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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    ”How did Karen find out Bette was out of prison anyway?” Alice wanted to know.

    ”Good question,” Tina shook her head. ”I have a feeling she eavesdropped on my conversation with Steve. She acted suspicious after that, during dinner.”

    Alice sighed. ”We have to teach her a damn lesson.”

    ”She never learns.”

    ”We have to come up with something,” Alice insisted. ”Maybe you should tell Bette about her shenanigans.”

    ”I just hope Karen would leave Bette out of this whole situation. Bette doesn’t need her shit right now.”

    ”Have you met Bette Porter? I’m sure Bette would handle her just fine,” Alice smirked.

    Tina pondered over Alice’s words for a moment, then smiled to herself. ”I think you’re right.”

    ”We should all get together this weekend,” Alice suggested abruptly. ”Ya know, make Bette feel at home again. A welcome back party, this sorta thing.”

    ”Great idea. I’ll ask her,” Tina nodded with enthusiasm.

    ”We definitely must do it at SheBar! She has to see that fucking hyped nest of debauchery.”

    ”Al,” Tina tilted her head, fixing her friend with a warning gaze. ”I don’t think so.”

    ”Why?! Don’t be such a party pooper. It would be fun.”

    ”It would be fun solely for you and nobody else, because you’re a crazy prankish woman,” Tina chuckled as she began rising to her feet. ”I have to go back to work. See you soon, Al.”

    ”Soon? You mean this weekend, at SheBar,” Alice smirked. ”I’ll take care of everything, don’t worry.”

    Shaking her head, with a confident smile Tina walked out of The Planet while several pairs of prying eyes followed her back.


    By the end of Bette’s shift the restaurant was packed with people crammed together eating, drinking and chatting chaotically. The brunette was busy serving patrons behind the bar counter when one of the waitresses leaned over to her and yelled through the noise that their manager wanted to see Bette in her office. Quickly finishing preparing a cocktail, Bette nodded to the waitress before the latter left in haste. Hurriedly updating her partner, Bette stepped away from behind the counter. She threaded her way to the back room where she tossed away her apron and changed into her jeans and a long-sleeve before making a beeline for her manager’s office.


    1. Hi Valerie:

      Welcome back, the story is great and the chapter is amazing.

      A whole mature Bette very in love with Tina, a self-assured Tina knowing what she wants, willing to fight for who she wants and loves, here is where they are after all the hard things they have been through.

      I like very much how Bette talked to Tina’s mom and how the lady reacted.

      I agree with Bette, it’s too soon to move in together, impulsiveness is not an option at this stage; they just regained each other’s trust and they are just talking about their mistakes and their real feelings, they need to rebuild their lives as a couple together.

      I guess Bette is aware of Tina’s professional and economic success and I believe she also wants to make something more of herself, to show Tina’s family that she is not a burden for Tina or a loser.

      I’m worried though, I sense that there are many people around that may jeopardize Tina and Bette happiness, I would say, several stones in their recovery road, Karen and Brenda are still in the background menacing their joy; Bette’s boss apparently wants something more than business; that car that is following Bette, who knows what disgrace will bring to the couple; and finally I’m a little uneasy for the welcome back party in the Shebar.

      But I think we have to wait until the next chapter to see what will happen. Please, Valerie, I know you are very busy as I am, but please try to post soon; the story is amazing and we miss it.

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter, pps.


    2. Hi! Thank you for the great chapter!

      I like Tibette shower together) But my favour moments of this chapter was not only about sex, but about conversation they had after that, about the day of Bette arrest. And of course i really like Bette speech to Tina’s mother, how Tina talked with her and protected Bette, and how Tina’s mother hugged Bette.
      But Nicole – i think it obvious she wants Bette. And how Bette can resolve this situation, when she can’t lose this job?
      And second – welcom party? I really don’t like this idea. Sometimes Tina just needs to say “NO” to Alice and her crazy ideas.

      Impatiently waiting next part!

    3. Hi,

      Yes, thank you, really did enjoy the Chapter:-)
      Great Easter Egg:-)

      It also set up so many future situations to be dealt with and I look forward to future posts. Please don’t make us wait too long for the next Chapter of this great Story.

      Thank you again

    4. Hi Valerie,

      So happy that you posted a chapter!!!

      It is only sad for me that i have to wait before i am able to read it, i have to work impossible hours these week. I hope to read it asap.

    5. Only now catch up your beautiful story!

      So, I’m glad Bette has some peace with Tina’ mother, maybe her father next? But what the problem with Tina’s sister, is she jealous or just a bitch?
      And not like line woth Nicole at all, can we get rid of her sooner?

      Thank you for the update and waiting the next part!

    6. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw that you had updated this story! I was just thinking about it a day prior too!!!

      Love that they’re unbreakable this time around even though I’m sure we’re just touching the surface of outside forces that want them apart. And it’ll be interesting to see how they deal with their first outing!

      Please don’t make us wait too long for the next chapter! This is one of my favourite stories. Thanks again!!

    7. I’m very happy to read this chapter. Am glad Bette and Tina are reconnecting fine, but I can’t help feeling that something bad might happen to mess up this new found happiness. Valerie this story is fucking amazing. We know you are busy but please don’t keep us waiting.

    8. Beautiful chapter loved that mom came around… love reconnecting and Bette’s right go slow. But i also feel something is up..somethings many people already upset with Tina, Bettes rejecting her boss , some ones following her and the jackass PO…lol.. so many things anything could happen.. thank you and will be watching for your next post.

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