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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    The moment Bette jerked into consciousness, her immediate urge was to groan, but all she could manage was a muted whimper since her mouth was bound shut with adhesive tape. She was also deprived of sight, a cloth bandage tightly fixed around her skull, covering her eyes. With her heart rattling against her ribs, Bette instantly attempted to reach over and take the bandage off, but failed, for her hands were tied behind her back. Her breath was coming ragged and irregular and she swallowed hard, willing herself to calm down.

    She was in a car, probably in a backseat. The car was moving. Voices were speaking in low, hushed tones. Going rigid, Bette strained her ears and listened. She distinguished a male voice and a female voice having a conversation, but still was unable to make out what was being said. Soft, jazz music was playing in the background. The air in the car smelled like men’s cologne mixed with leather.

    Carefully Bette leaned her head back against the headrest and winced. She had a splitting headache and generally her head felt sore. The foggy memory of getting blinded by headlights and the sound of footsteps before it all had gone blank bounced back into her mind.

    Under the pressure of the car making a turn Bette’s body began sliding to the side on the seat and she steadied herself with her feet squeezing against the floor. The car rode just a few more seconds before it began to slow down a bit. There were a few more stops and starts, and Bette heard a gate being unlocked and swinging open, and what sounded like men’s voices in the distance. When the vehicle was brought to a final halt, Bette braced herself.

    ”She’s awake,” a female voice spoke out loud, sounding unfamiliar.

    Bette then heard doors open, the driver and the front seat passenger getting out of the car before shutting the doors. Bette took an uneven breath. In a few moments her door was opened.

    ”Get out,” the male voice demanded. The voice also gave her no recollection of who might be the owner.

    A hand grabbed Bette’s arm and began to haul her from the car, against which Bette put up no resistance. There was no use to fight now. She knew from the past that fighting against your capturer, having been a capturer herself, would get you nowhere, so she decided to go with the flow until the situation became clearer.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      I have my suspicion about who kidnapped Bette and i see i was right.

      Helena always was a fake and rotten person and even after all years she’s not changed at all. She can tell that she’s a friend to Bette, but friends don’t forced each other working together and don’t treated to harm friends lovers.
      She can tell she was in love with Tina but you don’t treated to kill person who you declared to be in love. So i think Helena in love only with money, and i hope she will die in the end of the story.

      But please, don’t kill Bette, i think she deserve happy end with Tina. And maybe Bette right about Tasha – her behavior is strange.
      Waiting for the next chapter! ( and don’t kill Bette)

      • I could say i disagree about Tasha, i believe she is genuine in trying to help bette. I dont know tho, it’s only a hunch, at this moment only Valerie knows either tasha is being genuine or not…hahahahahah

    2. Hi, thanks for posting another Chapter.

      I feel exhausted just as though I’ve done the whole journey with Tina!

      Looking forward to another post soon, please.

      I am trusting you to ensure a happy outcome for TiBette!

      Please, please look after Bette!


    3. Thanks for the new update, but i must day this is the first chapter in the story i don’t like at all.
      Why – because in this chapter we return in the start – Tina again like inexperience college girl who again do only what others tell her to do. Bette even not ask her if Tina want leave the country, family, job, all her life. Without any contact with friends, without money, without her name. How Tina going to live?
      It’s huge sacrifice, and of course it’ s decision which cannot be making for the minutes. But Bette keep pushing Tina until she agreed. Yeah, keep telling that she want to protect Tina, but maybe she not gave her time to think about it because she afraid Tina might refuse?
      So i must say i really don’t like Bette’s and Tina behaviour in this part.

      • Read it again….Bette provides Tina with lots of money, identification, a plan of escape, a destination with her sister. In Bette’s mind, this is life or death for Tina. Tina, even though reluctant – trust Bette’s judgement on this. If Tina was not willing to go or did not believe Bette, she would not go through with the plan. Tina is a strong willed lady and is following Bette’s instructions because she believes Bette has Tina’s best interest in her heart. Besides, if Tina has made a bad judgement, there are planes coming back to LA daily. This escape has been foreshadowed by the author many chapters back. Bette planned this trip to leave the country as soon as her probation period was complete. Too many folks from her past, too many folks who knew her in her illegal activities, just does not want to lose Tina ever. Tina is the love of her life for Bette. Bette is the love of her life for Tina.

