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    Impending Motherhood Anxieties

    Six months had passed since our accident and Tina and the baby were doing amazing. Tina’s baby bump was protruding and I was falling more in love with her as our baby grew. I would fall asleep with my hand on her tummy and I would sing and talk to our baby. We found that jazz is what made the baby move a lot. True to her coma dream reality, we were having a precious baby girl.

    We still had no idea who had rammed us from behind. Witnesses say it was a black, 4 door diesel truck with no identifying markers on it. It had no plates and the driver was never found. It made me sick to my stomach knowing there was a person on the loose who almost killed me along with my wife and unborn child. Ever vigilant, I kept in contact with the detective on our case and followed up on any leads he may have received. I also had a private investigator working our case as well. I was confident we’d find the culprit responsible for our wreck.

    We had a slight bump going back to normal life but everything worked out well in the end. Tina was making strides at work, she loved working at the children’s hospital. Making a sick child laugh in the face of sickness and watching them go home better made her day. Though sick children getting sicker took a toll on her, she was able to face it with a brave and loving face. She was offered a charge nurse position for when she came back from maternity leave.

    Tina was a month away from giving birth and I couldn’t be more nervous. She was put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy and I was anxious about being a new mom. I have Jackson, I feel ready to be a parent, but to an infant? Tina would always encourage me and shower me with praise, I just couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed. What if I really screw this up? All these thoughts went through my head and I felt a small tug of my arm and it burst all my thoughts.

    “Momma B,” Jackson said calmly.

    “Yes, sweetie?”

    “Um, we just walked past the school,” he said and I shook my head and laughed.

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    1. Bibi28 says

      A brand new chapter! I loved it.

      Bette will be a fantastic mother, i have no doubt about it. How will Bette lose her anxiety?

      I think Eric is behind their accident.

      Fantastic update, only way to short 😉

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