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    Friend Zone

    Sam waited for an explanation. Tina explained how she had to tell Bette about their flirting and how Bette didn’t take it well at all. Sam looked down. Tina told her it wasn’t her fault but she needed to keep their relationship strictly professional until she figured out her relationship with Bette. Tina told Sam she thought she was an amazing human and this was no one’s fault but her own.

    “I’m sorry if I’ve been making things uncomfortable for you,” Tina finally said.

    “Not uncomfortable. I just didn’t know if I was messing up the movie or something.”

    “Nooo, not at all. This is all me and my baggage. I’m sorry I have been making it a weird environment. I will do better. I love what you are doing with the movie.”

    “Thanks. Oh and Tina?”


    “Bette loves you,” Sam said.

    Tina blinked in surprise.

    “How do you know?”

    “It was blatant when I met her briefly. The energy between y’all is palpable. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. I understand now why you’ve been acting weird.” Sam laughed.

    “I’m sorry.”

    “No need to apologize. Do what you need to do to. Maybe we can be friends once you and Bette have figured out your stuff.”

    Tina smiled.

    “See ya tomorrow, Tina.”

    “Bye, Sam.”

    Tina watched Sam walk away. She looked down at her phone again and decided to wait until she got back to the apartment to read it.

    Tina poured a big glass of Ice Wine and sat with her legs crisscrossed on the sofa. She took a big gulp of wine and let it calm her nerves as it traveled over her tongue and down her esophagus. She took several deep breaths. Tina finally clicked the message.

    Bette: Hi. The show is doing extremely well. Completely sold out and we’ve received great publicity. Yes, it wraps in 3 weeks. And then KiKi’s installation. James will be in Vancouver next week to prepare and ship the pieces we picked. Fingers crossed KiKi doesn’t try to change anything else. I have been eating. Shane shows up like clockwork with bags of food and random items magically appear in the refrigerator. Apparently, they don’t want to find out what “or else” means. How are you? I hope the shoot went well. ~B

    Tina sat with tears in her eyes. Hopeful.


    1. Seems like the swim helped Bette clear her head. I’m glad she’s got such a great group of friends. I really like Bette’s message to Tina. Kind of a breakthrough. I especially like that she mentioned about eating and interjected some humor. Very touching and sweet. Bette is reaching out. Progress, right? Now Tina needs to take Julia’s advice. With sex like you have written I can understand it might be difficult.On the other hand, Bette is having some pretty hot flashbacks. Hope the plan works. Very good chapter. More please. Billy

      • Thank you! Yes, a little progress on Bette’s part. She is so hurt and doesn’t know how to resolve it. But I think Tina’s messages are softening her and working in the garden is helping as well. I love the group of friends too. They always rally when one of them is in need. So beautiful.

      • Si. Esa es una excelente manera de decirlo. ‘Su alma todavía está herida’. Y ella no sabe cómo avanzar. Sabe que ama a Tina y la quiere en su vida, pero está asustada. Me encanta escribir este viaje. Gracias por leer.

    2. Thank you for the revisions… .This is a very good chapter… I believe Julie is giving Tina some excellent advice. Tina’s choices of taking this job in Vancouver and leaving town immediately without having a conversation with Bette has litterally put them where they are.

      Bette is really dealing with the cards she has been dealt rather well. She is fortunate to have the support team she has to keep her eating and to keep an eye on her during this time of stress. Her choice of swimming to release stress is a good one.

      I know Tina really cares about Bette, however, I hope she sees that sometimes her impromptu decisions sometime gets her more than what she bargained for. Getting time out of town definitively means time away from Bette and when it turns from a week or two into several weeks when the relationship is on the rocks could result in a permenant split. And in this case, Bill would like for Tina to move to Vancouver permanently. Fortunately, this was not what Tina wants for her life. If Tina wants Bette back, she still has to do a lot more work.

      Whatever plan Kiki and the gang have in mind, I hope it works. I hope that both Bette and Tina learn their lesson that they need to do what they can and need to do to provide time for each other no matter how hectic and chaotic life becomes. And most of all, I hope they both learn to get all the information available before making life altering decisions such as moving out and taking jobs in other cities.

      Very nice chapter…. thanks you…

      • You’re welcome. Thank you for your feedback. I love how angsty this story is and how Bette is dealing with the loss of Tina. Bette feels so deeply. It’s nice watching her navigate through her feelings. She always plays the part of being in control. I love seeing her out of control but dealing with it in a healthier way. The support system is huge.

        You’re right. Tina absolutely cares for and loves Bette. And she absolutely has a lot of work to do to win Bette back. I’m glad we are getting to see this process.

        Stay tuned. Part of the plan unfolds in the next chapter.

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