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    Peeking into everyday’s things: Two dogs and a load

    Summer really came strong that year, the tall brunette could feel it taking shape on her forehead, as a few drops of sweat landed on her eyebrows. On the other hand, that morning in Los Angeles was the usual. The roar of cars that drove past the park, was only one of the noises that filled the air. You could see people rushing, holding their briefcases, ready to start their working day; the noise of shoes hitting the asphalt gave everything an almost anxious pace. Mothers and fathers yelling at their children, cursing the fact that they had to wait months to finally be able to relax again. Schools were closed, and you could see it all on those little smiling faces.
    And you could also see the tormented expression written on the woman’s face, whose arm was sore as two big excited dogs pulled at the two leashes she was holding with all the strength she could afford. The other arm busy in the task of drying the sweat that previously formed on her forehead. She took a leave from work, but regretted those days in which she was stranded in her office, immersed in paperwork; at least she would have been able to enjoy some fresh air coming from the air conditioner.

    “Don’t pull!” she screamed.

    But the two furry animals ignored her. As a matter of fact, something caught their attention. The pull they give to the leashes was nothing compared to the previous one, almost taking the poor woman with them.
    And there they were now, chasing the red ball as if it was a piece of gold, barking and running like there was no tomorrow. Followed by an already tired woman. In a matter of two minutes the ball was forgotten, and the two of them came back running full force toward the brunette as another ball fell at her feet.

    “What’s the matter with you two and balls?” and shrieked for the two of them almost made her fall.

    But that wasn’t enough. Here they came another couple of dogs, and the chasing game began. “Stop!” her voice obviously on mute to the dogs’ ears.
    Suddenly, they came to a stop. “Uh, oh” the tall woman whispered, she understood what was going to happen.
    Her eyes wide at the anticipation. They glared at one another, the brunette on one side, the two of them on the other. She gave them a challenging look that said: “Don’t you dare!”
    But they did. Mud splashing all around, the once white and beige dogs, were now brown. It all happened in less than an hour, and she cursed her beautiful wife at home. The one that said: “Go, honey, go take a walk, it is good for your condition!”

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    1. Hey Bette0Porter

      What a nice start, so Bette is pregnant (I’m guessing) and Tina is now pampering her.

      I like the continuation of the TLW show, this is really worthy and nice story.

      Thank you and please post soon the following chapter of the shipwreck as well as this one.


    2. Nice little story…..Bette and her temper. I can imagine her pregnant and being on an emotional roller coaster. Tina is going to have her hands full during this pregnancy. Tina’s response in this story is the Tina I love. She gives Bette the right amount of attention yet explaining that this state Bette is in is completely normal.

      thank you.

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