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    Finale – Frozen Beginning


    Bette let the heavy fabric of the curtain fall back to cover the tall window.

    “I think he is gone,” she said rather satisfied with herself before turning back towards Tina. “Let’s take a seat so we can talk.”

    “I may be old fashioned,” Tina replied back angrily, “But I thought that breaking and entering was illegal. And No! I don’t want to sit down.”

    “When I heard you come in, I thought you were drunk,” Bette ignored Tina’s irate tone, “He could have taken advantage of you.”

    “I am not drunk!”

    “Are you sure because you look kind of flushed to me!”

    “If my face looks flushed it’s because you infuriate me. Why are you here and how did you get in?” Tina asked again, taking a stance, her hands on her hips.

    “Take a seat… please.”

    “I will not! How dare you order me around in my own home? How did you get in?”

    “How do you think I got in?”

    “You tell me.”

    “I will answer you as soon as you take a seat.”

    Tina huffed and let herself drop in the plush soft seat nearest to her ignoring the fact that her skirt rode up a little as she did so. Her anger had her fixating a spot on the wall directly in front of her and she did not notice Bette’s eyes as they worked their way up a pale thigh and the small clench in the brunette’s jaw as she did so.

    “I came in through the main door and disabled the alarm with the code your father gave me.”

    “My father?” Tina’s head whipped around.

    “Yes. He knows I’m here. Why are you dressed like this?”

    Baffled by the question, Tina eyed the financier silently.

    “You look….” Bette let her words hang.

    “What. What do I look like?” Tina’s voice was rising again pulling discreetly on her skirt.

    “Figures.” Bette huffed. “Hoping to attract a few admirers, were you?”

    “How dare you?” Tina screamed at the brunette.

    “I hope you did not let this imbecile touch you?”

    “He is not an…” Tina prepared to defend Henry but seeing how Bette stood with her fists clenched by her side and a look of utter fury on her face, it gave her a real sense of satisfaction.

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    1. So good to see a update! But did it had to be the last one :-(

      But the promise you made to return is making me happy.

      Bette totally deserved that slap, i certainly could feel and hear it.

      Awesome story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    2. Thanks for giving us this wonderful story! I like how Bette finally dropps her slightly arrogant behaviour and sacastic remarks and finally confesses her feelings to Tina. Although she already kind of did that at the end of chap. 8, didn’t she? I love the elevator scene when Bette whispers “I cannot forget” to Tina. :-)
      I’m a little sad that FB has come to an end but I’m happy to read that you already work on new stories. I think you are a very talented writer and I enjoy your stories immensely.

    3. Damn life! Unfortunately this story came to an end ..
      Bette finally opened her heart to Tina, is
      that slap, ours! Bette well it deserved.
      It was a perfect end with pregnant Tina.
      Congratulations for this NC 17 was wonderful !.
      You are an excellent writer.
      The complete constellation.

    4. Aaaaw so pleased it all worked out in the end.At one point there I thought
      Tina was going to rebel and tell Bette where to go.Loved the slap.Bette was so arrogant at times.So full of herself..but in the end she managed to sweet talk Tina
      and profess her true feelings for her.
      A lovely NC17 ending.Lovingly told.
      Great last chapter Kins my dear friend.A true Tibette ending…xx C

    5. Yeah, I’m thinking you didn’t tag me with this posting since my 44 page vs. your 9 page and 18,000+ written word vs. your 3,800 written word post is no fair trade.

      You’ve got more work to do, my dear. I’ll wait patiently for those 2 new docs you’ve got in the works.

    6. I’m really sad to see this end, this was a portrayal of Bette and Tina that always had us wanting more. A pity we didn’t get to see more of their life together. Maybe we could have a few snippets of their life, before and after their marriage and pregnancy? Here’s to hoping! And even if that’s not possible, I’m glad to know you have other stories in the works! I’ll read anything you write. :)

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