alice and Tina hear the story, they will be upset momentarily. But once they have had time to absorb the circumstances surrounding all the events, and they have had an opportunity to meet Eliza and Jamey, they too will forgive Bette and Sharon and Irwin for not letting them in on Dana’s legacy sooner. This is a phenomenal opportunity to get to know Dana’s children. Without Bette’s participation in the process, they may not have existed, or they may have been under the care of someone who did not know Dana or her wishes at all.

      Life sometimes is a collection of random chances and perhaps decisions which causes one thing and then another. They can be uplifting and joyful and sometimes they can be sole crushing. This story is one of those which is full of hope and promise for something good. And for that, I thank you Billy… you hit a homerun at your first time at bat…. I really hope to see more of your stories in the future.

      • Thank you so very much, Martha. I really appreciate your comments and your in depth critique. More than you know. In fact, I am blown away by your comment. You hit all of the points I was trying to achieve. Dana was one of my favorite characters. And, I, like you was moved by Bette’s spending quiet time with her and teaching her the relaxation techniques. And being the one to speak at the hospital. This combined with Bette wanting a family made for this scenario. This story was my attempt to possibly bring the band back together. Shane and Bette are very much sisters in my view. I agree with your observations about their relationship. As for the kids? I even have pictures of what I imagine they look like. Very attractive as if there can be any doubt. I am sorry you got teary eyed but that was my goal. We lost the light when Dana died. We lost it again when Bette and Tina divorced. Who knows where we are headed? My goal was to present a moment in time and something different and hopeful. Thanks again, Martha. Billy

    3. Billy

      Love your effort. Such a wonderful story and a great idea. I loved how you danced softly around the issue of the divorce. Shane such a good friend. And having Dana’s little girl be so much like her.

      “The pretty lady with long blonde hair,” Such and innocent statement for sure, but so hard to hear for our Bette.


      • Thank you very much! I have tremendous respect for writers such as yourself. Such a daunting task. I cannot even imagine. Yes, I definitely had to downplay the divorce. Bette will always love Tina. So I just couldn’t go there. Again, thanks for reading and thanks for the support. Billy

      • Hi Sharon. Thank you so very much for the supportive comment. Yes, there are indeed many avenues. I would love nothing more than for Bette to be her own surrogate. Do you have any preferences? Billy

    4. There is no way that you cannot continue with this Story, please, please.

      I laughed and cried and when through a different on everyone of the 21 pages.

      Beautifully written and captured so well Bette and Shane’s relationship.

      I will not say more as Martha is so much better at the in depth Comment but I will repeat please, please continue this story.

      • Hi SG,

        Thank you!! It means a lot that you enjoyed the story. Even if you shed a few years. I’m sorry, but that was the goal. Believe it or not, I cried a little myself. That Shane named her bar after Dana was the catalyst. And I agree about Martha. Her lovely comment totally blew me away. She was very generous. Thank you again, SG, very much. I appreciate your support. Billy

    5. Hey Billy,

      Wow, you did it and dared to post this chapter!!! I am so proud of you! And it so well written, you have a gift as writer and i really hope you will write more!

      The story made me cry but also happy, happy for the amazing friendship between Bette and Shane, cry for the struggle Bette had about the divorce, the secret she kept for so long because she couldn’t tell anything because of Sharon, cry for the bond between Bette and Dana and Dana’s death. But so happy that Bette made sure her wish came out and now she has two beautiful children, Eliza and Jamey who are surrounded by their own family members and with their father Harrison and of course have a amazing God mother in Bette.

      I understand very well that you didn’t write extensively about the divorce, a divorce that makes absolutely no sense. I really don’t get why Tina did, walked away from Bette without an explanation. For Bette, Tina is and always will be the love of her life. She made a wise decision not to date Maya but to keep her as a good friend. At the moment Bette is not ready for a new relationship at all. But what she would like is her own child, a wish she had for years but never came to fruition due to circumstances, something always intervened so that it faded into the background. I would have liked so much that she had discussed it with Tina and that they had had a second child together, a biological child from Bette, if necessary through a surrogate mother. But Bette’s dream can still come true, raise her own child, she is a great mother and I hope her dream come true.