        Excellent chapter….I feel Bette and Tina’s apprehension of the danger, the exhaustion of the trip and the fear of the unknown. Look forward to the next one – keep them both safe and get them back together.

        • First – Bette nothing know about her sister now – they not spoke mote than 10 years. Maybe Kit already dead or moved in another city.
          Second – how long Tina and Bette dating – month? They don’t even live together. Yeah they dated in the past, but it was 10 years ago. They grow up, became another persons now. They still don’t know each other well. Let me ask you – are you ready to leave your family, your friends, your job only because person who you dating only month told you to do so? I don’t think so.
          And the last – Tina can’t come back in US anymore. Why – because she used fake ID to come in New Zealand. It’s very hard law violation, and if Tina ever will want to get her name back and return to home – she will go to the jail.

          • Use of the illegal passport is not known by the authorities yet. She can come back to US on her New Zealand/Austrailian passport and there would be no reference or documents to Tina Kennard at all. Once back in the US, destroy all fake documents, and life goes on. With no other violations of law, the likelyhood of being caught with this violation is very low. Plan designed so that Tina Kennard’s movements cannot be traced. She leaves all traceable items – credit cards, ID’s, cell phones etc in US. Unless she has committed another crime, she would not come up on the normal radar of the FBI or the police. Bette is the criminal with the record. That is the reason for the temporary seperation. Bette is the one they will be looking for and only Tina if it will lead to Bette. And for Tina to be caught, authorities must associated Julia Price with Tina Kennard and no one except Bette knows that connection.

            As to whether I would leave my family, my job, my friends and everything I know in a middle of the night decision? Yes, If I were attached to someone so deeply that they were more important to me than anything else in my life. And if I trusted them enough to believe they had my sole best interest at heart and they were acting out of the sincere belief that we were both endanger. And of course, all of these actions taken so far do not have to be permanent. All of them can be reversed. At some point if it became obvious that this was a permanent move, I would arrange to have a letter sent to my family by some friends in other countries with some kind of explanation that I had decided to leave my life in LA and join the peace corp in Africa to fight human rights abuses or something. The letter would be a lie, but I could say good bye and let them know that I was okay and had made my own choices with respect to my future.

            I see no problem in making hard choices which could mean losing your family when it comes to being with someone whom you want your future to be with. Many LGBTQ people are forced to make those choices everyday. They hope their family will love them and honor them, but sometimes that’s just not what happens. So you move on and make new family and new friends and make a new community your home. Look at all the characters in The L Word. For the most part, everyone of those people had issues with their families accepting them for who they were and who they loved. They each had a choice – live a life as others want them to live and deny their own beings, or move on and live a life of authenticity as to who you are.

            So in the end, if someone or some organization is threating you or the people you love the most with harm or death or long term seperation, what would you do? Obtaining illegal identification and going into hiding under some other identity is not a bad option. And if you have resources, it makes this option more viable. Furthermore, Tina and Bette have a long history together – they were together for a couple of years before Bette went to prison. Bette choose not to see Tina while in prison. They reunited almost immediately after Bette got out. It is obvious that they are committed to one another not just for the short term but for the future whatever that is. They are responding to their situation in what I precieve to be. And just because they are not living together at the moment has no bearing on their decisions. Tina has moved in and out of Bette’s apartment since she got out of prison for various reasons – disagreements and safety factors mostly. If Bette were not on probation or being pursued by factions unknown, they most certainly would be living together. But neither one during their breakups and periods apart have pursued relationships with someone new. They are always maintain their exclusivity to the other.

            • It’s very easy to track Tina if she’ll decided to return in US on fake ID. How – because all authorities need to do – it’s just checking when this fake person leave US. When they can’t find this they may check Tina’s face or her fingerprints on the base – and they’ll will see that she left US under another name.
              About other – i disagree, i’ll never leave all my life behind only if my month date will tell me.

    4. Hi Valerie:

      Okay, this is really scary, Helena was the worst thing that could happen to Bette at this moment, and she is demanding Bette to work with her.

