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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    Before she opened her eyes, Bette felt a mild throbbing pain in her head. Her mouth tasted of cotton balls that had been drenched in alcohol. Her eyes still closed, Bette contemplated the previous night’s events. After confronting Tina in their bedroom, Bette had grabbed a bottle of wine and had headed down the cliff stairs to the beach. She had sat on the cold sand and had drunk the wine alone while watching the majesty of the restless ocean.

    Trying to ignore the discomfort, Bette opened her eyes and swung her legs off the couch, sitting up. She held her head in her hands, pressing her eyes into her cool palms. With a sigh she dropped her hands to dangle off her knees and looked around the study room slowly. There were soft brown curtains hanging over the windows, beige walls and nice plush white carpeting on the floor. The bookshelf behind the oak desk was over-crammed with books.

    The door suddenly opened and Kit entered, carrying a tray. She made eye contact with Bette and approached. Carefully placing the tray down on the coffee table in front of Bette, Kit picked up the pot with a potholder and poured the thick brown liquid into the black ceramic mug. The woman then walked around the coffee table and sat down beside Bette on the couch.

    ”Eat,” Kit said. It was a command, however softly uttered.

    Bette eyed the food on the tray for a moment. It was a nice looking breakfast in the form of an omelet and what seemed like an avocado salad with a cup of coffee and a doughnut. The sight and scent of the meal would be highly appealing to any well person, but to Bette it wasn’t as tempting somehow. Her mouth watered, but not in a good way.

    Swallowing, Bette responded in a croaky voice, ”I’m not really hungry…”

    Kit stared at her sister with a combination of exasperation and sadness. ”Please, Bette. You have to eat something.”

    Swallowing the excessive saliva again, Bette decided she didn’t have any energy to argue with her sister right now. She picked up the fork and cut the omelet into a few squares. Her hand shook as she lifted the fork to her mouth. When the taste of the omelet coated her tongue, it suddenly triggered a gag reflex. Bette fought it and tried to breathe through her nose, swallowing the food quickly without much of chewing. With a sip of coffee she washed down the uncomfortable feeling.

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    1. Hi Valerie:

      Thanks for coming back bringing this dramatic and wonderful story.

      Finally, Bette touched bottom, she can’t fall deeper, because she reached the deepest point in the abyss of her life. Now the next move can only be up, following the recovery way.

      However, I don’t know what she could do to get back her friends, and rebuilt her life.

      The toughest part is to get Tina back to her. I don’t think Tina cheated on Bette because whatever she did it was when they weren’t together, I don’t understand why Tina had to feel bad about what she did when Bette was in Jail; it was Bette who threw her away from her life, the day Tina visited her in prison. But what Bette did in LA with Tina’s sister that was really bad. Anyway, I hope they could work on their things together.

      I really hope that you could update this story soon; remember you have another very nice one that you have to continue, but I understand that you want to finish this first.

      Thank you for the wonderful and exciting chapter, please update this story soon.


    2. Glad to see this chapter….I had been wondering when we would see this. Thank you….

      So now we see what the secret was. Bette’s response was cruel and hateful and very self destructive.. I can understand that she was hurt by Tina’s actions. But I cannot see why she would want to be vindictive about it. It is such a dark place for her to go. It is hard to like this Bette because of her nature to be involved in the most cruel aspects of human nature. When things are going well with Tina, she has many redemptive qualities. But she allows herself to be put back into the more sinister parts of our society by allowing herself to be drawn back into the life of crime for the mere purpose of revenge. It took more than a year from the time she sent Tina to New Zealand until she arrived. She could have chosen to leave the US within days of Tina and forego her vendetta against Helena. Her goal should have been to join Tina as soon as possible.

      The fact that her family and friends have been living in New Zealand in her house for more than 11 years without trouble from law enforcement and establishing their lives within the community should amount to some security for Bette. Yet she acts as if they arrived in the country when she did. Bette is a very intelligent woman and should have based her decision on the facts in existence not some preconceived notion of what could happen. Every decision is a risk-reward calculation. And without the appropriate facts, bad decisions usually result.

      I am in hopes that Bette will recover from her depression and self-destructiveness. She is going to need to right the wrongs she has caused within her family. And if she does not make some form of contrition to Tina, Tina will be moving back to California and be lost forever. This is a high price for Bette to pay for not being able to forgive Tina for sleeping with the wrong person while you are in prison. Tina has paid a higher price. Tina has given up everything in her life to be with Bette – her family, her job, her home, her friends, her country, her very way of life and years of waiting for Bette to be available not knowing when the wait would be over. And this is what Bette gives her in return? And then to find out that Bette has taken her own personal brand of revenge against Tina? Will Tina ever be able to forgive again? And if she does, is there any hope that the two of them could have any semblance of a normal life together? It really seems doubtful.

      I’m really glad to have this chapter….hopefully you can add more in the near future and give me some more insight into how this is going to resolve.

    3. Hi Valerie,

      Good to see this story back!

      But my god i feel so sad for both Tina and Bette. They reached a path were it is not certain if they are able to come from, revenge is never going to help feel you better and lessen the pain about what the other did to you.

      Bette endured so much and is in a really dark place where she pushes everyone who love her away. She lashes out and isn’t in the place to see a bright side. But still, i think they shouldn’t have left the house but stayed to help Bette.

      I am very glad that Kit is there for Bette and will help her to deal with the dark side of her and gave Bette the push to seek help. Bette is now on her lowest and can now only climb up.

      Please Tina, don’t give up hope, at the end of the tunnel is light and both you and Bette can fix this mess but Bette needs to love her self first before she can build up the trust and love she has with Tina. Both kept secrets and hurt each other, but i still believe they can rebuild their relationship!!!

      So Valerie, don’t disapointed me and let the slow healing finally begin and fix this mess with our girls ????????????

      I hope you will be able to post soon!!!

    4. Is there are any chances that Bette lied about having sex with Tina’s sister?
      Because if not i can say only one thing – Tina – you need to sleep with Kate and then just go home in LA. Your family always was right about Bette – she just a scum, a cheating criminal who will never change.
      In most case jail never change the criminal – most of them return there after they got out. In Bette case it’s also true -she’ll never change and Tina need to break all bond with her ASAP and forget about her like about scary dream.
      Leave, Tina, and return to your old life, to your family, to your city, because this Bette have only two options in future – death or jail again

    5. Thank you for the chapter!

      But i don’t know – if Bette really cheated on Tina with her sister – i absolutely don’t see how ever she can redeem herself after it. And their relationship never again can’t be salvaged

    6. Wow that was so good thank you and so full of detail.. thank you Val. For taking to the time to post us a big chapter. I’ll just be sitting over in the corner waiting on the next one.. hope healing leads her back to Tina where she belongs.

    7. I forgot to add one thing – i really don’t understand their living situation. Few families living in the same house? Like students or hippie? How they build their privacy? When their have sex or fight – or listen or what?
      No, i think they all grow enough to have their own houses or flats.
      And i think in this case Bette right – Kit, Marcus wife and even Shane – all of them need to live separately. Biggest question about how would live Bette and Tina?

    8. What an heartbreaking story, so emotional and I love it, There is just one thing, I wish you’d update it more often !

      What Bette did is unforgivable for me, it’s already so hard to forgive and give your trust back to someone who cheated but to cheat with a sister, I find this incomprehensible and an abomination, it’s an act of hate. Should I be in this situation, I’m not sure I would have the strength to forgive !!
      Tina slept with Helena, it’s true but Bette was very clear when she said that they were over while in prison, it’s not a valid excuse for Bette.

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