      I already know how Alice is going to react to this, she will be deeply disappointed and angry that she will only hear it now. Tina, well, Bette could be right that it is again something she can blame Bette, because yes, Tina never does anything wrong ?!

      Again, I am so happy with the friendship between Bette and Shane, they are more like sisters and are always there for each other in ups and downs. You can see that so clearly in this story.

      I also want to thank Martha for her wonderful insightful commentary, she has a knack for naming everything important in a story. I therefore fully agree with her comments.

      Billy, I really hope you will write more and share this with us! You have a beautiful writing style that makes you want more !!!!

      • Bibi,

        Thank you very much for the more than kind words and the support. There are no words for your comment. Truly. I want nothing more than for Bette and Tina to be off traveling the world or nestled in bed somewhere as happy as is humanly possible. Feeding off their love for one another. Hence my love for BK’s writing. This story is based on so many little nuggets floating around in my brain: Dana’s Bar being one. I can just see that image of Jen, Kate, and Leisha outside with the sign in the background and Erin pops up. That made me laugh and also made me sad. No Tina in the picture. How wrong. And Dana having been killed off. Not right. And the story developed from there. Yes, Alice will be upset at first and yes Bette may need that cup but when she meets the kids they will own her heart. As for Tina? The big question is how much will Bette share? Will she tell Tina her plans? Should she hold off on that or put it all out there? That’s going to be tricky. As to Bette getting pregnant? The interrogation tapes where Bette commented on Tina not asking her…yes the tapes are ludicrous but Bette’s mind set was on more children. Thanks again for your encouragement. Billy

    6. Wow Billy!

      Very nicely written and congratulations on putting out your very first post here.

      I loved the interaction between Bette and Shane. And for Bette to confide in Shane like she did and for Shane not be judgmental it just shows that Bette trusts Shane explicitly..Not that she doesn’t trust Alice or even Tina but Bette needed someone with a level head and understanding that Alice and Tina would probably not give her at that moment and it allowed Bette to feel safe to open up and Shane was wonderful in listening and sympathizing with Bette

      The story is a very interesting concept as the others have said and I would really like to see you take this further if you decide to.

      Reading all 21 pages I found myself feeling extremely sad for Bette that she made sure she carried out Dana’s wishes and being loyal to everything the friendship circle meant to her but then she is alone which you can tell she very much still loves Tina..My heart ached for her…

      There are so many angles you could take this story Billy and hope you will continue…Thanks for sharing this with us and hope you continue this or at least write again. I enjoyed it!

      • Aren’t you kind. And you nailed it. Bette had to go to Shane. Of course she did. The ten year mark was up. It was time. And of course Eliza was instantly taken with Shane as someone safe and also as someone who had been friends with her mother. The circle of life. Tina? Tina is the love of Bette’s life. Always will be. And right now Bette thinks she is in this world romantically speaking alone. And she has accepted that. And it is very sad. And she is now moving forward making decisions based upon what she wants to do with her life. This is her last chance. I tried to make an implausible story line as plausible as possible. If that even makes sense. So many possibilities. As I said in another comment when I saw the video of Jennifer and Kate and Leisha outside of Dana’s Bar with no Laurel and then Erin popped up it was really sad to me. Bad bad writers! Thank you again for the encouragement and support. Billy

        P.S. I really like your writing.

    7. I hope you will continue. You have shown what a talented writer you are. I would love to read more on how this unfolds. I would really love to read about a pregnant Bette and how she deals with be a single parent. I hope to see a new post in the near future.

      • Thank you so much. You are quite kind. I love the idea of a pregnant Bette so much but that is probably not realistic. Might have to research that a bit more. As she says she’s not a spring chicken anymore. But I also love the idea of Bette as a single parent. She is totally committed to this. And bringing back the original group through Dana’s legacy? Hard to resist the temptation. Thanks again! Billy

    8. Billy
      There is SO much here to unwrap that I don’t know where to begin. It’s like when you have a table full of presents and don’t know which one to open first. The dialogue between Shane and Bette is top notch, so unbelievably realistic and heartwarming. I love their friendship, their sisterhood. I want to be Shane’s friend and go shopping for paint, I want to be Bette’s friend and hear about her angst from wanting a baby but not knowing how to tell Tina. But mostly, I want to be Dana – having a friend like Bette. Dang. In TLW we saw Bette work with Dana and teach her to meditate and relax to help with her pain. A lovely scene. I loved it because it shows such a soft, nurturing side of Bette that I think is always below the surface but something we don’t see a lot of.
      And through it all – the love she carries for Tina. Like an ember that she keeps alive in the hope that one day it will spark. And I think it does – that last text – about meeting for dinner? It’s Tina. I know it is.
      Really beautiful first post my friend. Be proud. This is one to return to over and over and cherish. Thank you.

