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    Bette hadn’t been to The Planet since the day of the meat-tagging incident. She purposefully avoided it because she didn’t want to deal with all of the vultures, she lied to herself. The truth was there were too many Tina memories at The Planet. Their first official date. The first time they held hands in public. Their third date. The time Tina surprised her with a birthday party. The time Tina stood on the counter and yelled ‘That’s my Bitch’ on a dare from Alice while pointing at Bette. Too many memories she hadn’t wanted to deal with until something shifted. Tina’s texts. The sexy flashbacks. The garden. The loneliness. The empty house. The culmination of everything awakened something deep inside her heart. Bette decided it was time for her to stop hiding and start being seen again. After all, she was Bette Fucking Porter.

    “It’s my Baby Siiiiister,” Kit sang as Bette walked through the door for the first time in several weeks.

    “Hi, Kit.” Bette smiled nervously.

    Her eyes darted around the room checking to see if anyone was gawking at her. She started having second thoughts and was about to turn around until Kit made her way around the counter and gave Bette a big, big sister hug. Squeezing her and kissing her on the cheek.

    Bette linked pinkies with Kit as she’d done countless times since she was a little girl. Kit immediately saw the trepidation in her little sister’s eyes and tugged at her pinky. Bette allowed Kit to lead her to her special table.

    “What’s going on, Baby Girl?” Kit asked as she squeezed Bette’s hand.

    “Nuh-nothing,” Bette stammered.

    Kit raised her eyebrows and twisted her lips. And she waited. Bette was well acquainted with that look. She knew Kit could stay like that for hours. They had many a face off in their younger years. Bette exhaled.

    “It’s Tina.”

    “I know. I can tell when my baby sis in a funk about the love of her life.”

    Bette looked up when Kit said those words.

    “Love. Of. Your. Life.” Kit repeated slower.

    Bette didn’t try to stop the tears from coming. Kit got up and started walking towards her office. Bette knew that was her cue to follow. Kit closed the door and allowed Bette to crumble in her arms.

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    1. You write a really good Bette and Kit. And Bette needs her big sister: “You’re my sister. Tee was supposed to be my…everything. But she betrayed what we had. Instead of talking to me, she shut me out. Instead of running to me, she ran away from. She promised she’d never run away. Instead of loving me, she gave up on us. You never gave up on our sisterhood. You are the reason we are in a good place. You never gave up. Tee didn’t even try.” Bette said through her tears.”

      Ugh! My heart breaks for both Bette and Tina but really hurts for Bette. You depict a Tina with a fairly quick temper who is quite opinionated. She’s actually quite a hand full. It will take her getting out of her own way to fix things with Bette. She can’t force this. I understand what Alice and crew are doing but I don’t like Bette being tricked. Like I said, this can’t me forced. Yet they do need to talk face to face and to do that they need to be in the same location. Let’s hope this turns out to be a positive move. We know Bette is hurting but maybe softening and probably wants to see her. Baby steps.

      Good chapter. Very good story. Vancouver here we come.

      • Thank you so much, Billy.

        The Bette and Kit relationship is instrumental to this story. The way they have navigated being sisters after some conflicts early in Bette’s adolescence sets the tone for how Bette chooses to walk in relationships. Her pitfall is hiding behind her walls, but with Kit as a sounding board and a mirror, she recognizes when she’s doing it fairly quickly which is why she was so hurt when Tina pushed her away. She tried to be there but Tina wasn’t in the space to feel Bette’s love. And that’s hard.

        I agree about the tricking but they’ve got to be in the same space…at least in the same city…heck the same country. Bette’s gonna be a lil riled about the trickery but hopefully, in the end, it has a great outcome. They have a long way back to each other and they are definitely taking the long route.

        I have outlined the next 3 chapters and it’s about to get rocky….but in a good way…hopefully.

        Thanks for reading.

    2. Really like the Kit Bette relationship and enjoyed this Chapter.

      Found James and Alice’s interaction very amusing too.

      Looking forward to Bette and Tina meeting again.

      Thanks for posting and more soon please

    3. Wow… I’m beginning to find this Tina somewhat irritating. – ransacking the house to find a Valentine’s gift? Getting irritated about what I would say was a perfectly fine text message? This girl thinks she some kind of deva or something? She seems a bit narcissistic – Bette should instantly conform to her wishes or she’s pissed? This girl needs to grow up and start accepting that people do not always behave in the manner we wish them to. Tina is not the center of the universe, no matter what she thinks. She needs more than patience – she needs some self discipline and realize that she needs to earn Bette back and a few text messages is only a knock at the door. Why is she such a spoiled child? Accept some responsibility for your own behavior Tina…. do something to show that you were wrong when you jumped to conclusions, ran out the door without a conversation, moved to Canada on a whim. And further you do not seem to be able to humble yourself into realizing how much damage you have really caused. Frankly, I believe you deserve to be suffering right now. Bette sure is.

      Good chapter… but wow…. what a spoiled child Tina is….

      • Yes!! This is exactly what I wanted to convey. Remember that episode when Tina flipped out and thought Marcus’s girlfriend was after her and she was super paranoid and kept calling Bette. This is a hat tip to that. Tina does need to humble herself and this next chapter might just be in the wake up call that she needs. LOL. I’m so happy her brattiness struck a nerve.

        Tina has apologized several times. But Bette needs more than that. Tina is going to have to show how sorry she is through her actions. Hopefully, I will be able to weave it just the right way. Fingers crossed.

        • Oh, you are so correct. That was very important for Bette and she dropped everything for Tina only to learn the girls had it covered and it was nothing. Tina didn’t seem sorry in the slightest. That always bothered me. Bette never got any credit for what she did. Brattiness. And, like Martha said, thinking she is the center of the universe. I’m glad you are going to have your Tina really have to confront her behavior. Patience is right! And your readers get the benefit of it taking some time. Write away.

    4. Awesome Story and sorry that i couldn’t find the time sooner to read and comment.

      Bette is so hurt and struggling with her opposed feelings, her love for Tina and her trust in Tina. Thank god, she has a lovely sister in Kit and her friends.

      I must confess that I think Tina is a spoiled brat who wants everything the way she wants it. Some self-reflection is still too much, she says to give Bette all her time, but in the meantime she is whining and doubting everything and it is difficult for her to accept advice. Tina, wake up and do some work on yourself before you try to win Bette back.

      Alice is an crazy woman, but good friend, who tries everything to get Bette and Tina into a room so they can mend their relationship, but Bette isn’t going to like this. The road to recovery will no doubt still be over rocks but in the end I hope they get their happy ending.

      Love your story!

      • Yes, Tina is struggling too. The POV of the story is through Bette’s hurt. But Tina’s hurt needs to be tapped into too. They both have unresolved issues from their pasts. Also, Tina’s brattiness was only exacerbated by the way Bette treated her. Bette adores Tina so much that she would do anything and everything for her. Tina knows this. But now, Bette is taking a step back and allowing herself to process her own pain. Tina doesn’t know how to navigate that. Bette has always been all about Tina until now. That’s why it’s so hard for Tina to accept that Bette is not forgiving her instantly or trying to make it all better. So layered.

        Bette isn’t going to like being tricked. But I’m hopeful she will understand why her friends have set her up.

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