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    Forged in Fire: Chapter 15

    Forged in Fire: Chapter 15

    On Sunday morning, Tina rushed around the bathroom of their hotel suite. She was finishing up her makeup in the mirror while Bette lay back on the couch in the sitting area. She hadn’t slept well and had been up early, packing up their things and making sure they were ready to hit the road. They would meet the framily in 15 minutes to share breakfast in the hotel restaurant before everyone got on the road to head back down to Los Angeles.

    Bette’s arms were clasped behind her head, her elbows out to the sides. In her mind, she replayed the words she’d spoken at Sidney’s memorial; going over that memory in detail. She was proud of herself. Happy that she could stand in front of a room full of people and hold it together. And pleased that Tina had been her steadying gaze in the crowd. She sighed contently, listening absently to the sounds of her girlfriend’s ministrations.

    “I’m almost ready!” Tina yelled.

    Bette smiled. “Okay, Baby. Take your time.”

    Tina frowned and her eyes darted toward the sitting area. “Take my time?” she repeated quietly.

    She must be feeling really good. Tina thought, marveling at her lover’s patience.

    “Tina, Baby, if we run late, I’ll just text, Kit. Okay?”

    Tina smiled. “Okay.”

    Bette wasn’t sure if her father would actually join them. She hadn’t heard anything further from him since he’d been asked to leave the night before. She’d vowed to keep her temper in check and remain poised, whether he was there or not. He couldn’t control her emotions. She was in charge of them.

    There was a brief rapping of the front door of the suite and Bette sat up, swinging her legs around. She was dressed comfortably in a pair of loose-fitting white chinos and a trendy rose-colored top. Her sandaled feet carried her to the door. She was still smiling, assuming her morning visitor would be her sister or nephew.

    “I’ll get it, Tina!” she called.

    “Okay, Babe. Be right there!”

    Bette swung open the door and said, “Good Morning!” before her eyes registered the identity of her morning visitor.

    Her smile quickly fell and her dark brown eyes opened wide, her mouth agape. She stared into the worn blue eyes that had once haunted her both in dreams and in waking nightmares. The hair that had once been a dirty blonde, was now grayer than anything and was pulled back into a sophisticated swoop, held in place with a red-lacquered clip.

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    1. Thank you for the chapter !

      If I remember correct – Bette’s mother left her in young age without even a word. And than Bette met her after more than 10 years, n her 19 Age old and even not confronted her mother about why she did it? Seems strange to me.
      But ok – interesting how they breakfast could go.

    2. Well, Janice’s return was at least more pleasant than Melvin’s chastising Bette the night before. Glad to see that she seems to accept that Bette is a lesbian and she was pleasant to Tina. Melvin has yet to acknowledge Tina as a part of Bette’s life. I know that Bette is absolutely stunned and that anger is a natural response under the circumstance. My advice is to take one step at a time and see what develops. There is bound to be a reason why Janice would keep up with Bette yet not try to see her. It may not be an acceptable reason, but Bette needs to take the time to find out. Bette needs some kind of relationship or some kind of closure with her mother. A relationship will take time.

      In the meantime, Bette and Tina need to talk about what happened at Tina’s job and the tensions going on there. Bette needs to know that Tina is willing to sacrifice her job for their relationship. It will give Bette a greater appreciation for how committed Tina is.

      Great story…. one of my favorites.. Look forward to reading more..

    3. Another unexpected turn of the plot, MTS. Didn’t think Bette’s mom would be a part of this “dimension” of the story. Great how you write Bette from stunned to happy to angry. That’s a lot to process.
      I hope there will be an explanation from Janice for her leaving. Maybe she will reveal that Melvin cheated on her multiple times, maybe even abused her (at least verbally) and threatened her in some way hadn’t she left immediately and without Bette. Like SassyGran I don’t like Melvin.

      His sudden apologetic behaviour on one day and then the usual Melvin-reaction after the service made me want to slap his face. I’d say he thought he could be generous in accepting Bette’s marriage to Sidney because now that she died he wouldn’t be confronted with the woman at his daughter’s side.
      Too bad that there’s Tina now.

      Hopefully Bette and Tina will get some time to talk with Bette’s mother.

      I’m with Martha on the job thing. Tina needs to talk to Bette about the situation. Even if…no when she will solve the situation smoothly and her boss will forget that he put her job on the line Bette should know about Tina’s pressure at work.

      Love it, love it, love it. Your story is part of my vacation entertainement – who needs Hawaii when there are so many fantastic Tibette writers like you who provide constant reading supplies :-)


    4. First my favorite two lines…

      “She just appears like Mary Fuckin’ Poppins! What in the fuck. ????????

      Tina’s legs fully wrapped themselves around her lover’s body as the flower between her legs began to open and beckon for Bette’s tender embrace.????????????

      The flower was a nice touch. I love descriptive words.. lol

      Loved that Mom just showed up and has been watching over her from a distance. Sad she did show again after their last meeting that’s a long stretch especially if Patricia knew how Bette was she could have used her much sooner.

      But still a very nice chapter. Breakfast will be interesting.. just hope Bette keeps her anger in check long enough to hear everything. But you know there’s always Drama. Thank you. And go fucking study!????

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