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    Bette lay quiet in her bed.

    The room was dark save for the ballet of sporadic lights shining on her wide ceiling as cars passed in the street. The noise from their engine filled her ears. She longed for the other white noise in her life too, that of her beloved AC, but the current unbearable heatwave had just triggered another grid wide power outage; not even her ceiling fan was working to try and cool her down.

    She sighed and threw her arms over her eyes. She was restless unable to sleep from the moment she had laid down on the cool sheets. They had only been cool for the first few second it had seemed, soon heating up with the warmth of her body. She wanted desperately to blame her insomnia on the weather, however she knew it was a different kind of heat that kept her awake this time.

    It was not the high temperature or unbearable humidity that caused her to flip every two minutes in bed in search of the last cool spot but a foggy haze that threatened to overtake her. A growing burning in her lower abdomen, a rapidly expanding moisture firmly settling at the apex of her thighs which she knew right now was ruining her favourite white lacy boy short.

    Her breath came out short and slightly laboured, like a pant every time the image of the blonde appeared in her mind. It was intolerable. The heat that coursed through her body seemed to taunt her, beg her. How she hated to be taunted and how she loved to be begged! And playing out this scenario was possible and near oh so near.

    She looked over to her phone she had thrown on the mattress next to her. Her finger hovered over the touch screen and it lit up casting a blueish hue into the room.

    She could call her, ask her like she had so many times before.

    A sigh escaped through her frustration closed throat. It sounded like a wounded cry. She hated this addiction she had for the beautiful blonde and at the same time loved the way it made her feel almost feral.

    Flipping onto her back, she made the decision to just give in where she was. She brought her hands up to her neck and let them rest there for a moment. Her skin was cool to the touch and damp in the humid air of her bedroom. She let them slide then slowly downward, towards her breasts. She had not bothered with a top preferring the simple cool statement of a semi-nude sleeping attire consisting solely of panties.

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    1. This is what happens when BETTE lets her mind and hands take-over and TINA is one lucky lady to be the recipient of all that pent up frustration .Let the girls continue afterall BETTE wants to stay.E.njoyed the hotness

    2. That was indeed gratuitously sexy.Im pleased tho that it became more than that.That altho Tina was expecting the brunette to call her they both realised that this time was more than just satisfying each other’s needs.That indeed they became to realise their feelings for one another went further than that and that Bette decided she wanted to stay.The start of Tibette love.
      Great piece of sexy writing Kins my dear friend.Loved it….xx

    3. Triple wow, God that was indeed gratuitously sexy .

      I am glad I didn’t read it when i was working, need a cold shower!

      B&T , it is always more than satisfying their needs . Glad that they admitted that, not in words, but that is not always needed.


    4. Mother of God !! jesus in the cause Kins !!
      gave to lack air, Phew! I had to drink a
      bottle of water that I have kept for
      another story, but the income was too much and drink the whole bottle
      with ice water.
      Wow! that NC 17 perfect, very sexy, very
      hot, it was a provocation.
      You will have more chapters! Please!!
      The entire constellation !!!

    5. Merciful heavens kins you are one terriffic writer. That was more than awesome!!! Please tell us that was just a trial chapter and more will come later. They both want more, please give it to them and us. They are and have been developing feelings for each other. So happy you did not let Bette leave. Thanks so much.

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