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    Desert Rose

    Desert Rose

    The Texas sun was beating down without any mercy on a Friday morning, as the smoke curled up from under the hood of my black Mustang 1964. Never before the old timer had let me down. Surrounded by pastures of arid grass, the occasional cactus and dirt I resigned to faith and sat down on the trunk of the convertible watching the desolated crossroad. My journey had started a few weeks ago, tortured by a writers block and the uninspiring surrounding of picture perfect LA I had packed my bags and told my publisher my usual, I’m going off grid for a while, don’t call me, I’ll call you. Cruising the Southern States, the pull of crossing the Mexican border and disappearing with the down payment, grew stronger. But carrying that one book inside of me, that brilliant best-seller that the world just had to read kept me hostage and on track. I wiped my eyes when a blue horse truck loomed in the heat mirage on the road ahead and the soft neighing confirmed I wasn’t hallucinating. Jumping down, I raised my hand, anticipating an air-cooled cabin and a friendly stranger to tow me to the next garage. For a moment he slowed down and I waved, licking my dry lips thirsting for a cold beer. But then he honked, and the baby blue horse truck flashed by, the wheels kept on rolling and covered me in a giant dust cloud. ’Asshole!’ I spit out the sand.

    Annoyed and with a bruised ego I lifted the duffle back over my shoulder and took my inseparable notebook from the passenger seat. Standing in the middle of the crossroad I spun around, four empty roads to choose from, each leading to the unknown. A sucker for leaving life up to chance, I closed my eyes and waited for a sign. The fluttering of wings compelled me to glance through my eyelashes. A crow crowed before landing on the road that led South.




    The scenery started to change, the pastures became greener and here and there a Desert Willow provided some shade. I had finished the last drops of water about an hour ago and my feet started to protest. Out of nowhere my ears picked up on the drums of hooves hitting the dry ground in a fast gallop. A flash of a rider on a horse appeared and disappeared behind the rocks. Strains of blonde hair waved from under a cowboy hat as the rider spurred a golden dun horse on.

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    1. Wow…. what a story… lovely… romantic and in some ways heartbreaking. Tina finds her way to Bette. An amazing story… lovely. I am not sure I have enough superlative to say what this story did for me.

      Now… there are 6 copies of this same story…. You might want to delete 5 if they are truly duplicates. Go to My Writings and pick the ones which you want to eliminate and send to Trash. Then click on the Trash button at the top and check all those you want to get rid of and sent to Permanently Delete. That will clean up your files and leave only the story you want and it will be maintained forever. It will also help the reader in that they won’t think its 6 different versions of the same story.

      Thanks for this lovely story….

    2. What fabulously deliciously penetrating story.

      Different . . . E R O T I C.

      Two women so complicated . . . willing to separate . . . perhaps 4ever in this world cosmos.

      Only to find that they were MEANT to live . . . as a family . . . right now.

      Brava!!!! my friend!!! Whatever U create next, WE’LL be waiting!!!!!!

    3. This is fantastic. I was up until 2am reading and re-reading. This is a story that sits with you the next day like an old friend. I loved it. I could picture the very air simmering around them, the angst and longing from Tina, the patience and resilence from Bette. One walking away, the other letting her go. AND a happy ending. Goodness. Thank you!

    4. I truly loved this story, I felt very heartbroken at the idea of two people so in love living apart and pretending nothing ever happened. So happy they found their way back to each other. You write amazing stories!:)

    5. This story was absolutely AMAZING!!! From the beginning you grasped my attention and didn’t let go. Whatever concerns you have for your English, please don’t because you write beautifully!!
      This story had everything in it…suspense, love, heartbreaking, excitement, fantasy, sensuality, just everything. I absolutely loved it.
      Please write more!!!

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