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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    Fifteen minutes into the therapy session had passed in silence. Bette’s intent gaze was locked on her new psychotherapist while her mouth remained shut despite the therapist’s attempts of encouraging her to speak.


    Prior to entering the counseling therapy center Bette had convinced herself with Kit’s support to keep an open mind, although she had been sure it would be hard for her to talk in front of a complete stranger. She hadn’t imagined that it would actually be this hard. As soon as Bette had walked into the therapist’s office she felt a strong fortress of self-defense building up around her. The moment she had taken a seat on the couch she realized things were going to be different here. All of a sudden she had been met with this new and unfamiliar guide smiling warmly at her. Or was it even warmly? The grin on the man’s face seemed glued to his chiseled face and therefore caused him to look disingenuous for Bette’s liking. The fact that her therapist had turned out to be a man didn’t help matters. Bette couldn’t believe Kit would actually arrange a male therapist for her.


    And then she was supposed to talk. Supposed to tell him everything about herself. Hell, she had never talked about herself like that with anyone, let alone with an absolute stranger smiling annoyingly at her. She had never let anyone in like that, ever. Not this stuff. How was she supposed to start? What was she going to say?


    Bette kept staring at the man, wondering if her intense scrutiny would unsettle him as it usually would have happened to anyone else were they in his place. But more minutes passed and the man stayed well composed and unflustered, his smile still etched across his face.


    ”I heard therapy is confidential. Is it true?” Bette finally broke the silence.


    ”It is true,” Dr. Dan Foxworthy replied, then added after a brief pause, ”I like to tell my clients that therapy is kind of, ’What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ So, what happens in my office stays in my office.”


    ”Shouldn’t you report to the police if a client confesses to you of a crime?” Bette pried, her eyes narrowed a little.

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    1. Enjoy the story? Really? This is a very difficult story to read. Especially in these challenging and frightening times. I have stuck with it but probably will not read any more. It is simply too depressing.

    2. Well, I think there is hope here for Bette and Tina. If Bette can admit that Tina had a right to live her life as she saw fit when she was in prison. After all, it was Bette who told her to get on with her life and not visit or contact her again. To me, Bette’s response by having sex with her sister when she found out about Tina and Helena was far more harmful as it was deliberate retaliation for some perceived wrong and she was in a committed relationship with Tina. Where Tina may have acted unwisely, it was not meant in a malicious way. Bette’s behavior was a deliberate attempt to hurt Tina.

      Thank you for writing this. I hope to see more of this story. I am so glad to see therapy helping Bette. I really want these two to work things out. I want Bette to become the best person she can be. She needs to relax and mend her relationships with all those people she has hurt.

      Thanks you.

    3. I don’t know. From one side i understand that only author can decide in which direction turn her story or when and how finish it, but from another – six years, more than 55 chapters and we come to the story where Tina feel absolutely nothing towards to Bette?
      It’s just too hard read this for me as Tibette fan.

        • They touched bottom and they will rebound. Bette has to reach deep inside herself to come to grasp with how much she’s hurt people over the years and herself. I think this chapter is the one that brings us to a ultimate happy tibette ending.

        • I’m so sorry you guys are disappointed with the story, but I understand. I know it’s depressing, but I had to show that Bette was suffering the ramifications of her dark side. I promise it will get better for both Bette and Tina in the next chapters.

          • Hi Valerie,

            I am not disapointed!

            I still love this story much and will follow it till the end.

            It was hard to read about Tina’s lack of feelings, but she seems to have closed down emotionally and not only her feelings to Bette but in generally.. I thought she went to a therapist too? She needs a Dan too!

            So glad Bette went to a therapist and it is funny it always is Dan Foxworthy who is the therapist. She seems to be more healthy and stable. She really did hit the bottom and is slowly climbing up. It was the right thing to do to give Tina her passport and drivers licence so she could go home. Why didn’t Tina go home, she misses her family so much? I think because deep down she still loves Bette.

            Glad that Bette has the support of Kit. Yes Bette was very harsh and cruel, but she deserve the support from the others as well. They knew about Bette’s criminal past and she send them away for their own safety and made sure they could start over. It little more understanding and support when Bette came there very traumatized would have been welcomed. I am disapointed in them. They should have helped Bette, instead they left her.

            I understand completely why Tina left, what Bette did was totally wrong and she shouldn’t have done it.

            I still believe Bette & Tina can build a healthy relationship, so please give us that ????

            I hope you will be able to post soon.

            Stay save and healthy ????

    4. .this is my fav story, please don’t be too cruel and split Bette n Tina in this story…reading that Tina had lost her feeling to Bette is devastating.. i love them when they are together…they were so much in love to one and another.. and now i am sad :(

    5. Wow Val really great chapter so much emotion Bette is finally seeing herself and healing from her past. Most of all shes feeling again. Her heart still beats for one lost woman who is struggling herself..

      it would be good to know her thoughts through all of this is she finding piece. Is she finding her way towards Bette maybe if Bette said what she was feeling now.. and apologize for her actions maybe tell her what happened. I know she still loves Bette but I can see why she had to lock those feeling away . Bette pushed her to it she had to protect her heart from more hurt.

      They both have a long ways to go. Thank you truly enjoy your story.. dont stay away so long.

    6. I really like this crime drama. My native language is also not English, but it is written all well, I read easily and with pleasure. A big request not to give it up, write on. We are all looking forward to continuing.

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