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    Forged in Fire: Chapter 4

    Forged in Fire: Chapter 4

    Tina’s New York apartment felt lonelier than it ever had before. After spending the day refereeing highly paid actors and coaxing them into working together, she felt more like a kindergarten teacher than a movie producer. Her feet hurt from walking around in heels all day and as the door to the apartment shut behind her, she realized she was hungry. Though it was approaching midnight eastern standard time, and she’d just come from dinner, having to placate an artist during the evening meal had meant she’d had little time to actually eat the food on her plate.

    Dropping her shoes near the front door, she grimaced as her aching bare fit walked across the hardwood. She flipped on a few lights and plopped down on the tan-colored sofa in her living room. She lay back on the couch and stared at the photos of Bette she’d had installed on her walls. All remnants of her life with Henry had been shuttered. In his place was the beauty of the woman who owned her heart. Staring into the smiling face and chocolate brown eyes, the hazel pools watered. She’d been gone three days and Tina’s heart was aching for the woman she loved.

    Traveling for work and being away from Henry had been like being on vacation. But being away from Bette and falling into a cold, empty bed was more like torture. She hadn’t spoken to her girlfriend at all that day and as she formed her lips to tell Siri to call Bette, another call came through on her ear pods.

    The ringtone was that of her assistant/secretary, Pamela Caldwell. “What’s wrong, Pam?” she answered.

    Pam was short and petite with a raspy voice and short, curly hair. Her black eyes were sharp and she was often intense by nature. “Why do you assume something’s wrong?” asked Pam.

    “Because you’re calling me so late. You know better than to call me late. If you’re doing so, it’s because something is wrong.”

    “Well, you win clairvoyant of the day. Yes, we have a minor hiccup.”

    Tina sighed; her eyes closed. Her head was resting against the arm of her couch, her feet on the other end, crossed at the ankles. “And that hiccup is?”

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    1. This is actually a rather lovely chapter. Even though Bette and Sidney were definitely over as a couple, it hard to dismiss the years they were together. And even though Sidney did a despicable act in raping Bette, Bette had begun to move on with her life. Sidney was on the road to recovering from her problems as well. Her death was the result of a savage evil man – Steven Kennard. It is normal for Bette to feel sad about this untimely death of Sidney, a person whom she shared a very intimate bond at one time.

      Now what about Tina? When is she going to have her period of grief? When is she going to face her loss and her feelings of guilt which I can feel she has. Henry would not have died if he had never married Tina. Sidney would not have died if Tina had not met Bette. Kit would not have been struggling to recover from her serious injuries had she not been involved with Bette. But of course none of this is real because none of this would have happened if it were not for the choices of Steven Kennard. Tina has to come to grips with that. And she needs to take time to be a partner to Bette. And that takes communication.

      Bette and Tina and Kit need to come to an understanding as to what the future is going to be for Dylan. Its has now been six months since the accident and Dylan still has not seen his mother? The bruises and swelling would be gone unless there has been additional surgery. It’s time to bring Dylan in on what his relationship will be with his mother. And in my opinion, its past time.

      I am not a parent. But in my experience with parents who have decided to hide things from children, that once they find out the truth, its not the truth that causes havoc, it’s the maintaining the secret much longer than the child felt appropriate. The trust factor between parent and child is simply devastating. It’s a “you hid this from me, what else have you hidden from me?” And sometimes it takes years to repair that trust it ever gets repaired.

      Thank you for this story….and for this update. Love to see more.

      • Martha, it is always an honor when you provide an assessment of what’s happening within a storyline. Sometimes it highlights things I might have missed!

        You are spot on about Tina needing to grieve and face the losses in her life. While that includes Henry, it also includes her father and the version of her father that had known prior to all of this drama.

    2. It’s perfectly normal and understandable that Tina don’t like Carmen. I would like her too in that situation. What don’t understandable that Bette seems don’t understand it. How would she feels if Tina spend her time with her first woman (forgot her name) – her first love, working together with her, declared that she wanted to be friends with her.
      And second – don’t understand that Dylan still not seen her mother. It’s absolutely wrong. What if Kit don’t fully healthy she stopped been his mother, really?

    3. Beautiful. I could feel Tina’s love and I loved Carmen conversation with Bette. She needed to hear that. Thank you sad and Beet seems to be alone. But Tina rather Chris cant help it. But I do think it’s time to cut back some can’t have a baby working like that. Anyways I hope you’re safe.

    4. Thanks for posting, MTS. I like the insight to Tina’s daily schedule and to see how she is struggling with the demands of her job on the one hand and her desire to be with Bette on the other. I felt for Tina whe she came home to her appartement and didn’t feel the safety of it anymore. Even with lots of pictures of Bette she was only missing her love more. I hope it was a something like a key moment for Tina when she wanted to wind down after a stressful, demanding day and call Bette but she couldn’t. The job pulled her away once again. I really hope she’ll talk to Bette about it and think about her priorities. Bury herself in work to forget is one thing but she has to see that she is losing herself and her relationship as well. Please, please have Tina and Bette finally face everything they went through, what they feel, fear and need.

      You’re getting quite dramatic, my dear MTS. Love it!

      Stay safe and healthy

    5. You ladies are phenomenal. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. It’s encouraging. This Corona stuff feels like it’s ramping up. I mean, it’s such a distraction….I am having a problem writing. Now that’s bad. Anyway. I hope you are safe. And that you remain safe.

      And yes…the drama is underway…but know that I will deliver B&T safely to the other side. :)

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