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    Forged in Fire: Chapter 24

    Forged in Fire: Chapter 24

    Lying naked in bed with her head resting against Bette’s bare chest, Tina held up her left hand and studied the ring on her finger.

    “It’s beautiful, Bette,” she said softly.

    “You’re beautiful. This ring had to be beautiful enough to be worthy of you.”

    “I love it. But I want you to know, I’d marry you with no ring at all.”

    Bette kissed her forehead. “I know, T.”

    Tina exhaled and cuddled back up to her girlfriend. “I’m glad you know.”

    “The band is platinum and the center stone is 2.5 carats. It’s ethically sourced. I have a little booklet for you with information about it, too.”

    “Babe, thank you.”

    “You deserve it, T.”

    After coming home from dinner, they had spent most of the night making love. It was nearing 9am on Saturday morning. Bette’s tummy rumbled and Tina smiled.

    “Someone is hungry,” said Tina.

    Bette grinned. “I shouldn’t be. I thought I ate plenty.”

    The blonde chuckled before straddling her fiancé. She looked down into the soft brown eyes. “As much as I love your tongue on me, my vagina is not sufficient nourishment.”

    Bette’s long, dark lashes dipped flirtatiously, and she bit her lower lip. Tina felt her body begin to tingle as her lover replied, “Who says it’s not?”

    “Don’t do that. You’re not playing fair,” said Tina.

    Bette reached up, cupping her girlfriend’s breasts, moaning slightly at the weight of them in her hands. The nipples hardened under her touch.

    “I’m always fair, T.”

    Tina’s eyes closed and she struggled to calm her rising desire.

    Bette’s cell phone rang and Tina used the momentary distraction to escape the pull of her girlfriend’s seduction.

    “No fair!” Bette yelled.

    “Answer your phone!” Tina replied.

    Thirty minutes later, they were sitting together at the kitchen table, eating a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and French toast.

    “Bette, I’ve been thinking about something this morning.”

    “Everything okay?”

    “Oh yes. I was just reflecting on why I was so angry about you talking to Davis Shah.”

    Bette shook her head. “You had every right to be mad, Tina. I should have told you. I should have let you handle it. I overstepped.”

    Tina sipped her coffee. “I suppose so. But part of me is touched that you wanted to smooth things over for me.”

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    1. Thank you for this chapter!

      And i like throwback to the original story – of course Bette you would be dating if you met in college, we already know that) And in other universe i believe they still dating

    2. Ahh, i forgot to ask about something – in this timeline Bette first approach this Tina because she remember her Tina from 86. But now she forgot about another student Tina – so why she thing she fallen for this Tina – it’s just love in first sight she think?

    3. Beautiful Chapter….. I like that Tina has resolved why she got angry over the Davis Shah incident and that she has been assured from Bette that she has no specific role in this partnership soon to be marriage. I’m afraid that she would be somewhat limiting herself if she really thinks that her primary role is that of protector. Her primary role is partner which includes all roles as needed or requested. Same for Bette.

      I am liking these two a couple a lot better than I did when the transition occurred. They have grown – they are kinder to people, more considerate of each other, more loving, and just plain wiser. Of course, they have been a through a lot of trauma and survived and moved forward. I think they ready for marriage. But they need to talk about children at some point. I hope they are on the same page with that…

      Thankyou for another lovely chapter…

    4. Thanks for posting, MTS.

      Well done, Tina, to tell Bette about your insecurity about your role in the relationship. That way she learnt that Bette loves her for being herself. Very heartfelt moment. Now Tina has to reveal what the interview is all about. Hence the fear of Bette leaving her because of her father?

      Nice detail with Bette’s reminiscence of her college time. The universe was probably smiling when she pondered on the ‘what if she met T at college?’. Yes, Bette, you would have fallen in love with Tina at college. In fact, in another time and place your soul found its mate in Tina early in your life. I’d like to think that a part of her soul still remembers her journey through time (and dimensions?) even if she doesn’t anymore.

      Their sexual want for each other is out of this world. The vibration thing? A tongue vibrator? Can’t wait when Tina finds out :-D

      Wonderful chapter to celebrate T + B’s engagement.

      Enjoy your weekend


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