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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    ”I know it’s hard, Bette…” Shane said quietly, her head hung low. ”I get it, I really do…”

    No sound came from the woman that lay motionless on her side with her face turned away from Shane, toward the sofa’s back. Shane had let herself in, for the door hadn’t been closed, and since then had been trying to talk Bette into getting ready to go to Marcus’s funeral.

    ”Trust me I don’t wanna go either. I’m mad as hell at his death,” Shane explained, ”but we gotta pay our respects to him, he deserves it.”

    Shane stared at Bette’s back in hopeful expectation, but the brunette refused to respond.

    Running a hand through her hair, Shane heaved a sigh. ”Please, Bette, right now you have to find strength to get it done. Somehow, somewhere. I’m fucking begging you, please find it. You know you have to.” She then rose from her feet and advanced toward the balcony. ”I’m going for a smoke and then I’ll leave.”

    When on the balcony, Shane received a call from Tasha.

    ”Where’re you? The service begins in five minutes. Everyone’s here already.”

    Shane lighted a cigarette and leaned against the railing. ”I’m afraid we’ll only make it to the cemetery. I’m at Bette’s.”


    ”I’m trying to get her to start getting ready. There’s a good possibility she won’t go at all.”

    ”That bad?”


    ”Arnodelo is here, he asked about her. He sounded displeased. Said she hasn’t been returning his calls.”

    ”Shit,” Shane shook her head.

    ”So you have to make her come to the cemetery at least.”

    ”I know…”

    ”Good luck. I’ll go now. See you.”

    Shane took time to finish her cigarette before she would go and make one more attempt to talk sense into her friend. She was sure Bette would hate herself in the future for missing an opportunity to say her last goodbye to Marcus while she still could, in a certain sense. That was what Shane needed to make clear to Bette as of now.

    Turning around to stub her cigarette out, Shane jumped slightly, startled. There at the balcony doors stood Bette, already dressed in all black. As soon as Shane took a closer look at Bette’s face, she instantly felt deep compassion for her friend. Bette appeared faded and wrung out, like a worn rag, her thin face sunken with shadows beneath her eyes. Even though there were no signs of crying, for her eyes weren’t red or swollen, but they were hollow and soulless, which made Bette’s mental and emotional health seem even more disturbing.

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    1. proteonomics says

      Hi Valerie:

      This is sad as you said, but it’s also a great story, Marcus has been murdered and his killers are dead, apparently, it was Arnodelo who planned his death and he may go after Bette and Shane.

      What bothers me is that one of the killers said (before dying) that they had the protection of the cops, which for me it could mean that Arnodelo wants to show that Bette alone with her gang is the criminal head behind the drug trafficking, because, in that way, he will have a break from the police persecution, while Bette and the gang are murdered making appeared as it was a fight among gangsters.

      Now, honestly, I think we have reached the point in which Bette and Shane have to make a decision, and I trust you, Valerie, that you will lead us, sooner or later, in this wonderful, and amazing rollercoaster-story to a happy end.

      Thank you so much for this excellent and heartbreaking story, I will be waiting impatiently for the next chapter.


    2. Bibi28 says

      Hey Valerie,

      I am excited for the update, but i will read it in a few days. I need some happy and sweet and not sad and dark.

      I truly enjoy your story and will follow it to the hopefully happy end.

    3. Bibi28 says

      Hey Valerie, i just read the chapter and boy you were right about warning us it was a sad one.

      Especially the end where Tina took Bette in her arms and she finally broke down.

      I still trust and hope that you stick to the title and that you will not let us and Bette fall.

      It will be interesting to read how you are going to let Bette leave this mess and hopefully start a new life with Tina (and Shane) in Auckland. But that is my wish, maybe you have another end for this incredible story.

      Thank you so much for for this incredible story!

    4. strelets3 says

      I read the post 5 days ago and I’ve been contemplating about it since then. I definitely simpathize this Bette Porter, but I can’t decide for myself wether this is becouse it is still our Bette even if in a different incarnation, or because the circumstances of her life are so that we can’t help feeling pity for this woman. So what do you think, would we still like the main character if it were not Bette Porter ?

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