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    I Will Always Be There For You (Short Story)

    “I don’t know what I want anymore…after this, the fans, the outcoming result…”

    “You are always good at what you are doing, you knew it, all you need is to trust yourself, be more confident. You can do it.”

    “I don’t know about that,” The brunette chuckles. “It’s just…it’s so tired to be strong all the time, smiling in front of the cameras, pretending to be the one who’s perfect…it’s hard, to tell others what I really feel, my weakness, my fear…”

    “So tell me, I may have missed the chance all these years, but we can start now, just like old times, when you came to me, took some photos, and we chatted the entire night.”

    “Yeah, good old days, huh?”

    “That’s why I came back, even though I’m too busy to be here with our friends, I do miss those times..”

    “Yeah, I did horrible things to you.”

    “And so did I, even if I knew you didn’t want to interfere with any of my work.”

    “No, please…don’t ever think of that…”


    “In this life, you may only meet a confidant who knows you, and you also understand her, but ultimately you cannot be together for many reasons.

    I hope that once this certain brunette, my favorite person, appears in my life, maybe just finally, you will be the only love of my life.  

    I don’t know how the situation will become. I don’t know whether if the decision would be right. I am full of complexity and contradiction. I think I’m still deeply in love with you, but I don’t know.  

    But I know one thing, either or not you’re in the crowd, this memory will always stay with me.”


    “What should we do now? I mean in front of the others?”

    “Maybe just be who we are.” The blonde shrugs. “Like what we are doing now?”

    “Exactly.” The blonde woman nods. “Let the past be the past, baby, No matter whether it is sweet or painful, it is the period that ended.”

    Taking in a tender moment where reconnecting, the blonde woman slowly leans down, pressing a soft kiss on the brunette’s lips, then forehead.

    “I’ll always be there for you, Jen, always.”


    “How much I look forward to our hands clasped and slowly walked into the public, not seek the envy of others, but the ordinary happiness.

    It wasn’t the loss of your love that matters to me.

    It is endless goosebumps and moving echoes of your soft voice.


    Completion of true love, Is not always being together forever,

    Even if it was the love that cannot be completed,

    Even if it was only short-term love,

    It could also be regarded as true love.


    Love always,





    1. Hi CJ:

      Wonderful story, very beautiful, very touching especially these days.

      Yes, in the show, Tina is back, perhaps, as it seems to be, she left because she was “suffocated”, but she will always be there for her family, Bette and Angie. But hopefully, if Bette changes and gives her some space it may be a chance to come back.

      Which means: in life, don’t lose your hopes.

      Ooops, sorry for the spoiler.

      Thanks, my friend for this gift, I know you’re busy, but hope to see you here more frequently, hopefully with a new story.


    2. Thank you for the story!

      I still don’t understand why they need to divorce Tibette on the show. Because this reason they gave to us – “Tina need to know who she are” and “she needed her space” – i might believe in them if it was after s1 TLW, but not after s6.

      But you story about Laurel and Jennifer, like i understand. It’s unusuall and interesting. We never will know if something happen in RL between two of them, but i’ll say it doesn’t not matter. I’m just gratefull both of them for our Tibette.

    3. Thanks CJ for this lovely story. It is wonderful to see Tina coming back for Bette and not just for Angie alone. Thank goodness for writers like you where we are always guaranteed a happy ending for our beloved Tibette.

    4. It’s been a while since I’ve read a story written from the perspective of “Jennifer & Laurel” and why not?!!

      The intrigue and wonder of these two as the “real life” persons we were introduced to 14+ years ago has never subsided because they fearlessly played their characters with so much “believability” the lines btwn “is it real or just good acting” seemed to blur as we watched.

      Tibette was clearly a committed couple in spite of grave mistakes & shortcomings. It felt like they loved & were “in love” with one another and that vibe was caught on film. Or maybe it was brilliant editing. I don’t know.

      I’m just saying that for me, Tibette remains the most awesome couple on the big or small screen 😍😍

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