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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    With her suitcase and her purse by her side Tina stood outside the front gate of the house where she had been brought to. The taxi had left her alone several minutes ago, and since then she had been trying to gather up her courage to press the call button on a small speaker box attached to the gate. She peered through the tall metal gate rails. Beyond the gate was a big, two-storied sprawling estate. It was highlighted by landscape lighting. Tina thought it looked very expensive, contemporary and secluded, also having a large front yard with beautiful gardens. For a minute she doubted that she had arrived at the right house. Pursing her lips, she concluded that she would never find out whether it was the right house if she didn’t press the intercom button, so she did exactly that and waited.

    ”Hello?” answered a deep male voice, startling Tina.

    Frowning, the blonde stood still, bewildered.

    ”Hellooo?” the voice called out again.

    ”Um, hello,” Tina spoke into the intercom. ”I’m looking for Kit Porter. I’ve been given this address as a place where she lives. My name is Ti–” she broke off all of sudden, remembering about the rule of non-disclosure of her real name. But how else would she explain to this man who she was? She looked around cautiously, then said quietly, ”My name is Tina Kennard.”

    ”I’m sorry, you’ve got the wrong address. Have a good night,” the man responded and disconnected.

    ”Fuck,” Tina ran a hand through her hair. Lifting up her sleeve, she read into the address written on her skin again. She then looked at the house number plaque and made certain for a second time that she had arrived at the correct location.

    What the hell was she supposed to do now? She didn’t even have a phone to call a taxi to at least take her to some hotel to spend the night. Her face puckered as if she was going to cry. The situation she was finding herself in was utterly frustrating and made Tina feel really helpless. She honestly didn’t know what to do now, where to search for Kit, how to get in touch with Bette, where to go now. This was what she had been afraid of – that Kit wouldn’t even be there anymore. Bette had basically sent her into the unknown.

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    1. H! Thank you for the chapter!

      Hard chapter. I think Tina right when she told that Bette ruin her life. But Tina can’t blame anybody except yourself. It’s her who wanted to be again with Bette, it’s her who just follow Bette’s order and left all her life behind only because Bette told her.
      So Tina – maybe you need to forget about her orders for once and start to trying to return in US?

    2. Hi Valerie:

      Very nice to see you’re back. Yes, I missed this story.

      I understand why Tina feels that way, she just throws her life away for the love of her life, and that, the love of her life is not at her side; she feels that she did everything for nothing and she get depressed and angry.

      I would like to know how Bette is doing in LA if she could rid out of Helena. This Helena was and is really a f*cking b*tch; cruel, treacherous and vile.

      I know that according to her parole, she must stay in LA for one year (or maybe more) and that may be another issue for her to travel out of the USA.

      Now, Tina has disappeared, I wonder what her family or the authorities are doing about that.

      Please, Valerie, post the next chapter soon, because we all want to know more.

      Thanks for this marvellous story.


    3. And another thing – Bette – more then three month and you not once not trying to contact with Tina? Did you ever hear about disposable cell phone? Or maybe email from anonymous proxi?

    4. From the last chapter, we know that Bette felt real danger for herself and for Tina. The problem is Tina only had Bette’s word that her life was endanger. I have great empathy for Tina however, the others knew that Bette would not have sent them where they are unless there was very little choice – run or death. Three months is a long time, however, death is forever. Since Tina is getting help to cope with the circumstance, I would encourage her to hang in there for several months more. After all, she is safe and she has most of her needs being met. There has to be someone in the states they can communicate with other than Tina’s family. Perhaps Tasha? Alice? Maybe they would have some news on the status of Bette – dead or alive? Free or in prison? Still working on leaving US or abandoned Tina? With an answer to the last question, Tina will have hope. Separation is hard but separation with the loss of hope is devastating. Tina just needs a sign that there is still hope.

      Can’t wait for the next chapter…..Thanks for this one.

    5. Hi Valerie,

      Good to see you back!

      Poor Tina, it is devastating not to know if Bette is safe or dead. I can Imagine she feels abonded by Bette, but Bette only wanted her safe and it was her own choice to pack up and go. Thank god, she has Kit, Shane and the others and she is seeing a therapist.

      Do me one favour and don’t get Tina involved with Kate Arden on more than a friendship base, my heart can’t endure that.

      I really want to know what is happening with Bette, why is she not in Auckland after three months?

      Great chapter!

    6. Thank you for the new update!

      I can say i’m disappointed with Bette and Tina for the past two chapters. They both seems too easily return to old pattern. Bette because she again trying resolve all problems only by herself, like only she wants and without any discussion with anybody. Tina – because she again doing what Bette told her without any questions.
      By the way – agree with Bibi about Arden, seems she will be interesting in Tina. Will Tina find the strength to refuse?

    7. Talk about toucher.. i just read 20 pages of it.. i feel Tina’s pain.. geez i know Bette is not killed. But she must be in some deep crap to not show up yet.. ok im going to breath and just wait on your next post.. i can totally see how Tina feels her life has been wasted.. always waiting in Bette. .. they need a happy ever after… and i hope what ever Bette is going through doest change her because i already see cracks showing in Tina.. thank you..

    8. Thanks for this update although it’s heartbreaking, again but … what an amazing story !

      Can’t wait for next chapter and I assume it’ll be a Bette chapter.

      Hurry back please !

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