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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    As Tina stirred awake, she could immediately hear the soothing sound of someone breathing behind her, could feel the warmth of another human presence. Quickly refreshing the memory of last night, the blonde opened her eyes. Bette was there beside her and Tina realized that Bette’s arm was wrapped around her waist. Tina let out a content sigh and turned over, moving carefully in case Bette was still asleep.

    Tina’s breath stalled as soon as she bumped into Bette’s brown wide-open eyes that were watching her fixedly, the pupils so dark and clear Tina could see her own reflection. While the intensity of Bette’s stare was unsettling, her relaxed face and beautifully serene appearance gave Tina a sense of reassurance that everything was going to be alright.

    ”Hi,” the blonde murmured, letting a timid smile curl the corners of her lips.

    ”Hi,” Bette replied in half-whisper. ”How’re you feeling?”

    ”I’m feeling good,” Tina said. ”You?”

    ”Me too,” Bette uttered. ”You were cold during the night, so I had to find something to cover you and make you warm.”

    Tina frowned slightly, then lifted her head and looked down. There was a throw blanket over her body. She laid her head back onto the pillow and looked at Bette. ”Thank you,” she whispered.

    ”Did you sleep well?”

    ”I slept well, although this new bed is awfully uncomfortable,” Tina chuckled softly. ”Nothing like your old bed.”

    Bette smiled. ”Looks like that between cheap and comfortable Mrs. Caroll chose to buy cheap.”

    ”I don’t blame her. I’m actually grateful to her. Thanks to her, there IS a bed.”


    Tina bit on her lower lip. ”Do you have to be somewhere today?”


    ”I was thinking to spend the day with you.”

    ”Don’t you have to go to work?”

    ”I’ll call in sick.”

    ”You don’t have to.”

    ”I want to,” Tina said.

    ”Okay,” Bette acknowledged. She then pulled herself up to a sitting position, swinging her legs off the bed. ”What do you wanna do?”

    Tina studied Bette’s back. They were both still in their clothes from the day before, and Bette was in her black uniform shirt, which had gotten wrinkled from a long night of sleep. Her long curly hair was tousled all over the place and it looked so inviting that Tina longed to reach out and run her fingers through it.

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    1. Welcome back Valerie:

      I have missed this wonderful story these past three months. Finally, Bette and Tina found their way to each other.
      I honestly think that Brenda is a little bit cruel in this chapter, I’m not going to discuss if Tina cheated or not on Brenda, I don’t think she did; she may love Brenda those last two years, but she was always in love with Bette; a love Tina didn’t know if it would be reciprocated in the present because of the way she and Bette parted.
      Tina broke with Brenda and I believe this one should move on, what was the point to be cruel with her ex unless she wanted Tina back with her.
      The situation now is if Bette is being followed by any shadow of her past and if she and Tina could make their life together.
      Thanks for this excellent chapter. Please post soon.


      • I feel for Brenda but since she knew about Bette, I figure she & Tina talked about her in some detail. Never got the sense that Tina expected Brenda to meet the “high”bar that Bette had set in heart those many years ago.

        Remember, NEITHER Bee nor Tee were searching for one another when B was released (early to boot) from prison. They had NOT communicated during Bettes’ incarsaration. So Bette was hitchikin’ on her way to somewhere/anywhere!!!

        The heart-stopping encounter at the grocery store running into Tina was NOT something planned!!!

    2. This was a lovely chapter to return to!!! I didn’t realize how much I missed those two together or all of you. I am sitting on my couch in tears- happy tears. I have managed to get all my Graduate classes finished but two and they will be this summer. Now All I have to do is write Theses! This site is such a good writing prompt. Thanks to those who waited patiently.

    3. How brilliant to see the return of this great story.
      Thanks for a Chapter which made me smile and cry in almost equal proportions.
      See we still have the final page raising anxiety levels as usual though!

      Happy to see we may not have to wait too long for the next post:-)

      Seriously thanks for posting again on this story, it’s like the return of an old friend.
      Loved it!

    4. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this post! What an amazing weekend this is turning out to be already!

      This chapter was very much needed and long overdue for these two. My heart is as happy as I’m sure theirs is. This was so beautifully written as always, I swear I could feel every emotion.

      Thank you so much for continuing this story and please post very soon!

    5. Hi! Thanks for the chater! It was definitely worth the waiting!

      More than Tibette sex (which i also love very much) i love Bette’s words about how she thought about Tina every day. I like their time together.
      Brenda – i don’t know but their farewell talk might be much worse, so i guess it’s was not awful for Tina.
      But who was in SUV?

      Waiting for the next!

      • Valerie understands the spiritual connection that is Tibette and has woven that into her writing. Brava!!

        Now who is in the SUV??? Friend or foe? I may have to back to archives to feview “who was where” when Bette was arrested

    6. Yeah, back after three months!!! Welcome!!!!

      Shame on me that i wasn’t able to read before now!!! Busy with work and looking for a hotel in Paris to see a exhibition from Laurel Holloman aka Tina this July.

      Ok, back to the chapter, i am excited that they connected again and that Tina is finally choosing to listen to herself and not doing what others tell her to do, feel or run her life.

      Brenda is a bitch, ofcourse she is hurt i understand that, but she is just plain wrong and if there is someone that can possible put in danger Bette it could be her, pa Kennard or that other bitch Karen and the parole officer.

      Why oh why must all the authors end their chapters with cliffies ???? to keep us hanging for sure ????

      Valerie, i missed you dearly, please try to update in less than a month ????

    7. welcome back Valerie, been waiting for this.
      I feel for Brenda, but an happy Bette and Tina found their way back to each other. But I seriously fear for Bette, Tina’s family might try to mess with her

    8. Back to give a comment
      Honestly 16 pages is not enough..I really love this story very much :)
      Please update really soon ^_^
      Now Tibette are back i wonder what kind of obstacles will stand on their way??
      3 years of parole is a long time, someone could come to provoke bette so she will be back to prison. No matter what, i hope Bette could hang on and keep clean for their future.
      And i hope now Tina could really proof her loveto bette and stay by her side despite all the trouble they would have in the future.
      Tks for the nice chapter Valerie

    9. It’s been a month from the last update, re-read this one while waiting the next one, and feeling uneasy with one of Tina’s line

      “……….And if I never, in my life, get to be with you for some reason, the very last time that this heart beats – it will beat for you.”

      Why do i feel like it was a sign that somehow there would be trouble in paradise and Bette and Tina would be seperated again..???hemmm…could it be her father will use his connection to put Bette back in jail? Or Brenda being a crazy jealous heartbroken bitch seeking for a revenge?? or her parole officer spying over her neck waiting for her to fall down?? or even her dark life in the past has chased her back?? And thinking that why Karen was a bitch to Tina? Could it be that karen actually has fallen in love with Bette and she felt jealous of her own sister?
      couldn’t wait to see…

      Please…please…please update soon Valerie.. :)

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