      • Hello BK. Very kind and supportive words from the maestro. Yes this is definitely the soft side of Bette. My favorite Bette. Your Bette, hopefully okay to have borrowed. The loyal and loving friend. Inspired by your Bette and Shane in Black Beauty. Nobody writes that pair like you do. And yes, it is absolutely Tina. Bette will never let that ember die even when being forced to move on. How to explain everything to Tina is another issue entirely. But somehow Bette will find the words. Wont she? You are an inspiration and I thank you so very much. Billy

        • I knew it was Tina! I am such a hopeless romantic. And I love love love a soft Bette the way you wrote her – not weak, not a doormat but soft in the way that a reed will bend but never break. She will find the words. And now you have to write a sequel. Please.

          • I love that. A reed. Beautiful imagery, BK. Bette has been through a lot and is emerging… determined and also a little scared. But not weak in any way. Bette is….. healing and charting a course forward in her life. And yes, she can be so soft. And she is always always in love with Tina.

    9. So you hid your game well, during all this time you hid your talent from us while you deserve to be part of the top of the best authors of this site !
      you should never have doubted your talent, your story is terrific

      • Well I’m not sure about that but I thank you. That is one amazing complement my friend! ! I can’t imagine how folks write an entire story. I was second guessing myself all the way. This is agonizing stuff! And without some major support nudging me to the diving board…it would have been easy to walk away. Thank, you izzie!

    10. Hey I wasn’t done … I was going to add that if I was Tina I would be so angry with Bette, not for hiding Dana’s story but for freezing her eggs and not telling and on top of that, to have done it at least 3 times, it is unforgivable for me …

      Anyway, congrats again and I really like to read you soon with this story or another one. BRAVO !

      • Thank you for the added comment. Very fair point. Simple answer is communication and fear. Bette was creeping towards telling Tina everything and trying surrogacy when Tina divorced her. Bette commingled the agreement with Sharon not to speak about it with her own individual situation. Perhaps too much. Perhaps that not being clear enough in the story is a flaw in my writing. Bette was full of angst and desperation about this. The first time she harvested eggs Tina was off with Josh. Bette thought they were over. Why tell her then? The second time Bette was still with Jodie. Bette thought they were over. She was planning to do it alone. Why tell her then? But…The last time they were together. Yes, the adoption had scared her off from even thinking surrogacy. But Bette did add eggs a third time and she could have told Tina. And she will have to explain her state of mind. And she will… or would. If there were another installment. As I say… life got in the way. I played it off Bette and those inane interrogation tapes. Just that little nugget that Bette wanted Tina to ask her. That’s it in a nutshell. She was insecure and unsure and scared. And yes, Tina may have a word or two to say about that. And the conversation could be tough. Why did Tina never ask her? That’s Bette’s question. And… most importantly Now I can make it worse by adding that Bette will tell Tina about Dana but is definitely debating whether to tell Tina anything about her own situation. To what end? There are two different components to this tale. Well three if you count Bette’s plan to move forward and use a surrogate. Well four if you count the divorce. Well five if you count Carrie. Probably more. The timing has been messed up to be sure. And still is. And that is part of Bette’s constant dilemma.

        • Yeah well, I agree with the first 2 times but … she got married to Tina in New York, usually when we are together again we tell each other the “things” that happened between the first and the second relationship, plus she always said that she had changed, well, maybe not so much apparently …

          And your story is perfectly clear my friend (you’re good !) , Dana’s situation was very clear, I understand and agree with that part. If I were Tina I would feel betrayed, come on it’s the kind of thing you tell your wife because if you are hiding this, what else have you been hiding?

