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    Honeymoon Bliss

    ’I’ve always loved how that sounds.’ With her fingertip she traces my bottom lip. The wedding band on her ring finger a reminder that I’m not dreaming anymore.

    ’Me too.’ I kiss every finger of her hand deliberately.

    She sighs contently and wraps her leg around my waist. ’How’s my wife feeling this morning?’

    Every beautiful thought about love is already said, written or captured in some form of art and then there are my feelings for her. ’In love.’ I understate against the sensitive skin of her neck. Adoring hands wander, convincing me she feels the same. The choice to marry her again was an easy one, I’ve never felt being anything else than her wife anyway. The rings a symbolic way to show the world the bond between us, that has a reality that only the two of us can see.

    ’And all mine.’ She says gazing dreamingly into my eyes.

    I lie on my side, propped up on my elbow, hand supporting my head and smile at her. ’That I most definitely won’t argue.’

    Biting her bottom lip she looks at me as if I’m her whole world. ’My god, can you be any more beautiful?’ Her heart beats stronger against my palm before she urges me to lie back on top of her. The messed up sheets brush against my back as the sensual body beneath me, that I know better than my own, captures me tighter as a promise to never let go again. The thing about once in a lifetime is, risking it all and knowing that if you loose it, there’s an endless void of nothing. It’s as fragile as just fallen snow and delicate as the finest fabric. I learned if you don’t handle it with care and nurture it with love, it melts away.

    ’Hey, where are you?’ She lift up my chin and searches my face, with the sixth sense she has for me.

    ’How do you do that?’

    ’What? Read you?’

    ’Even more, feel me.’ I reply and her eyes shine with the pride of knowing once in a lifetime while she just waits, her hands tenderly caressing my face, as tenderly as her ever patience caresses my soul. ’I vowed to love and care for you for the rest of our days.’ I continue. ’My time and my love for you are all I have, they are both eternally yours. And so, I just vowed to myself to never take you and our love for granted again.’

    Outside the waves of the endless azure blue sea sing a romantic lullaby as the sun seems to slow the pace of time. While inside she whispers sweet nothings into my ear of which I will never know why they are called sweet nothings as they mean everything coming from her. Every tone, each word and every touch adds to the infinite roll of memories of us together, igniting an everlasting flame that speaks of magic and legend. I guide her lips to mine and as our tongues sway a dance that only we know, her soft moans plea to stay like this, as a lifetime will not be enough. No wonder I’m not a writer, because I could never cover it all in one book.


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