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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    ”If no one has anything else to add, then I think we’ll wrap this up,” Tina announced with a tired smile. When received the nods of agreement, she continued, ”Thank you for coming, I’ll see you next week.”

    Everyone stood up and began collecting their belongings. Tina had just held a weekly meeting regarding the expected expenses versus the remaining budget as she reported to the Line Producer, Production Manager, Studio Representative and a few major financiers. The meeting had began after lunch and had dragged on till six o’clock in the evening. There had been lots of questions and desperate attempts at finding solutions to some budget issues, the tediousness of which had endowed Tina with yet another intense headache, also provoked by a long sleepless night of crying.

    Shaking hands with her colleagues, Tina left the conference room and headed to her office.

    ”I’d like twenty minutes without any interruption, okay?” she said to her assistant, Tiffany.

    As she was about to enter her office, Tina noticed how urgently Tiffany wanted to say something, and when the blonde opened the door, it became clear to her what her assistant was alarmed about.

    Heaving an exhausted sigh, Tina closed the door. ”Brenda, what are you doing here?” she asked, her voice gentle and calm, something she didn’t feel inside.

    Turning around, Brenda stared sullenly at Tina, her arms folded tightly across her chest. ”I’m sorry for the way I reacted yesterday. I promise I won’t be screaming at you anymore. I just have a few more questions for you. Sit.”

    ”I answered all your questions yesterday,” Tina stated while massaging her throbbing temples.

    ”No, you didn’t,” Brenda argued. She then took a seat on the couch. ”When I asked whether there was anyone you were leaving me for, you gave me an evasive answer. I don’t believe a second you are leaving me just because you’re not in love with me, as you said. There must be something else.”

    Tina walked up wearily to her chair and sat down. ”I don’t have time for this…”

    ”Don’t you think I deserve a proper explanation from you?”

    ”Of course you deserve that,” Tina whispered, looking at her hands on her lap.

    ”Then tell me. Right here. Right now.”

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    1. Hi Valerie:

      This was a wonderful and emotional chapter. It was time for Tina, to face her family especially her sister, Karen is really a bitch, she didn’t have the right to talk to Brenda; she didn’t do that out of love for Tina, on the contrary, I think she is stupid and envious.

      Although it has been difficult, it was good for Tina to tell her mother the truth.

      Now, it is up to them, Bette and Tina to talk and decide what to do.

      The apartment where Tina lives is it in the same building where Bette has her old apartment?; is Tina living in the apartment that was Mrs. Caroll’s?

      In this chapter, I feel a turning point, all the hopes of both girls, their love, is at stake, whether they decide from their feelings and resolve, will determine their future.

      Thank you very much for this incredible chapter, I’ll be eagerly waiting for your update.


      • Hello, proteonomics! :)

        The place they were at was Bette’s old apartment. When Bette told Tina she wanted to take her home and then asked her in the cab to name the address, Tina just named the address of Bette’s apartment.

    2. Hi! Great to see new update from you!


      1) Tina’s family – like always, besides her brother, other members complite jerks. Karen – spoiled brat and i little surprised that Tina didn’t hit her. And Tina’s father – i think he’ll try to damage Bette freedom.

      2)Brenda. In comments to previous chapter some readers pitied her – i think after this chapter they’ll stop doing it.
      For me – i didn’t understand how Tina was involved with her in first place. Because – oh my god, she’s talking all the time. She never shut her mouth. How can anyone live with with someone, who never shut up? Rejected bitch

      3) Bette. I understand where it came from, but still little disappointed in her behavior towards Tina. Why she not answered on her calls and messages?
      Pull out stick from your ass, Bette and claim again your woman)

      Thanks you for great chapter and waiting for the next!

    3. Hi Valerie,

      A very emotional chapter for both our girls.

      My god, Karen is one evil, heartless bitch!!! I can’t believe the shit and cruel words that she said. Just horrible.

      I am worried that Tina’s father is gonna try to put Bette behind bars again, Bette must be careful, still curious who that other woman is in the previous chapter.

      Bette behaviour towards Tina isn’t nice, she could have texted Tina, but i can understand she is still cared and insecure about Tina motives and will to fight for her.

      Tina was so young back then, but left Bette to many times while she had promised Bette to be there for her, so i understand Bette’s hesistation.

      But the of the chapter gives me hope that they are back on the road.

      Brenda, what a crazy woman, glad that Tina dumped her!

      Thanks for the update!

    4. I’m back to leave a comment,
      When Tina said the address, and how Bette reacted..i knew at that moment that Tina gave the apartment address…i knew tina wont bring bette to her house cos she still living with brenda (i assume, it will take time for tina to move out from the house after she broke up with brenda), so she insisted to go to the it Bette’s apartement??? Cos it was Bette who unlocked the door..and tina had melancholy feeling over the apartment..

      And the blue eye woman from previous chapter, was it Karen? Is that how she knew that Bette has been released from prison?

      My curiousity is..why karen is such a bitch to tina n bette? I thought she like Bette..after all she let Bette came into the house in the middle of the night to meet tina, right?

      I’m worry about what Tina’s father would do to Bette…he put Bette in prison once…there’s no doubt that he could do it again..Bette really have to be careful now…

      Tks for the lovely chapter…i hope more progress for tina n bette in the next.. :)

    5. Just caught up with chapters again, not able to read until now. Some sister Karen is, what the heck is her problem and why is she having Tina so much? A bit jealous I guess. Especially after her yelling what she did to Tina. If not mistaken, Tina owns her own home and Brenda had moved in with Tina. Please don’t let Tina’s father be an a__hole and cause Bette to go back to prison. Who was it that bumped into Bette outside the parole officer? I first thought it might be Shane, since she described the person with blue eyes. Thanks for posting.

    6. Although there are so many new great stories. About Tibette but i never forget this one..cos it’s one of my fav of all…and It’s almost 2 months since the last chapter..I hope you didnt’t forget about this story..please update soon… tks

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