          To conclude, I would just say that in my opinion this is the kind of thing that made Tina break up, too much unsaid, too many secrets.

          Sorry for the long comments (and in 3 parts at that).

          • In Gen Q, Bette herself never says she has changed. Angie does not says it either. It has been written in various stories that Bette believes she has changed, but that is not cannon. In a conversation with Shane, Bette does say that her entire life changed when Tina left; even her body changed. That is she went into menopaused. But that does not indicate that Bette made a conscious effort to change her personality or habits. In fact in the same conversation, she indicates that she still after 2 years has no idea why Tina left her. So in Billy’s story, Bette is not the only one who is keeping secrets and not communicating.

            As to whether she should have told Tina or not? Well, morally, she probably should have. But in the end, what difference would it make? No efforts were made to use those eggs during their relationship. They were basically an insurance policy… always a backup plan. For me, I would be far more upset that Bette never expressed a desire to carry a child and had made an effort to communicate that desire 15 or 20 years ago. I would be dissappointed that she did not trust me with that information…..but in the end, I would have to accept that she didn’t tell me and therefore I could not respond. I would have a conversation about it and then that would be the end of. No need to cry over the shouda, coulda, or woulda(s) of life. Those things cannot be changed and no need to beat each other up over it. Time to address the relationship as it is now and how to direct my or our path for the future.

          • Posit: My Bette would die for Tina. That is Bette’s baseline. Would Tina do the same? How do you even measure that? Their crossroads have happened at so many differing times. Talk about star crossed. Why would Tina feel
            betrayed? When you are apart you are apart. Bette carried a major obligation for many years. Maybe she also carried Tina self inseminating to supposedly protect her as part of her insecurity? And not telling her about being pregnant? And telling everyone else about the first pregnancy except Bette and Dana? And Tina assuming Bette would not want to be pregnant? It’s not about secrets. Secrets implies being malicious. Was Tina malicious? Implies motive. Bette is afraid and they are both not good at communication. Obviously. Neither one is. Tina told Alice she was raising a baby alone. Had Dana lived Bette would have had a child without Tina. Alone. That will be brought up again. Bette was prepared to use surrogacy a second time when with Jodie. Again without Tina. Alone. It is what it is. I look at two missing pieces: that day when Bette brought up having another baby? There is more to the scene and it was cut. Next thing they are considering adoption. But what was said? What was not said? During Bette’s interrogation she is clearly upset that Tina never asked her. Even if you disregard those tapes, the character of Bette was upset about that. And that is my basis for part of Bette’s mindset. Bette had moved on from surrogacy. She wanted to be pregnant. And no, this is NOT the basis for Tina walking out without a word and marrying Carrie. Absolutely not. Bette went to Tina and told her she wanted to try to carry a child. Just as Tina was not willing to try another pregnancy Bette had moved past surrogacy. She didn’t trust it. And now, this third time? Again Bette is going to try it alone. Because yet again, Tina is gone from her life. I hope you can see that. Thanks again for your comment.

            • What a mess !

              OK I admit that Tina did leave 3 times and we still don’t know why she wanted a divorce but do you really think that Tina will not be at least upset about the eggs ? Have you ever been upset about an ex moving on and doing something (with someone or alone) that you both always wanted to do ?

              Well from what you wrote, there will be a second chapter, am I right or am I right ??

              • It’s tricky to be sure. I would love to private message you with ideas. I can imagine Tina being both a little angry that Bette did not bring up surrogacy in New York but also very sad regarding the lost time. Her experimenting with men and not being direct much sooner that she wanted Bette back – not stopping Bette going after Jodie. Star crossed lovers to be sure. And Bette isn’t doing this with anyone. She’s doing it alone. Very interested in your perspective.

    11. Absolutely loved this story. Marvelous job of connecting the original LWord storyline with a new possibility of “surrogacy” as an option for child bearing. Really, really appreciated how you kept Dana alive and completed the tapestry of her life with children of her own.

      Please keep the door ajar for continuance of this masterpiece!!

