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    I’ll be home for Christmas: Prologue


    New York | Christmas’ Eve 5 p.m.

    Bette Porter was her usual self, enthralled as she went through an infinitude of paperwork. Being the control freak, everyone knew she was, her desk was so tidy and in order; something really difficult to accomplish given the huge amount of papers that went back and forth from her assistant’s office to hers. But Bette Porter knew how to deal with mess, as long as it didn’t come from her personal life.

    A mess that she avoided successfully for she spent most of her days at the Porter and associates that her father, one of the finest lawyers in New York, proudly left as a legacy to her. The thin line that appeared on her forehead slowly became deeper as she went through her daily difficulties; her client statements clearly weren’t going to help her win the cause. The brunette reached the speakerphone: “Kelly, call Senator Grisham and schedule a meeting with her”

    “For when?”

    “Make it tonight”

    “But it’s Christmas’ Eve”

    The silence on the other line make it clear that she didn’t care. And with that she went back to her task. Her concentration was soon to be disturbed by the assistant that, without knocking, entered the attorney’s office.

    “She wants you to meet her, tonight, at the Park Terrace hotel” she said placing the address on the desk. Bette immediately took it and moved it to her side.

    “What time?”

    “At 11” Kelly raised an eyebrow.

    “What?” Bette showed her best poker face.

    “Nothing” the assistant replied slightly amused.

    Bette smirked “Could you stay here for an extra hour tonight?”

    “It’s Christmas’ Eve” she repeated.

    “Pretty please?”

    “You know I will be expecting some bonus for this”

    “You’ll have my utter gratitude” she said leaning back on her chair.

    The blonde woman glanced at her with a mischievous look.

    “That’s not enough” she crossed her arms.

    The lawyer mimicked her, crossing her own arms, encouraging her to speak.

    Kelly looked at her up and down, biting her lower lip, “I might assume there is plenty of space under that desk”

    Bette laughed at the presumption of the woman that was standing before her. They always did this kind of talk, savoring something that the both of them knew wasn’t going to happen. But the little chats, the flirting was something that came easily and the prohibition coming from this erotic game made it even more pleasurable.

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    1. I like it! Please continue. As it’s a Christmas story I dare to hope that you’ll write a happy ending. :-)
      Mr. Steve-only-at-the-bar-once-a-year aka …. well, you know…. gave Bette something to think about..

      Thanks for posting.

    2. This appears to be the Tibette version of Dickens A Christmas Carol. Bette, the work-a-holic, and Tina and children her long suffering family. Bette is being given an opportunity to mend her ways or lose everything of value she has and live a life of lonely isolation. Great story concept – let’s see how it goes and how Bette comes to realize that work is not everything. Look forward to the continuation of this story. Thanks for this story…

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