      There are many issues here, is really Helena an undercover DEA agent, or is she a drug lord; but maybe Helena is right, she is Franklin’ boss, because she knows many things from Bette and Tina’s life; but it also could be, that Franklin is a mole of the drug lord in the police.

      Bette making Tina go away, is not good, because now Tina is also a criminal fro breaking the law traveling with fake IDs; but now Tina depends totally on Bette coming in a few days.

      What is Bette going to do? As Tasha said, play along with Helena? I understand that Tasha could do little for her, but is all that Bette has at the moment.

      How is Bette going to leave the country, she is on parole and even if she goes away, her head will be wanted as an international criminal.

      Well, Valerie, please post soon, because right now, I’m feeling like Tina.

      Thanks for the great chapter and PPS.


    5. Hi Valerie,

      Wow, you keep me surprising!

      Helena, two timing face bitch and keep saying that she is Bette’s friend, while treating to use Tina so Bette will coorperate with her.

      It did surprise me that Tina went along with Bette’s plan so quickly, maybe she felt she had no other choice.

      Now i am waiting on what Bette has planned, it is a fight between life and dead and it wouldn’t surprise me if she faked her own death to be able to live a happy life with Tina and Kit and Shane down in New Zealand.

      Please hurry up with the next chapter!!!

    6. This was an incredibly written chapter Valerie!!!

      Like a couple of the comments above I was a bit surprised that Tina ended up going through with Bette’s plan and for a split second thought that she wouldn’t. But I have to say that I’m glad she did because it further proves how much she is truly on Bette’s side this time.

      Aside from that I could feel every part of Tina’s exhaustion and anxieties throughout her travel. I was as on edge as she was about making sure she wasn’t followed. Hopefully Bette can pull through with her plan sooner and not later!

    7. Bugs me that Bette’s plan sucks Tina into illegal acts, forcing her into a life of 4ever looking over her shoulder wondering when some unexpected thing will blow everything out of the water.

      So will Bette have to fake her own death to throw Helena off?

    8. So glad you updated !

      What a wonderful story and this chapter, my god, it kept me on my toes the whole reading …

      What if Kit is not there anymore, what if Bette can’t make it, what if Alice put her nose into this … and where is Snane … So many questions …

      Please post again and real quick, I need answers ! (please ;-) )

    9. Wow…it’s so intense…

      I felt sorry for the trouble that was coming to Bette. I never hate Helena in any story, now, i hate her completely for ruin bette n tina’s life by forcing back to go to the dark side again..

      but Not like the last time when she couldn’t fight cos of fear for Tina’s life, now that Tina is away from the picture, i wonder how bette will fight back this time.

      I think, Bette won’t come to Auckland anytime soon, Tina will feel devastated waiting for bette and realized that bette’s life might be in danger back in America.

      Tks for the update Valerie, will be waiting impatiently for the update ☺️

    10. I am enthralled by your story. Good decision to run away to NZ where they can live happily together using their new identities. Bette should have told Tina that Helena was a double agent and threatened to harm Tina if she wouldn’t work for Helena so she will be wary of Helena. Please keep Bette and Tina safe and give them a chance to live a peaceful and happy life in the beach house of their dreams.

    11. I agree..,great story. With false identities, cash and throw away cell phones, there is no way to trace Tina to NZ. As long as she does not access her own bank accounts, her credit and identity, there will be no record of where she went. She will have simply disappeared to the authorities and the criminal elements. Since she has been given NZ identity, she could always return to the US as a NZ citizen and then switch back to her US identity as Tina Kennard when things are resolved. The error most people do when trying to dissappear is accessing old bank accounts, using credit card accounts or social security numbers or anything with the old identity. This is basically the same technique the FBI uses in its witness protection program. They give complete new identity to those they are protecting and prohibit them from accessing old identities, family or friends. In reality these are just government authorized false names and IDs.where Bette has given Tina an unauthorized identity and resources. The risk for Tina being caught? Slim and none. She has not violated the law except for using false identification to leave the country. Generally, the authorities discover the false identities when looking into other law violations such as drug trafficing, human trafficing, and terrorist activities.

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