    12. Hi Deanna. Thank you so very much. That was my absolute goal. Take on the worst event in TLW and the worse event in Gen Q. Can you imagine all of the feelings that will be stirred in Tina? Once she sees these two little miracles they will own her heart. Alice as well. The possibilities!!!! So very many. I appreciate your very kind and supportive comments. Thanks again!!!

    13. Wow. What a story. It took my breath away. Firstly, you’re an excellent writer. I’d love to read more stories from you!

      I felt such a lump in my throat reading about the 2 little Danas, especially when Shane met Eliza. Such a nice touch for Harrison to be the sperm donor.

      The best quote – “until we have walked through this life in someone else’s shoes and experienced life through their eyes well none of us has a clue or any right to say one blessed word”

      Although Bette & Tina are divorced, my devoted Tibette heart will never believe they don’t end up together. Tina’s text gives me hope – “You don’t have to come all the way to Toronto. I have business in LA next week. Available on Wednesday after 4. Dinner? When and where?”

      • Hi there and thank you so very much. You are quite kind. This is a very personal story for me. Righting a wrong so to speak. We were robbed of Dana’s light. Don’t you think? And Shane? Shane is such a goner the moment she lays eyes on Eliza. Alice and Tina will be as well. I have pictures I patterned the kids after. They are indeed beauties. Bette and Harrison’s baby? Another beauty as well. And for that divorce? Ugh I said the word. That is just so wrong. So I had to have that text. There was just no choice. Right? When and where? Indeed. Thanks again.

    14. Hi Billy,
      First of all, I am so glad you overcame your nerves and posted this chapter. Trust me, I know how intimidating putting something out there that is so dear to your heart can be. But, you nailed two of the biggest mysteries in the L Word universe! The first being how quickly they not only wrote off and killed off Dana, without very much of a backward glance at her precious character arch, but how they never followed through with Bette’s desire to have a biological child. Those two omissions from the OG L Word were glaring mistakes, and with this story you have opened up such amazing possibilities for those two plot lines to really take life. I loved the dialogue between Bette and Shane. So effortless and so real! And to see Bette beginning to heal and find a path forward that, sadly, may or may not include Tina is so important. Because we know Bette’s character so well. And since she has so much love to give, it makes sense that if she can’t be with Tina and experience that all consuming kind of love that it would be so completely natural for her to channel all of that energy into a new baby. Her baby. This feels incredibly authentic to me and I truly applaud the work and the research you obviously did to make this storyline very realistic. I am so so excited to read more and to really get to know young Eliza and James. I can’t wait for you to post again. I am anxious to see Alice’s and Tina’s reactions to the revelation of Dana’s children and hopefully Bette’s revelation to Tina of her own egg harvest will make Tina realize how precious the family that she’s given up really is to her. I mean, how could she resist being in the life of a baby Bette Porter?! Impossible! This is a great piece, Billy. And your writing style is so thoughtful, just like I knew it would be from reading all of your wonderful comments to all of the great authors on this site over the last year. Keep it coming, my friend!


    15. RK,

      First of all congratulations of your return! So glad your are back. Second, I am overwhelmed by your gracious comments. As you know, I am a major fan of your writing and your talent. So your support means the world. Your comment is quite insightful and highlights exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Dana so deserves to live on and she is through Eliza and Jamie. And Bette deserves her baby, doesn’t she? Telling Alice won’t be easy. Telling Tina presents a whole different set of challenges. Have to get it exactly right. Tina and a Bette Porter biological baby? Definitely gets the brain going. Thank you once again for your kindness. I will never forget it. You are I indeed my friend. Billy

    16. Billy,. I totally agree with the other comments, and how we need to see more stories, or a continuation of this one, from you. My only difference might be that I continue to HOPE; hoping that Tina will come to her senses and come back to Bette, and that Bette will take her back to raise this new child together…. especially after Bette tells her about her plan with Dana and her surrogacy plans to be a mother again. I just cannot accept the callous monster person who no longer has profound feelings of love for Bette, let alone Angie; that wants to live a “new and different” life with someone she has known a much shorter period of time. That person is not the Tina that we “Tibetters” knew and loved. Our Tina was nowhere near that shallow. Her feelings for this Carrie, in my opinion, are more of gratitude than a committed love relationship. Again, I am hoping for this sort of twist in this sad tale of lost love.

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