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    Butterflies in the Stomach

    ”Welcome to my humble abode,” I say as I hold out my hand, inviting Tina in.

    She ushers the dogs inside and commands them to sit. Straightening her disheveled hair, she follows me further into the apartment. When hearing her snort in laughter, I turn and see her looking around in awe.

    ”Keyword humble,” she mutters.

    I smirk and let her admire the place without my witty remarks. I bring her into the bathroom and leave her side to get bath accessories.

    ”I don’t really have to take a shower, you know…” she utters in a meek voice when I come back and hand her a set of fresh towels and a white terry bathrobe. ”I’m almost dry anyway.”

    I tilt my head to the side and eye her in puzzlement. She looks lost. ”What’s the matter?”

    She shrugs, looking at the floor, her footwear, her hands, practically anywhere but me. ”Nothing. I just don’t want to inconvenience you, that’s all.”

    ”Hey,” I call her softly, putting my forefinger under her chin to force her eyes to meet mine. ”In what way are you inconveniencing me?”

    She shrugs again. ”What if I spoil something? I bet these towels costs five times what I earn in a month… I mean, it’s not only just that. I’m not really that wet anyways. So…”

    I let out a gentle laugh and shake my head. I’ve never in my life met anyone as fascinating as Tina. This personality of hers is something new to me, it challenges me, exites my curiosity and, of course, sparks all kinds of desire within me, whether it’s intellectual, sensual or emotional. I’m dying to explore her world that seems to be so beautiful and extraordinary. I want to cognize her.

    Putting down the bathrobe and keeping the towels, I take Tina’s hand and guide her out of the bathroom. ”Come with me for a sec.”

    I bring her back to her dogs that are still sitting obediently in the hallway. I give Tina one of the towels before I crouch down to Sophie and begin to thoroughly wipe her little feet with the towel. Out of the corner of my eye I can see that Tina is standing without moving from the spot. Not breaking from wiping the dog’s feet, I look up at her. She is frowning at me and appears to be disgruntled about something, but I decide to ignore that and play with her instead.

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    1. proteonomics says

      Hi Valerie:

      That was wonderful chapter; your stories always lift my mood, what a nice and humorous afternoon at Bette’s apartment; that was really hilarious, I love this story; indeed, though being almost the opposite one of the other, I love both of your stories.
      I think Bette is lost, she is totally infatuated for Tina, and I think she is going to keep falling more and more for her.
      They come from so different worlds and, as when they talked about their hairs, each of them feels attracted to some aspect of the other, I’ll say they may complement each other. I like that Tina is looking at Bette in a friendly way, maybe more than that, she mentioned about her beauty and her body; which lead me to think Tina already ‘checked’ on the brunette.
      Careful Bette the best hunter can also be hunted.
      What a great chapter, please Valerie, update soon, I’ll be eagerly waiting for the updates of your stories


    2. Bibi28 says

      Hi Valerie,

      I don’t think i have more to comment after proteonomics comment above. She already mentioned what i thought.

      I really enjoy this story, compleet different from the other one, when can we expect a update from that one?

      Thank you for the update!

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