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    The Most Distant Course (Final)


    Chapter 45 The Most Distant Course (Final)


    Five years later, LA.

    “Los Angeles has been very good to me, and I believe it’s my turn to give back to the city that I loved so much. I am a woman, I am a mother, I am gay, I’m the lover of my girlfriend…I understand people’s needs more than others…With that…I will give out all my best to make LA into a better place.”

    The huge spotlight hit on her face, loud cheers greeted the conclusion of the speech, the hall resounds with stormy applause.

    “Thank you, Ms. Mayor,” The host holding a microphone, returning to the stage. “What a speech, wow! Almost make me burst into tears!”

    “Thank you for having me, Alice.”

    “The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Mayor,” The host, Bette’s old friend Alice Pieszecki winks at her. “Is there anyone here who wants to ask Mayor Porter any question?

    A woman in the audience raises her hand and stands up.

    “What’s the motive of you becoming a mayor? I’ve heard that you were a really successful detective before.”

    “Indeed, I was doing well when I was a detective.” Bette nods. “However…during those times, I saw too many people, who were struggling for their rights, for safety, and for their freedom, some were still suffering in the dark but we cannot allow that to happen to them and even more, we misunderstood them believing they were doing bad things, while all they were trying to do was to survive.”

    The brunette stops for a moment, the recording scene is so quiet, everyone is listening carefully for what she’s saying.

    “I’m trying to fight for those who lost their rights…” The mayor looks around the audience. “Lesbians, gay communities, handicapped people, who have been bullied and…for those who are being forced to commit crimes, not all of them are bad people, most of them turned into who they are today due to discrimination, hurt and poverty, not everyone gets a chance like us to have a nice life, sitting in here, enjoying a show… I believe they deserve a second chance to redeem their lives and to make that happen, I couldn’t do it if I was still a detective…”

    It is a deep, and serious speech, and only some of those who have been through the ups and downs could understand, but it was alright. Bette knows it’s not easy, and surely there will be protests and questions from people all around, yet the most difficult part is always the beginning, at least she’s trying.

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    1. Author note:
      It’s been for more a year since this story came out, thank you for all of your support, feedback, and comments, it’s truly been a long while. I wasn’t expecting I could continue for this long, there had been ups and downs, especially for my lack of experience of writing and the poor language did annoy some readers, but still, all your replies and messages gave me hope and courage to continue.
      And now the new show is starting, though Laurel wasn’t in it I believe she will want us to support the new show, even though it cannot compare with the original.
      Special thanks to Bibi28, SassyGran, and especially proteonomics, who gave a lot of advice for the story and the grammar checking, thank you for the special contribution for this story.
      Last but not least, I will try to keep writing another new story, but there’s a bunch of ideas I want to write but the time is the issue, if you still want to read my story, please don’t hesitate to tell me, I would really like to know what genre you would like to read.
      Again, thank you so much.
      Love Laurel.


      • Hello CJ. You took us on an amazing journey with this story. It’s one of the most creative and intriguing plots I’ve ever read. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and hope you will entertain us with another story soon. Any genre you choose is fine as long as it’s Tibette. It’s funny because I don’t usually read teenage Tibette stories and that is what I expected this one to be, so I almost missed it. Glad I decided to give it a try. Thank you for sharing your talent. The finale was perfect. I like that you incorporated some of the new show making Bette the Major. I agree even though Laurel is doing her art and hasn’t returned to acting she would want us to support the next generation and iteration of the L Word. Take care. Happy Holidays, and come back soon.

    2. Hi CJ:

      A wonderful ending of this beautiful story, Bette and Tina together, giving us hopes that a lesbian relationship can thrive no matter how bad the dark and negative forces around want to smash their bond because if you have love in your life you have the strength to face the world and make the difference.

      Very touching the remembrance of their youth when they were in high school, well I stop this or I’ll get emotional.

      Yes, it’s hard to end a story, especially the ones where there are adventures, hard and sweet moments, drama and romance, it feels like you are leaving part of you, and this is something that readers hardly can totally understand; as a writer, I’d say that it’s like you are saying goodbye to something very close to you, something that is part of you, and even if all those stories have different meaning for each writer, on each of that, we put a significant part of us in them.

      I hope you start posting your new story soon, I’ll be following you, my friend.

      Thank you very much for this.


    3. Hi CJ,

      What a beautiful end to this story!

      I loved that you refered to the show that is on tv now and other lines you used from the original The L Word.

      It was quite a journey you took us readers and our favourite couple Tibette.

      But at the end they are finally the family they wanted to be.

      So glad that Shane is alive and back in Tina’s life after so many years apart.

      The songs you used and the poem, just amazing and so fitting!

      I really hope you will find the time to write another story, the one we already talked about in private!

      Thank you for sharing this story with us!!!

      Xxxx 😘

    4. A very beautiful ending for a very beautiful story. I have been enjoying this story from the very beginning. Thank you for sharing this story with all of us. I will definitely follow your other stories. Keep on writing Crystal.

    5. I enjoyed this story and appreciate the beautiful ending. I have read many stories and I find that large numbers are simply incomplete. People either do not have desire to complete their, or they run into a brick wall with their story line or life just gets in way. In the words of most everyone I know – it happens. Thank you for taking the time to write and complete this story. I hope you will continue to write and make contributions to this website. I want to keep Bette and Tina alive as long as we can. I look forward to whatever you publish in the future. My best wishes for your future.

    6. Thank you so much for this amazing story.
      There were times at the beginning that were difficult for me to read
      as I am very much against people doing drugs, So I would skim over
      some pages but I am glad I was able to stick with your story.

      I am looking forward to reading your next story. hopefully it will be filled
      with love, fun and adventure.

    7. Thanks CJ for this amazing story. I enjoyed every twist and turn of the the plot and read with great satisfaction when the pieces fell into place. Your ending was a perfect one for our beloved Tibette. It is how it should be, Bette as the mayor, Tina by her side as her wife, raising their children together.

      I look forward to reading your next story. I love Tibette stories and you write them so well.

    8. Hi CJ!
      Congratulations on finishing your story and thank you again for sharing it with us. I agree your writing is at times a bit unorthodox but you do write beautifully. You are an amazing writer and storyteller. Thank you for bringing this story to a close and happy ending for our favorite couple. I’m planning on reading this story again, because I enjoyed it so thoroughly. It’s just such a beautiful love story…. they lost each other several times but finally got together at the end. Loved the poem to end it. Thank you so much and please keep writing! I look forward to seeing a new story from you.

    9. Hi CJ,
      I am a silent reader, had been following this story when you first post a year ago. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story. I love reading this story. You are really amazing in your writing. Feel happy that it’s a good ending for our favourite couple. I hope you will come back soon for another great story.
      Merry Christmas and have a great festive season!

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