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    Forged in Fire: Chapter 3

    Forged in Fire: Chapter 3

    “What the hell are you doing here?” asked Christina Anderson.

    Her older sister was standing by the entrance of the Chaikentown production offices on Monday morning at 7:45.

    “What the hell did I ever do to you?” asked Kaitlyn. Her arms were folded across her chest and her dark brows were knitted. Her dirty-blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail and a pair of dark sunglasses sat atop her head. She was wearing a black and white-striped long, t-shirt and black jeans. Her dark brown eyes were angry, dark circles under her eyes.

    “I don’t want to see you. I told you to leave me alone,” said Christina. She pushed past her sister and moved to go inside the building.

    Kaitlyn was behind her, keeping up with her sister’s rapid pace.

    “Okay, fine. We can do this out here in front of your coworkers or we can talk in private,” said Kaitlyn. She threw up her hands. “It’s up to you!”

    Christina turned around, her eyes narrowed in frustration. Today’s outfit was a crisp, dark-grey A-line skirt suit with black pumps. She was dressed to be the aggressive alpha she needed to be at work and that’s exactly the woman her sister was unknowingly getting ready to encounter.

    “Fuck it. Come in,” said Christina, gesturing to her office.

    Once inside, she closed the door behind them and turned on the lights before placing her things on her desk. She stood behind her desk chair, her hands on the headrest and stared at her unexpected visitor.

    “What do you want?” she asked.

    Kaitlyn shook her head and wiped at the errant tears that slid from her eyes. She hated that she was crying. That hadn’t been the way she wanted to start this conversation.

    “Why are you doing this?” Kaitlyn asked, her voice soft and laced with hurt.

    Christina gritted her teeth. “Doing what?”

    “Acting so distant. I didn’t do this! It’s not my fault. It’s not mom’s fault! We didn’t know what he was doing, Christina! You won’t see me. You won’t take my calls. You won’t return my messages. I need to talk to you. I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t know, Christina. No one knew!”

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    1. Thanks for posting, need more of this story.

      Been in Self Isolation for 10 days due to a cough and face another 12 weeks because I am over 70! Please continue to give escape from the real world!

      I must admit I wish TiBette were working more together but that perhaps reflects my situation

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      I don’t know if Tina was right when she talked with her sister (i think she definitely wrong when she trying to shut sister and her children from her life), but i know one thing – her hate for her father already become very serious problem for her and her relationship. Is Tina needs to forgive her father and close this chapter of her life – i don’t know. But i think she definitely needs to closure with her father – maybe even she needs to go to the prison and talk to him.

    3. Tina is definitely withdrawing from life – from Bette, from Dylan, from her sister and her family. Her anger with her father is spilling over into every aspect. Working those long hours knowing she is about to leave town for a week is a big flashing light that something is very wrong with Tina. She maybe upset with Bette because she will not discuss marriage and future, but Tina will not discuss what is going on with her and her behavior currently. All this work is an excuse and a crutch to avoid facing her own demons. She is planning some kind of revenge as she indicated with her sister and that is not a good thing. What she needs to do is establish a new relationship with her mother and sister based upon what they all know of the past and the fact that she is in a serious relationship with Bette. Tina has to talk to Bette and to understand what is going on currently – hurt and embarrassment of her father’s actions, hurt and anger with her family, the feeling of being somewhat responsible for Kit’s injuries, etc. Things are not going to get better with Tina avoiding confronting her feelings and thoughts.

      Give Mom and sister a chance to adjust their relationship to the new circumstances. If they refuse to acknowledge and honor her relationship with Bette, then make them a very distant relationship. Give mom and sister a chance to come clean with their own culpability with Stevens acts. Allow them to make them to express their situation and their own future intentions. If its not acceptable, respond accordingly. And for goodness sake – have an in depth conversation with Bette. Assuring each other that you love each other a lot does not resolve the conflict. And then leaving town for a week or two does not help.

      Tina will not move on to living the life of happiness and wonder by building walls around herself and not allowing anyone in. And Bette is in the same position. If Bette is not willing to talk about the future, then she needs to talk about the current situation and their immediate past. Until they look at these events and grieve for their losses and make it known that they do not hold each other responsible for what happened, then there is going to be problems. And getting lost in your professional life is not helpful…

      Thanks you for this chapter… I am in hopes that both Tina and Bette start to make moves toward each other and forming the appropriate relationship which will sustain them into the future.

    4. Ok I read but not at work busy and I left early.. I actually just read it while getting the oil changed in my truck lol.. great chapter and sad Tina is hiding something from Bette again .. not just her sister. I can feel it.. I think our miss Tina has another side to her Bette is yet to discover. oh and the sexy was ok.. lolbut it’s different like I said I can’t put my finger on it just yet but I’m thinking..

    5. Thanks for the chapter. I am not as isolated as SG but just listening or watching the news is so depressing. I look forward to each new chapter you terrific authors share with us. Thank you so much for helping to keep all of us reading.

      SG, please take care of yourself. Do you have family/friends checking on you and getting you supplies that you need? I don’t live close but if you have needs I am sure your lesfan friends here can find some help.

    6. Feels like Tina is in danger of creating a split personality. She seems to be seperating her Chris-Anderson-person totally from her Tina-Kennard-person.
      Chris is her tough work personality with little emotions, no emotional ties to anybody, no family drama in her past, just a workaholic. Tina is the loving mother and sexy lover who needs her girlfriend (wife) to ground her and lives in a bubble.
      But both personalities are ignoring everything bad and traumatic that happend in the past months. Well, Tina is afraid that Bette will leave her because of her past, her father. But she doesn’t really talk about all that happend.

      The the appearance of her sister at Chris’ “safe” work environement totally threw her. Very interesting that she had to leave her office because it became a reminder her of her father’s doings.

      As for Kaitlyn, she might not have known about her father’s business but she listend to all of the bigoted crap at her parent’s house and just went with it. Her mother might not have known much about her husband’s firm as well but I remember that it is her who is the bigoted churchwoman. In the beginning her father was not that extreme, right? Hm, well, guess I have to read the previous part again :-)

      I’m really intrigued with your story, MTS. More please!

      Stay healthy but with 7 rolls of tp you’re safe ;-)

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